Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kindle and Nook How To: Keeping Your Device Clean

Kindles and Nooks have very sensitive screens, especially the touch screens.  Who wants to read with a dirty device?  That would be like borrowing a sticky, stained, hairy, smelly book from the library.  Nobody likes those books.  Nobody!  *shudders*

Problem 1: What can we do to keep our e-readers clean without ruining them?
Solution 1: Wash and dry your hands before you use your device.  This will help prevent the oils from your hands transferring to your device, as well as anything else that is/was on your hands.

Solution 2: Dry cleaning microfiber cloths.  These cloths are typically marketed towards eye-glasses, camera lens, flat-screen TVs, computer monitors, etc.  I found an amazing set at Amazon (pack of 12 for only $11) that work perfectly.  And since there are multiples in a pack, you can share them with friends or use them on multiple surfaces. They are safe for not only the screen but the keys as well.

Solution 3: Wet wipes for devices.  I use these, which last much much much longer than you'd think.  The price may seem high ($5.66 for 30 wipes) but the wipes are very large and can be used more than once.  The towels are cotton and can be used for multiple devices.  They are safe to be used on the screen and keys.  Please don't squeeze out the product onto your eReader... this is not safe! Too much liquid can sit on the keys and/or get inside the cracks.  Just gently wipe the screen or keys, let dry for a few seconds, and you're set!

Solution 4: Screen protectors.  These are thin, clear sheets of plastic that can keep your screen clean.  You can use them on touch screens without loosing sensitivity.  I recommend looking for some at your local stores (WalMart, Target, Staples, BestBuy) and on Amazon.  Be sure to do some research and find the best prices as well as a good product.  This is one item that cheaper is not always better!  However, these only work for the screen.

Problem 2: There's a piece of hair (cat or dog fur in most cases) stuck on the side of my screen! How do I get it off without ruining the screen?
Solution 1: Using a dry soft cloth, put a little pressure on the hair and gently pull towards the center of the screen.  Then use the cloth to wipe off the screen.

Solution 2: Damp or Dry Q-Tip.  Carefully pull at the hair with the Q-Tip and then wipe off the screen with a dry soft cloth.  If you use a damp Q-Tip, please make sure you only put a tiny bit of water on it.

Solution 3: Index Finger.  Carefully apply a little pressure on the hair with your index finger and pull.  Use a dry soft cloth to wipe off any oil left behind.  Side note: This method may be the fastest, but if your hands are oily, it can damage the screen over time.

If you have found any other solutions to keeping your e-reader clean, please explain it in the comments! I'd love to hear about other ways to keep mine clean! Happy Cleaning and Happy Reading!

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