Monday, February 13, 2012

Kindle How To: Getting More Use out of Your Kindle

There are TONS of things you can do with a Kindle besides just use it as an eReader.  Did you know that you could....
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EDIT books, ebooks, documents, etc. on your Kindle? Click here to read more!

RENT textbooks for class or work (cheaper than print, return the book when you're done, same page numbers as regular textbooks)? Click here to read more!

PLAY AND USE games and apps (there are even free versions!) such as Calendar & Planner, Gem Falls, Notepad

**Please Note: The games work best on Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. The apps work great on any version.**
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PLAY mini games that also double as a brain food?  NY Times Crosswords Vol. 1, 24-7 Spanish - Vocabulary and 24-7 French - Vocabulary

FREE EBOOKS  - Get ebooks without paying even $0.01? Click here to read more.

PREVIEW the first chapter of a book before buying it? Click here to read more.

CONNECT to Twitter and Facebook right from your Kindle? Tweet/Share you finished a book right from your device? Click here to read more in an article by PC World! (Would you like a Kindle How To on this?)

READ blogs, magazines, and newspapers on your Kindle for less than the print copies? Click here to learn more or click on the category above to explore the selection from Amazon.

Kindle isn't just for reading, use it to its fullest potential and get more out of your device!  Access any of the various things I've talked about by clicking on the red words above (links).  Have something to add to the list?  Leave me a comment and I will add it to the list!  Happy How To Day!

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Connie Keller said...

I've actually downloaded a game to my Kindle a couple of months ago but haven't had time to play it yet. :(

I didn't know about the calendar though. Thanks for the heads up.