Thursday, December 29, 2011

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I was catching up on my blog reading and came across the 2012 TBR Challenge from Once Upon A Wanderer.  Go read about the challenge here or sign up here!

I'm joining the challenge AND putting myself on a "buying ban" for at least the month of January.  That way I'm not enticed to read anything new, which causes the novel to not count towards my goal.

If you are a blogger, love to read and want to be entered to win cool prizes... join the challenge!! Keeping in mind, this challenge goes on for an entire year!

My Goal: A Sweet Kiss

1-10 - A Firm Handshake
11-20 - A Friendly Hug
21-30 - A Sweet Kiss
31-40 - Love At First Sight
41-50 - Married With Children

For a list of the rules go here.

Evie from Bookish - @SeoEvie
Nicole from All I Ever Read - @Nicoleabouttown
Bonnie from Hands and Home - @HandsHomeBlog
Donna from Book Passion For Life - @BookPforLife
Caitlin from WatchYA Reading - @caitlingss
Rie from Mission To Read - @missiontoread
Vicky from Books, Biscuits & Tea - @alouetteuette
Christa from Hooked On Books - @ChristasBooks
Jenna from Fans Of Fiction - @fansoffiction
Angel from Mermaids Vision - @mermaidvisions

Wrap-up Post Schedule:
January - Donna (Theme: Let It Snow + Book Cover Challenge)
February - Nicole (Theme: Un-requited Love/Love Gone Wrong + Advice Column Challenge)
March - Rie (Theme: Green or Pinched + Green Cover Challenge)
April Bonnie (Theme: Easter + Mini Challenge)
May - Christa (Theme: MayDay - Disaster Books! + Cover Disaster Challenge)
June - Jenna ( Theme: Camping + Sentence Challenge)
July - Rie (Theme: International Day + Cover Comparison Challenge)
August - Angel (Theme: Summer Memories + Send Your Fav Character On Vacation Challenge)
September - Nicole (Theme: Life Changing Books + Mini Challenge)
October - Caitlin (Theme: Thanksgiving Theme + Share-A-Book Challenge)
November - Vicky (Theme: Spooky Halloween + Book Puzzle Challenge)
December - Evie (Theme: Xmas Bliss + Book Bachelor Challenge)

Think you'll join the challenge?  Even if you're not a blogger, this is still a really fun challenge!!  Happy Challenge Day!!

I want to know!!

Well my friends, 2011 is about to end. It's been a very crazy year and next year promises to be just as crazy! With the new year, comes new material to write on. With that said... I want to hear what you want to read about.  I don't just want your suggestions... I NEED them. heh. I'm good until Jan 4th, aaannnndd that's it.

Of course there will be more reviews, because I'm still reading like crazy. What types of books are you interested in? Specific titles or authors or genres?

I'm hoping to continue the How To series, but I only have a Kindle Keyboard. Are you interested in that still?

I'll still continue sale alerts or freebie alerts - letting you know when I find a good deal or chunk of freebies worth while.

Do you want to hear about my "To Read" list? I started doing that a while ago, but didn't really seem to get much response on it. Basically I'd let you know what books I've added to my list each week, if any that week at all, and where to get them.

A new little series I'm considering is Author's Corner. With a way better title, that one is lame. Maybe Tweeps or Super Authors! or Authors Who Rock! or Seriously? You haven't heard of --- yet? or LOOK WHO I FOUND!!.... I'll stop. haha. I would tell you about any authors of books, blogs, etc. that I have met on Twitter and where to find their stuff. Hmmm. I like that one. Maybe I'll just write it anyway. (smirk)

So. Many. Ideas!!! Help? Happy Last Three Days of 2011!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How To: Get the Most out of Your Gift Card

Since ebook gift cards make it much easier for friends, family, coworkers, etc. to get you a *gift* that keeps on giving... they are super popular.  But, like most things, they do eventually run out.  Here are a few tricks I've found that help me streeetttccchhh my cards out.

