Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick Tip!

Today's Quick Tip is Kindle Lending or Nook Friends.  Out of books to read? Ask any of your Kindle or Nook friends if you can borrow an ebook!  It's fast, easy and worry free.  So before you go out and buy another book, ask your friends!  Your e-library will double in size instantly! Don't have any friends with an eReader? Ask me! Happy Sharing!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Tip!

Today's Quick Tip is traveling with your Kindle/Nook/iPad.  When you travel, make sure you take your charger(with wall adapter), a hard-case, cleaning supplies and your Kindle/Nook/iPad (don't want to pack everything else and forget the actual device right? hehe).  A hard-case will better protect your Kindle/Nook/iPad from being squished inside suitcases or bags.  If you put your Kindle/Nook/iPad inside your suitcase, put it in between a few layers of clothing.  This will help pad your device and keep it from moving around or getting squished inside the suitcase.  I suggest keeping the device with you if possible, in a purse, carry-on bag, backpack, etc. that way you know exactly where it is, and how it is being treated. Happy Traveling!

Update: You can take your Kindle with you inside your carry on bag, without getting stopped! Please don't yell at me if you get stopped! Thanks Nathan for the information!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review Day: All Paper, All Odd

It's review day!!

This time, I chose to go *all paper, all Odd*, meaning every single one of these books I have only read in paper form.  You can get these in Kindle/ebook editions too, but I only own the paper-editions.  I bet you're wondering "what about the all Odd part?!?"  Read the titles.. notice anything....Odd?

This is a series by Dean Koontz.  The most popular series out of all of his books.  I put them in order based on the series, rated the series as a whole then each book.  I love these novels, and can't read them enough.

I have gone through 6 paperback copies of Odd Thomas.  One was courtesy of my dog eating it.  Sounds lame, but that really did happen.  I even still have it because he only ate the cover and intro pages.  I guess he likes them too!  He only seems to eat my *favorite* books.
4 1/2 stars for the series
Thriller, Mystery, Paranormal, Suspense, Fiction, Fantasy
*Be warned, some spoilers are contained below.  I used parts of the novels to describe them.*

Odd Thomas (Odd Thomas Novels) by Dean Koontz
5 stars (I wish I could give it more!  My absolute favorite book in the series.)

The first and by far my favorite in the series.  A man, named Odd Thomas (his first name is Odd, last Thomas) can see spirits of people who have died.  They appear to be completely real to him, but nobody else (as far as he knows) can see them.  These spirits come to him and seek his help.  The fist spirit introduced is a little girl named Penny who was murdered.  Odd can also tell when a brutal murder is about to take place.  The forms he calls 'bodachs' appear wherever there will be large amounts of blood shed. He is a young man, around 20, who just wants to grow up and marry the woman he loves, Stormy.  When the mall Stormy works at becomes filled with bodachs on a regular basis, Odd gets nervous and tries to prevent the attacks from happening.  Will he be successful?

5 stars
When Odd is awakened at night by the spirit of Dr. Jessup, the father of his friend Danny, Odd fears the worst.  Danny has brittle bones disease.  When Odd reaches the Jessup mansion, he can only find the body of Dr. Jessup.  Odd goes in search of his friend Danny.  Will he find him alive? Will he be severely injured? Using "psychic magnetism" Odd leads himself to Danny by thinking of him.  When he finds Danny inside an old, burned up Indian Casino, the tables turn and now Odd is the one being used.  Datura and her two evil minions want to learn how Odd's talent works, and then kill him.  This novel is chocked full of Odd's witty humor and powerful character.

4 1/2 stars
Odd takes up residence at the St. Bartholomew's Abbey to seek peace and quiet.  When a Brother goes missing, Odd is forced to use his gifts once again to save the lives of the everyone at St. Barts.

Side note: Brother Odd is a bit *more* unusual than the previous other two. Just keep an open mind.  It was also one of my favorites in the series!

4 stars
The final novel; A compelling novel that takes us on a journey to the ocean.  To best understand this novel, you must read the first three.  This one is by far the most complex of the series.  It's truly hard to explain how crazy this novel gets.  The overall plot is about Odd using his gifts to prevent his dream from becoming real.  With some more unlikely companions and a new 'ghost' dog at his side, Odd's journey is even more difficult than ever.  This was my least favorite in the series so far and it was still outstanding.  It seemed a little rushed and thrown together, but overall had exactly what I wanted - more of my beloved Oddie.

