Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nook Friends and LendMe!

Here is the post on ebook loaning/lending for the Nook.  I'm sorry for the lack of in-depth information.

Nook has a Nook Friends lending process that is very similar to Kindle Lending. I picked up the most information I could without actually purchasing a Nook.  I hope this helps the Nook users!

A little information about the program... Please remember I do not have a Nook.

Nook Friends is social networking with books.  This is only part 1 of the lending process.  You can keep a list of your friends and their devices on your device.  Which is super helpful!  It requires internet, but is very user friendly.  You can set-up profiles for yourself with details about the types of books you like.  You can borrow from your friends, loan books to your friends and even give personal recommendations very easily.  You can share quotes, reviews and ratings all on your profile.  Sounds just like the old Facebook... (sighs)  Anyways...You can also see how many "likes" a book receives from your Nook Friends.

LendMe, part 2, is the name of the actual lending process between you and your Nook Friends' books.  For a complete list of books that can be loaned go here.  B&N made it super clear which books can be lent out and which ones cannot, before you purchase a book...which is amazing and super helpful! (hint hint Amazon!!)

I highly recommend you take advantage of this system.  It will save you oodles of money on ebooks!  Ask around at school, work, the library, etc. to see if you can make some Nook Friends!

There are a few limitations to the system.  There always seems to be a down side to these amazingly awesome programs.  Unfortunately, I can't actually see the full FAQs without actually having a Nook.  But, from what I have found... you can only lend a book out to one person so many times before it can no longer be loaned to that same person again.  The loan period is very strict and ends to the second of when you accepted the loan.  And the loan can only be accomplished if you have a Nook or NookColor, not an ereader app.

Again I do not have a Nook, so let me know if you do! I'd love to have a guest do some posts about Nooks! Happy Loaning!

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