1. Budget Buying - instead of just buying the first book on your *wish* list... go through it and find as many ebooks as you can that are middle to low end prices (under $7) and buy those instead.

2. Buy only what you want right now.  If you found a book you just kinda like... but it's not under $7... then maybe you should pass on it for now.  Go for the ebooks you know you will read first.

3. Sales and Discounts and Coupons - double (or triple.. or quadruple?) up! *Try* to wait (super hard to do sometimes) for sale events or check out the discounted monthly deals or even the daily deals. Read the back of your card or details from e-gift cards to see if "valid with other offers" is or is not on there. Use coupons (search Google for some even) to help boost the discount.

4. Make two lists - one for the books you *must have* and one for the books that are just *eh... sounds good but...* Buy from the must haves list first!  Pair this with tip 2.

5. Bargain Hunt - Look around at other sites to find better deals! Shop 'til you drop....or until you get carpel-tunnel... heh. Shop the "after Christmas" sales!

6. Don't buy something just because you have a gift card. Wait to use the gift card, especially ones that do not expire, to get something you actually want.

7. Know the expiration date of your gift card. For in-store gift cards, use it within the year. Many online stores' gift cards never expire (Amazon and B&N for example) soooooo..... refer back to tip #6!

What do you do when you get a gift card to make it last?  Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kindle How To Recap

With over 5,000,000 Kindles sold as gifts this year alone, I thought I would recap all of the How To posts I have written. These posts are for the Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3) but can still help for Kindle and Kindle Touch users.  Sorry Kindle Fire owners, I can't help you yet! Starting out with an eReader can be very confusing... need to know how to do something that I haven't talked about? Want me to explain something in more depth? Leave a comment and let me know. I'd be happy to help!

Here are all of the How Tos I have written so far:
  1. Download Ebooks
  2. Ebook Lending
  3. Create and Use Collections on Kindle
  4. Recover Archived Items
  5. Quick Fixes for Kindle Errors
  6. Pick out the Perfect Case
  7. Use the Aa Menu
  8. Cleaning Your Device
  9. Buy Ebooks on a Budget
  10. Preview First Chapter
  11. Ebook Gifting on Kindle
  12. Pick Out eReader Accessories
  13. Use Twitter to Find New Ebooks
Good luck and enjoy your Kindle!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Quick Tip (Holiday Edition)

Today's Quick Tip is where to start when you just get an eReader.  If you just got an eReader and haven't ever had one before then I bet you're trying to figure out how to use the thing!  They can be a little complicated if you aren't very comfortable with the new technology.  I have soooo many posts about how to do things on Kindle.  The best thing to do first is to charge your eReader battery fully before playing with it too much.  If you're like me and can't wait that long, plug it in and charge it while you're getting to know it.  I definitely recommend starting with the "start here" guide that comes with every device.  Yeah, they can be a little boring but they have a ton of information in them! If you do wait for it to charge, go set up an account on either B&N or Amazon and start ebook shopping! Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 23, 2011

How To: Use Twitter to Find New Books

With the awesome new friends I've found on Twitter... I've also found tons of new books to read!  Authors, bloggers, publishers, publicists, fans.... so many people use Twitter to promote their books.  I don't personally tweet that much, but it's really fun to follow and read any upcoming news for books, Kindle, ebooks, Amazon... ya' know?  Many of the authors will even chat back with you!  Makes me feel special... (grins)

