Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kindle How To: Collections/File Folders

One of the best features on a Kindle3 (and some of the K2s) is the ability to sort books into collections.  Collections are like file folders on your PC.  They let you navigate through your Kindle Library quickly and easily. Not sure if you're Kindle can do this? Keep reading or check for updates.

Side note: How to check for updates: Turn on Kindle, go to home, click menu, go to settings wait for it to load, then click menu again, if 'update your Kindle' is in black, click it and update your Kindle.  If it is in gray or can't be selected, your Kindle has the latest updates.

Setting up categories for K2s and 3s is pretty easy, and super helpful! I have eight different categories (Children/YA; Memoirs/Insightful; Mystery/Suspense/Thriller; History/NonFiction; Feel Good/Chick-lit/Romance; Cookbooks; Fantasy/Magic/Supernatural; Apps/Dictionaries).  These are my personal ones, but they may help you come up with names for the different ones you want to create.  Other ideas: favorites, favorite authors, author's name, series titles, school, novellas/short stories... the list can go on and on and on and on and on and on and on... you get the point. : )

Adding a collection/adding books to collections:
Step 1: Pick up Kindle and turn it on.
Step 2: go to 'home' page by clicking the home button (if not already there when turned on)
Step 3: click the 'menu' button (a drop down box should appear on the right side of the screen)
Step 4: using the arrow pad (directional pad it's square on the K3s) scroll down to 'create new collection'
Step 5: click on 'create new collection'
Step 6: give your collection a name (see above for suggestions)
Step 7: SAVE the collection by using the arrow pad to highlight the 'save' button (turns black on the K3s) You will be automatically brought back to the 'home' page, where the new collection should be shown (but not open)
Step 8: To add a book to a collection, use the arrow pad to select the collection
Step 9: If this is a new collection (if not skip to step 13), simply click on the collection name using the arrow pad
Step 10: The collection will say 'no items click to add items to this collection' ... well go ahead and click it
Step 11: A list of the books ON your Kindle will appear.. search through them to find the books you want to add to the collection and click on it.  A little check mark will appear on the RIGHT side if it has been added to the collection
Step 12: Close the collection by hitting the 'done' button at the bottom (using the arrow pad to scroll down until it is highlighted) OR hit the 'home' button again
Step 13: To add a book to an existing collection use the arrow pad to underline/select the collection but do not open the collection!
Step 14: RIGHT click the collection open using the arrow pad.. the full list of books will not appear, just a short list of commands
Step 15: use the arrow pad to select 'add/remove items'
Step 16: repeat steps 11 and 12

All done!  Enjoy using your new collections!  Removing and renaming a collection is super easy too! Continue reading for those steps!

Removing a collection:
Step 1: Turn on Kindle, go to home page (click 'home' button if needed)
Step 2: Use the arrow pad to open the command list of the collection (see steps 13 and 14 above for more help)
Step 3: Use the arrow pad to scroll down to 'delete collection'  This will only delete the collection not the books!  Your collection has now been removed.

Renaming a collection:
Follow the steps above to remove a collection except click on 'rename collection'  Change the name and be sure to save the collection! You can go back to the home page once that is finished by clicking 'home'

I hope this helps!  I will post more 'how to' tutorials in the future! Have a book to recommend? Have you read any of these already? If so, please email me or leave a comment with the subject line of *recommendation* or *review* along with the title and author.  Happy reading!

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