Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hey There Delilah: Kindle App Problems

Hey There Delilah is a *new* mini-series where I help solve Kindle problems.  I get asked all the time "So...something isn't working right on my Kindle and I have no idea why.  I don't have a warranty anymore...PLEASE help!"

Before you decide you hate your Kindle, want to return it and get a new one...ask me!  I've had many freak outs when I thought something with my precious little device was wrong...but really it was something simple.  Here is a common problem that I have come across for many people who use a Kindle and Kindle app.

Problem:  I have the Kindle app (on my phone) and a Kindle (device).  I purchased an ebook using the app, but now my Kindle isn't recognizing that I purchased the book.  I tried rebooting my Kindle and the app, it didn't work.  My Amazon account doesn't show that I made a purchase either! UGH! What's wrong? Can it be fixed? HELP!

This is what a sync button looks like.
How to fix it: 1) Get your Kindle and your phone (or whatever device has the app on it).  2) Turn both on/open the app.  3) Turn on the 3G or WiFi for both devices - wait 4-5 minutes until your Kindle (device) has fully engaged, updated and downloaded any new content.  4) While your Kindle (device) and Kindle app are both turned on and connected to the internet, click the little "sync" button on your Kindle app.  5) While your app is syncing, do not do anything to your Kindle device.  6) Check to see if your ebook is now recognized by both devices (it should show up on both or start downloading onto your Kindle device).

If yes - Voila! Fixed!
If no - contact Kindle Customer Service to see if you have multiple accounts open under one person's name (yes this is they cannot link the accounts even if you have proof you own both accounts). You may have purchased the book on a different account without knowing it.

To prevent this from happening again - every couple days, sync your app and Kindle device using the directions above.  It's very important to keep them linked together or the app can (and will) mess up.

Have a Kindle problem?  Ask me!  I love helping people figure out their Kindle issues.  *Please note, I can't solve all Kindle problems.  Some of them can't be fixed at home.*  Send me an email, tweet, message me on Facebook, or leave a comment and I will get back to you!  Happy Syncing!


Stephen Winterflood said...

Interesting post idea. I thought they both would just sync with the Amazon account, but tech can be funny sometimes.

As your are answering Kindle problems here is one - I have book for sale on Kindle but no one is buying it, what do I do? :)

HilyBee said...

Have you asked book bloggers or reviewers to review your book? Getting reviews will definitely help market your book. When I'm looking for a book to read, I love to read through the reviews and see how it did in general.

Also try advertising on Twitter and Facebook. It's really a great place to market books.

Have you considered the Kindle Select program? From what I've heard/read about it, it's really worth your time.

Hope this helps!

Stephen Winterflood said...

I have one who said he might review it for Kindle book review, and had a few good Amazon reviews so far.

I do mention it on Twitter but see lots of writers constantly push their's on there and it seems to get annoying rather than interesting, so trying to be more creative.

I am not doing the current book on Kindle Select but plan on doing other books on it to help promote this book, I can do them at a low price to help advertise the other one.

It is all a big long game so have to plan the attack carefully :)

HilyBee said...

Good luck to you then Stephen! You could always have giveaways, host interviews etc. to help promote. :)

Stephen Winterflood said...

Thank you, I am keeping the Blog moving so hopefully that will grow and yes interviews are a possibility in there. I do seem to get a bit of a gap though between the people who look at the art related to the books and say it is fantastic and the stage where they go to get the book. It is like they don't realise it is the same mind that came up with both and therefore they might like both :)

HilyBee said...

Could be two different markets unfortunately.

Stephen Winterflood said...

That would make books covers a waste of time :(

HilyBee said...

True. :) Which they aren't! Love book cover art.

Stephen Winterflood said...

Me also, It is great making them and so much easier than doing the pesky stuff that has to go inside :)