These are the people/groups I follow that have introduced me to new books, products and news:
  • LazarusStrain - tweets for Ken McClure an author - mystery and thriller/suspense fans will love this!
  • MALeslie1 - a writing duo that tweets about their books and their lives (amazing people!)
  • LegacyUniverse - an author of the Legacy Universe novels who tweets about his books and more fun geeky stuff
  • BestEbooks1 - a website that tweets about popular ebooks; great deals on ebooks
  • ABestsellerBook - a group who only tweet about best selling ebooks and books; great reviews on ebooks...perfect place to start if you want to try a best seller
  • JasonJackMiller - author who tweets about his books
  • HeidiRubyMiller - author who tweets about her books
  • RedAdeptReviews - a blog and twitter account that reviews ebooks by Indie and Commercial authors; a great place to start if you want to check out new authors
  • amazondeals - Gold Box deals tweeted by Amazon
  • kindlenews - the unofficial tweets about updates and news for the Kindle; perfect for Kindle fans
  • PixelofInk - my favorite website to get free ebooks; tweets about the free and discounted, high customer reviewed ebooks
  • KindleToday - news and updates about Kindle
  • kindlefreebies - links to free ebooks, cheap accessories, and just Kindle bargains in general
  • amazonbooks - official twitter account for Amazon books and ebooks; links, information and updates for books and the release dates
  • Horror_Nerd - author and horror novels and movies enthusiast
Following all of these might seem ridiculous... but someone has to know what's going on... right? I'm not crazy! My mother had me tested! (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory).  Twitter accounts are free to use, and extremely easy.  If you decide to get one or have one already... add me!! I'm HilyBee on Twitter. Happy Tweeting!  Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review Day: Please Stop Laughing at Me

Today is review day!! And this week's book is (drum roll).....

Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco
Rating: 5 stars
Go here for the Amazon description.

A memoir about a young woman who was bullied from a very young age all the way through until her senior graduation.  It's powerful, beautiful, angry, bitter, moving, disheartening, and extremely true.  Jodee went through serious physical abuse as well as outrageous mental abuse.  The novel keeps you interested because you want something to happen, someone to step in and help her, anything to make this poor young woman be happy and healthy.

The part I disliked the most was how every single one of the teachers, the Catholic nuns, the parents, neighbors, peers, principals... thought it was Jodee's fault.  Every time someone didn't believe her, help her, stick up for her, anything.... I just wanted to crawl inside the book and shake them.  Bullying is not okay.  A little teasing will happen, it's inevitable.  But there is a clear line between teasing and bullying... and the students in this novel were way past the teasing part.

Jodee Blanco now holds workshops, seminars, meetings, etc to shed light on bullying and how to stop it.  She has specific seminars for parents, ones for people being bullied, those who are the bullies, and even ones for schools/employers on how to recognize bullying.  She is such an inspiration for everyone, whether you were bullied or you are just simply trying to make a name for yourself.  I truly can't believe how much this woman has accomplished in her life, and how far she has come after the traumatic experiences she had.

This novel brought bullying to a whole new light for me.  I knew it was serious, but never did I think it was this bad.  I was appalled by the bullies actions and couldn't even imagine any of this going on... but then I thought about it.  I remember sticking up for people in school just like Jodee did.  I was teased, but never let it bother me and obviously pushed it out of my mind.

I normally don't go for memoirs.  I picked this one up as a free ebook (the deal lasted only 5 hours that day) and truly love it.  I even added it to my favorites!!

Happy Review Day!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

New Favorite Book!

Over the past year (since I've owned DragonToo my Kindle) I've read over 150 novels and 50 short-stories.  But not all of them have been added onto my favorites, and never have I added one to my favs before I even finished it!  This book is absolutely amazing, beautifully written, outstanding, crafty, heart-warming, thrilling, incredible, passionate...  If you liked: My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult or any of her books and anything by Karen McQueen... then you must read this book. Right. Now! Or whenever you finish the book you might currently be reading.. heh.

What is this book I speak of?!  Is it driving you insane not knowing yet!?  You didn't peak did you!?!?

Drum roll please!

