Monday, October 31, 2011

How To: Buy eBooks on a Budget

Today's How To is books on a budget.  It's extremely easy!  Here are a few tips that will help you save money on ebooks.  These are also the various things I do to get all of my free ebooks!
  1. Subscribe to Pixel-Of-Ink! POI offers a free subscription email that will send you daily free ebooks.  Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer free ebooks daily as well.  They are found on their websites here and here. The lists change every week, so check back often.  Another great way to save money on ebooks is to check with your local library.
  2. Library lending!! Kindle Library Lending has begun in some states (finally! yay!).  To see if your library has ebooks for your eReader, check their websites.  Many of the libraries are advertising the ebooks right on their homepages.
  3. Kindle Lending and Nook Friends!! Borrow books from your Nook and Kindle friends.  Even if you don't have similar reading habits, ask if they have anything in a particular genre that you might like.  You'd be surprised how many people are willing to share their ebooks!
  4. Shop your own collection.  If you're like me, then you have over 250 books (and counting) in your collection (at least 90% of those were free).  Go through your collection.  Re-read books you liked or don't remember very well.  Have a favorite series? Re-read it!
  5. Ebook swapping with friends! Similar to sharing, but a little different concept.  Next time you finish an ebook, suggest swapping it with the last ebook your friend has read.  This is a great way to break into new genres or try out ebooks you wouldn't normally buy.
  6. Check other sites that offer free ebooks.  There are thousands of sites that offer them.  THOUSANDS!!  Just be careful when searching for them.  I only use the ones Amazon has approved.  The list from Amazon can be used for Nook and Sony eReaders as well.  Beware of the wireless/download prices.  You don't want to have to pay for the ebook to be delivered to your device, that's defeating the purpose.  Also, check the ebook format.  You don't want to *purchase* an ebook that won't work with your device.  Just check with your eReader's carrier (B&N or Amazon or Sony) to see what ebook formats are supported.
  7. Check out the monthly deals! Amazon offers 100 books every month for less than $3.99.  Just check here every 3-4 weeks. These deals only last through one month.  The list does include newer ebooks too, not just the classics or "doesn't sell well" ebooks.  On occasion you will see a repeat from previous months.  This is a great way to get your hands on ebooks at really low prices!
  8. Check out the daily deal! Pixel-of-Ink will often include links to the Amazon daily deal in the daily emails.  The deal only lasts 24 hours so check everyday!  They include fiction and non-fiction in this deal. 
  9. Browse University library ebook collections!  Many Universities and public libraries offer ebooks, but Adelaide University (in Australia!!) offers thousands for free that you can download and keep!! It's happy dance time... again!  Go here to check out Adelaid's collection.  They are ePub format so *most* eReaders can handle them (Nook, Kindle, Sony...) OR you can just read them right off the web!  No downloading necessary, you just read it right there on the site.  OR you could (if you realllyyyy wanted to) print off the books.  So if you don't want to download it... you can just print it!!  Really awesome if you don't have an eReader but have the apps for PC or MAC.
  10. Kindle Owner's Lending Library.  This program allows you to get one free Kindle ebook a month, and most of them are current best sellers!  You can keep the ebook for as long as you want to read it and can return it whenever you are done.  Unfortunately, this is only available for Amazon Prime members, not Amazon Mom or Amazon Student prime members.  You also have to have a Kindle device not the app.
  11. A site somewhat like Netflix. You rate books you have read, find books you want to read, and have a status update of what you are currently reading. The site will give you book recommendations based on your reading history. Rate and review books and ebooks you have read to get more recommendations.
Pass on the word so others can take advantage of these offers/tips too! Have any other helpful money saving tips or websites?  Have a question?  Leave me a comment! I'd be happy to add any new suggestions to this list. Happy Saving!

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