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Welcome to Novel d'Tales!!
Welcome!!  Novel d'Tales is about my Kindle, eReaders, authors, and the ebooks/books I read or recommend.  There will be reviews, interviews, tips, tricks, how-tos, and much more!  Novel d'Tales stands for exactly that, the details about novels and tales.

A little background about me: I love libraries, books, e-books, eReaders, book stores... all of it.  Books, ebooks, and eReaders are just my overly passionate hobby.  I received my charcoal colored Kindle 3 (keyboard) for my birthday in 2010 from my parentsMy Kindle keyboard's name is DragonToo.  I graduated with a B.A. degree in June, 2012 and work for Tradehome Shoes.  I'm the sole writer, creator, editor, administrator and worker-bee for Novel d'Tales.   I currently reside in Kentucky with my two pets (calico cat named Sera and longhaired mini dachshund name Yosuke [Yo-skay]) and my boyfriend Zach.  Read even more about me in the ANSA post here.

I'm slightly *obsessed* with DragonToo and pretty much anything to do with Kindles.  I am constantly reading more information about the new changes, updates, cases, accessories, etc.  I love being able to use my device to it's fullest potential.  Plus.. why not?  It's hard NOT to love a Kindle.  I had Kindle Envy* for over two years after my friends Lois and Nathan introduced them to me.

*Kindle-Envy: the act of wanting a Kindle so bad it hurts.

Learn all about the HilyBee (the cute little fire breathing bee) here.  My nickname "HilyBee" came from Zach.  My childhood nickname was Hily, he just added the Bee part.  It has stuck quite well and I love it.  Zach and I created the HilyBee ourselves on Photoshop.

I read a very large number of books with no particular favorite genre.  Please be aware that the books I talk about will be e-books; however, many are offered in paper form as well. Check Amazon or Barnes & Noble to see if the book is offered in paper form.

Don't have a Kindle, Nook or any other eReader?  Amazon offers a free Kindle reading App for many devices.  It is super simple to use too!  Any ebooks will work on the apps.  Free books + free app = free stuff heaven!

I get most of my free ebooks from POI that week.  POI stands for Pixel-Of-Ink.   POI is a website where all of the free and bargain Kindle ebooks are listed that have 3.5+ star reviews on Amazon.  It's free to subscribe and you can even get a daily email with a list of all the daily freebies/bargains ebooks.

The rest of my free ebooks come from authors who ask me to read and review their ebooks OR sites such as Goodreads and Smashwords

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not sponsored or published.  I will be stating my own honest opinions, whether it is positive or negative.  I write this blog because I want an outlet for my knowledge and to help people with eReaders.  Plus... I just wanted to!  Any media, photographs or videos, unless I say otherwise, are not mine.  I will have a link to the original owner if you simply ask or in the caption.  I will always get permission from the original photographer/artist(s) to use the photographs for anything on my site.

All books/ebooks I review have been given to be by the author, publisher or tour company in exchange for an honest review; however, this does not change my opinion on the book/ebook in the slightest.  All opinions stated on this blog are mine or the author of the post's alone.

(some legal jargon I have to put on here)
Hilary is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  Hilary also participates in the Smashwords Affiliate program.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!  Have a book you want to share with me or want me to read? Have a post suggestion? Have a question about Kindles, eBooks, or eReaders?  Have an author to nominate for an interview?  Please feel free to contact me!  I'd love to hear from you and will respond back as soon as I get a chance!  Happy Reading and Thank You for stopping by!

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