This is a phenomenal novel that touches your heart in unexpected ways.  Go here for a description!  I was lucky enough to pick up this novel when it was free too, although I'd definitely pay full price for it!!  I loved this ebook so much I'm considering learning sign language (at least the basics..).  How fun would that be!? Be able to have a conversation without everyone else knowing/hearing!? That'd be so much fun!! I remember when my two sisters and I were little and made up languages all the time.  Heh.  My younger sister and I still do that all the time!!  This book makes you wish you had a twin all over again (like when you were little and really wanted one!).  It is available for loaning through Kindle so please ask if you'd like to borrow it.  Happy Review Day!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick Tip

Today's Quick Tip is to have a book stand or easel.  These nifty little things hold up your eReader or paper book for you so you can read hands free!  The best part is, for eReaders, many hard cases have them built in!  I highly recommend these especially if you like to listen to use audio books but follow the text as well.  With the major shopping holiday right around the corner, keep an eye out for some great discounts on these little easels! I love love love mine! Happy Standing!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Been so busy you didn't even realize what day it was huh?  Well.. here are a few ideas for those last minute gifts for people who love to read!
  • Gift Card - so easy right? Just get one for Amazon, B&N, Half Price Books or a local book store. Don't forget audio books too!
  • Book Marks - get one that is pretty to look at just in case they don't ever use it.  They could hang it up or set it on their desk or in a picture frame or inside a collage or in a scrap book!
  • Gag Gifts - don't be afraid to be silly! Get them a children's book or something cute that they might be like ...what?... Or you know.. crazy how-to books that could create a new inside joke!.. ha.  You know it'd be hilarious! Add an anonymous name to it if you're nervous.
  • Lit Wit - a trivia card set to *enhance* your reading, literature and book knowledge!
  • Book Page crafty items - these ornaments could be made so quickly or purchased and I love them! Go here for an entire list of thousands of items that could be replicated with old book pages or purchased! All of them are so unique and awesome!
 Even if you get a last minute gift, it doesn't have to be a generic one.  Get crafty! It's fun!  What do you do for last minute gifts? Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review Day: Legacy Universe

Banner made by Travis at ProCovers and author Martin Perry
**This review will be a little different. I am reviewing a fan club and a novel.**

The LURC is the Legacy Universe Reader's Club.  This club is for those who read the Legacy-Universe novels or people who want to read them.

Legacy-Universe is a series of science fiction novels that are captivating, well written, and outstanding.  The novels do an absolutely phenomenal job of making the reader believe he/she is actually on the planet with the characters.  Keep reading for a mini-review on Gentle Reminders (book one).

Members of LURC you get some perks. Go ahead.. tell someone you're part of LURC and see how awesome it sounds. (ahem..) Hilary LURC, CPC, Blogger extrodinaire, Kindle addict.... See!? Awesome.
  1. Lifetime 25% discount on ALL Legacy Universe novel releases which you can share with friends and family!
  2. Lifetime free Legacy Universe short story releases!
  3. Your name with a dedication or your choice of non-offensive URL (your book, your blog, your whatever) in ALL future Legacy Universe releases on the special LURC credits pages.
  4. Newsletters/Emails from Martin Perry (author) about book releases, discount codes, etc.
What are you waiting for? Go sign up to be an LURC member! Don't forget to check out the rest of the site too.
oh oh oh!! Guess what!!!!  I have discount codes to share!!

Codes for not one but two free short stories:

Legacy Universe: Prize Fighting - XW98U
Legacy Universe: Wandering Man - UQ77R

Go to Smashwords to pick up the ebooks! Just don't forget the codes... Smashwords is compatible with any eReader.

Guess what else!!! It gets even better!!

This week Gentle Reminders, book one in the Rosewell series, is on sale for only $.99 on Amazon! BUT... it is only this week! The promotional sale has ended! However, the ebook only around $4.00, so not bad.  For a mini review on this novel, keep reading!

Mini review for Gentle Reminders (book one):
Gentle Reminders is the first book in a series of seven.  This novel starts out a little slow, but immediately picks up by the end of the first chapter.  The detail, characters and plot really keep you intrigued and wanting more. Normally I am not a die-hard Sci-Fi fan, but I couldn't get enough of this novel.  It is written so well that I felt like I was in the novel.  My heart was pounding during the action *scenes* and my palms got sweaty when the characters found themselves in one crazy predicament after another. The author did an outstanding job of making the other planets extremely vivid and believeable.  I highly recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a gripping Sci-Fi novel that takes you on a journey through the galaxy.

Book two in the series, Lessons Learned, was just released last week on Tuesday. Stop by Amazon or Smashwords and pick up the novels.  Don't forget to subscribe to the LURC to get newsletters from the author! If you stop by or sign up, make sure to mention I sent you.  Happy Review Day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look what I found!!!

I recently came across some *new* ebook sites because of all the amazing people I have met on Twitter. Oh, Twitter... how much I love thee!  (ahem) Anyways... Here are a few new ebook sites you should take a look at.  They also have traditional paper books as well.

 Oh oh oh!!! I also learned something new about the Kindle yesterday! SUPER excited! I think I heard about this lovely little thing when I first got Dragon a year ago... just wasn't interested because it wasn't really useful... BUT now it is!!! So excited!!

Basically.. this is a site for Kindle users (sorry Nook and Sony friends...go read up on NookFriends and Sony LendMe Friends for your version of this) to share what they have been up to on the Kindle.  You can make a profile about you (like Facebook but less crazy and much much more simple) and your reading habits. THEN you can share that profile/information with your new Kindle friends.  This way you can keep track of what your friends are reading, what they rated the ebook, their notes and higlights from the ebook and more! So much fun! If you have a Kindle and are obsessed like me (heh) then go check it out! We can be friends. My Nickname is: HilyBee

I'm still learning the ropes for all three sites. Anyone want a How To for one, two, or all three of these new sites? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy New Site Day!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Greatest Ornaments Ever!

I don't put up a Christmas tree at my apartment (yet) but... I love ornaments! Especially handmade ones or DIY style ornaments or clear glass ball ornaments with stuff inside. So many options!  Here are a few favorites of mine!  All of these can be found on! I linked them all, so please check out the sellers! All of the sellers have more than one style of book page ornaments too!

This flower is so awesome looking! I bet they are hard to make too.

This glass ball is so elegant!

I love that this one has a snowman inside it! And snowflakes on the outside! So cute!
By the same maker of the snowman, this one has a delicate little flower inside! I wonder how they get it in there and keep it so perfect looking?! Kind of like the ship-in-a-bottle thing I guess.

I love how curly the pages are in these.  They look incredible!

For all the comic book fans out there... this one is for you! So amazing!
I love the glass ornaments with book pages inside them! I think I'm going to make these! Anyone want one? haha. Make sure to stop by the Etsy sellers' shops! They have so many different ornaments!  The people who make them do such a great job! What are your favorite ornaments? Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 9, 2011

How To: eReader Accessories

eReader: Check!  Accessories: uh...uhm... hhm... ?  Don't know what to buy? Get an eReader as a gift for someone? Thennnn....  you need to go to the mall!! or just shop online like I do.. haha
  • Protection - buy a case or cover or roo or bag or slip cover or neoprene cover or small purse that closes or...... anything that will keep your case clean and dirt free!
  • Lights - something worth having but not 100% necessary. Pick one up that can easily fit inside your case so you don't have to worry about carrying it around separately.
  • Cleaning (dry)- pick up a microfiber cloth or small piece of 100% soft cotton fabric from the leftover fabric shards at a craft store.
  • Cleaning (wet)- pick up some glasses cleaning wipes or electronic wipes.. just never ever ever spray cleaner directly onto your screen.  The sprays don't always clean off well enough and can get inside your device.  BAD.
  • Screen Protection -  Great for those people who use touch screens or multiple users per device. Make sure to get ones that actually fit your screen size.  Don't be like me and try to cut your own.  It doesn't turn out well.
  • Decals or Skins - Do. Not. Buy. These. unless you are okay with never being able to take them off without leaving a slightly sticky or white film residue... eeeww.. But if you have your heart set on getting one (like I did before I realized they are just giant stickers that can't ever come off) make sure you get one that you will always love.. treat them like a tattoo. okie dokie?
  • Headphones - if you like to *read* audio books.. pick up a pair of tiny earbuds or headphones that can compact... they will save you the embarrassment of having the audio book read out-loud at a restaurant.. or while waiting at the Dr. office.. not like I did that or anything...heh.
Happy Accessorizing!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quick Tip!

Today's Quick Tip is deciding on when to read another book edition #2.  Scenario:  You just finished a book that is so memorable (either good or bad... hopefully good!) that even after waiting a full day you just can't stop thinking about it! And it's driving you insane!!!  Well, have no fear! Here is a solution!!  Go tell someone about it! Anyone!  It could be a random person walking down the street, your best friend, your dog or cat, even yourself (record a memo or write it down) or me!  Just talk talk talk about it!  By talking about the book, it will better help you understand why it is you can't stop thinking about it and then you can steer the conversation in a different direction.  Like to trains or animals or food.. or something really off the wall like why does lint get stuck on the bottom of a broom?... then next thing you know... you won't be thinking about it anymore! Crisis solved!  Just be sure the person you're chatting with knows it's a book.  You don't want them getting too creeped out by you.  Go watch that link.  Just not at want the sound up!  And just try not to laugh! That may even be a good way to forget as well.  heh.  Happy Forgetting!

So... I've been asked to divulge exactly what book made me write this post. Here ya go! Darkness Under the Sun (novella) by Dean Koontz. If you read it, and sit through the whole thing... tell me how it goes!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift Ideas at Every Price Level

Many people will be getting eReaders for the upcoming Holidays.  Here are few gift pack ideas for different price levels.

Side Note: Each bullet represents one gift pack.  Prices will vary as well as tax percentage.  All prices based off US dollars.  Remember to consider shipping prices and time if purchasing online.

  • 1 ebook (3.99 each)** 
  • 4 ebooks (.99 each)**
  • 2 ebooks (1.99 each)**
  • 4 pack AAA batteries for a light (4.99 per pack)
  • e-gift card (sent via email with a card)
  • 1 screen protector
  • 2 microfiber cloths
  • 9 ebooks (.99 each)**
  • 2 ebooks (3.99 each) plus 1 ebook (1.99)**
  • e-gift card (sent via email with a card)
  • 1 eReader light
  • 3 pack of screen protectors
  • 1 microfiber cloth plus 30 ct. box of wet cloths
  • 1 eReader sleeve
  • 1 eReader skin/decal
  • AAA Battery charger
  • 14 ebooks (.99 each)**
  • 4 pack AAA batteries plus a gift card
  • e-gift card (sent via email with a card)
  • 1 eReader light and 1 pack of AAA batteries
  • 1 eReader skin/decal plus 1 screen protector
  • 1 eReader gel case plus 2 screen protectors
  • 1 eReader sleeve
  • 50 ct. box of wet cloths plus 1 microfiber cloth
  • 1 battery charger plus 1 extra pack of AAA rechargeable batteries
  • 4 ebooks (3.99 each) plus 3 ebooks (.99 each)**
  • e-gift card (sent via email with a card)
  • 80 ct. box of wet cloths plus 2-3 microfiber cloths plus 1 battery charger
  • 3 microfiber cloths plus 1 eReader light plus 1 pack of rechargeable batteries
  • $5 gift card plus 1 eReader light plus 1 pack of batteries
  • 1 eReader light plus $10 gift card
  • 1 eReader hard case
  • 1 eReader sleeve plus 1 eReader light
  • 1 eReader sleeve plus 2 screen protectors
  • 1 eReader hard case
  • 1 eReader light plus 50 ct. box of wet cloths plus 2 microfiber cloths plus $5 gift card
  • e-gift card (sent via email with card)
  • 1 gel case plus 3 screen protectors plus 1 eReader light plus 1 pack of AAA batteries
  • 1 eReader sleeve plus 3 screen protectors plus $5 gift card
  • 100 ct. box of wet cloths plus 3 microfiber cloths plus 1 eReader skin
  • 1 battery charger plus 2 packs of AAA rechargeable batteries
  • 1 eReader sleeve plus 1 eReader light plus 1 pack AAA batteries
  • 5 ebooks (3.99 each)**
  • 4 ebooks (4.99 each)**
  • 2 best selling ebooks (11.99 each)**
  • 1 eReader hard case plus 2 screen protectors plus eReader light
  • 1 eReader hard case plus 1 eReader light
  • 12 pack microfiber cloth plus 1 eReader light plus 1 AAA pack of batteries plus 1 eReader sleeve
  • e-gift card (sent via email with card)
  • $10 e-gift card (sent via email with card) plus 1 eReader sleeve plus 1 screen protector
  • 3 best selling ebooks (9.99 each)**
  • 1 best selling ebook (14.99 each)** plus $15 gift card
  • 5 ebooks (3.99 each)** plus 1 eReader sleeve
  • 2 best selling ebooks (14.99 each)**
  • 1 best selling ebook (14.99 each)** plus 1 eReader sleeve plus 1 microfiber cloth
  • 5 ebooks (5.99 each)**
  • 1 eReader JAVOedge hard case with stand (online purchase)
  • 1 eReader JAVOedge hard case with stand plus $5 gift card (online purchase)
  • 1 eReader hard case plus 1 eReader light plus 1 pack AAA batteries
  • 1 eReader light plus 2 packs AAA batteries plus 1 eReader sleeve
  • 1 eReader hard case plus $15 gift card
  • 1 eReader light plus 50 ct. pack of wet cloths plus 1 microfiber cloth plus 1 eReader sleeve
  • e-gift card (sent via email with card)
  • 2 best sellers (14.99 each) plus $10 gift card
  • 1 eReader JAVOedge hard case with stand plus 4 screen protectors
  • 1 JAVOedge hard case plus 1 eReader light plus 1 pack of batteries
  • 1 JAVOedge hard case plus 1 eReader light plus 4 screen protectors
  • 1 hard case with stand
  • 1 eReader hard case plus $25 gift card
  • 1 eReader hard case plus $10 gift card
  • 3 best selling ebooks (14.99 each) plus 1 ebook (4.99 each)
  • 1 eReader sleeve plus 1 eReader light plus 2 ebooks (3.99 or less each) plus 4 screen protectors plus 5 microfiber dry cloths plus 50 ct. box of wet cloths
**eBooks can be given as gifts via email; leave enough money for tax; shipping/delivery is free; Please read Kindle Gifting for more information.**

Gift cards at every level can be stretched out to get more than one purchase.  I plan to be posting my tips and tricks on how to stretch your gift card after Christmas (Dec. 25), so stay tuned!  I hope these gift ideas help.  Leave any other suggestions or changes needed in the comments!  For information about what dry cloths, wet cloths, and JAVOedge case I have/use, please read: Picking Out the Perfect Case and  Keeping Your Device Clean.  Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Good, The Amazing, The Terrible - Recap!

I can't believe it!  I've reviewed sooo many books on here already! If you've missed them, here are the links to each review.  Have a book or ebook you want me to read or review?  Please leave me a comment with the title and author.  Many of my review days have multiple books/ebooks on them from different authors. Check them out!
Follow me on Twitter: HilyBee
Have you read any of these? What do you think of them?
Happy Review Day Recap!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Quick Tip (Holiday Edition)

Today's Holiday edition Quick Tip is for reading.  It's a busy busy busy time of year, so make sure you pick out books that are not super long.  Reading something long when you're going to be busy makes any book turn boring very quickly.  When you spend too much time reading a book, it doesn't matter how good it is, you will lose interest in it.  I recommend short-stories, novellas or books that have around 300-400 pages for this time of year!  Try books such as Donor (Ken McClure), Soul Screamers Series (Rachel Vincent), The Hunger Games Trilogy (Suzanne Collins), and Hellbender (Jason Jack Miller). Happy Reading!