"This world is a place of wonder, and life is a mysterious enterprise; but nothing in all my years has been more mysterious than Odd Thomas's origins and my compulsion to write about him." -- Dean Koontz  

Books 5, 6 and 7 are due out in 2012-2014 (projected dates).  I am aware that there are some graphic novels out there, but I have no plans of reading them.  I do, however, plan to get my hands on the e-novella the second it becomes available to US readers.  Happy Review Day!

Quick Tip!

Today's Quick Tip of the Day is notes and highlighting.  To add a note or highlight to a book: click menu while the book is open; scroll down using the arrow pad to 'add note or highlight' and click it.  Your Kindle will give you instructions on how to proceed.  Happy note taking and highlighting!

Quick Tip!

Today's Quick Tip is using the dictionary.  To use the dictionary while reading simply use the arrow pad to locate the word on the page, but leave it in front of the word.  The dictionary will pop up! Happy Reading!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kindle and Nook How To: Picking out the perfect case

We all dream of having the perfect Kindle or Nook case for our little device.  Something that protects it from scratches, dents, falls.  Something that holds it tightly.  Something that can stand up on its own so you don't *always* have to hold it.  Something that looks stylish.  The lists can go on and on!  But, it's important to make that list and be picky! This is the perfect time to be as picky as possible.  You want to protect that wonderful new gadget.  When you're choosing a case you have to know what you're looking for, and what size to get.

Things to look for in a hard-case:
  1. Durability - you want a case that can last for years.
  2. Tight hold - you want a case that holds your Kindle or Nook tightly, but not so tight you can't take it off.
  3. Protection - look for a case that not only protects the body of the Kindle or Nook, but the screen as well.  Yes, you can get screen protectors, but that's not what I mean.  You want something that covers the screen without putting something on it.
  4. Style - covers come in just about every color, shape, pattern and can really add an extra personal touch to your Kindle or Nook.  Who wants their Kindle or Nook to look like every other one?
  5. Functionality - look for a case that provides a way to charge your Kindle or Nook while inside the case.
  6. Sound - if you use the 'text-to-speech' function or the 'spoken menus' on your Kindle or Nook, be sure the case allows sound to travel out (i.e. sound vents on the back).
  7. Price - don't overpay for a case just because it has a name brand attached to it.  There are so many amazing cases on Amazon and Etsy for very affordable prices (under $25!!) Also check stores like BestBuy, Target, Staples and Barnes&Noble.  Shop around for the best prices!
  8. Fasteners - many cases are made with magnet closures.  As long as the magnet does not directly touch the Kindle or Nook (cloth barrier is perfect!) then it is okay.  Other options are ribbon straps with buttons or a leather strap.
  9. Book vs Flip - 'book' style cases open like a book whereas flip cases open like a calendar.  Flip cases allow you to hold the case/Kindle with one hand more easily.  Book cases are usually a little more bulky and do not always fold completely back, causing you to hold it with two hands.
  10. Stand vs No Stand - stands are super helpful.  They are little flaps on the back of a case that hold it upright for you.  Hellooo hands free reading!! Be sure to check the reviews, if possible, to make sure people *like* the actual stand. Sometimes they don't sit straight.  Stands are optional.  If you don't think you'll ever *need* one, and the price is cheaper without it, opt for the cheaper case.
For those people who don't really want or need a hard case (which is wayyy better if you ask me) a Roo, neoprene case or sleeve works just as great.  Here is what you should look for:
  1. Protection - you still want a tight fitting case.  Not *as* tight as a hard case, but still close fitting.
  2. Water Proof - since these cases are usually thinner, you want a case that is water proof.  Although most people don't walk around with their Kindle or Nook out in the rain or near water, it's still a good idea.
  3. Fasteners - these sleeves don't always have something to close the top.  It is important to have something that closes the top, whether it is a zipper, a button, magnet, strap with a button or magnet... 
  4. Price - you don't want to spend too much for a sleeve.  Etsy has so many sellers that are willing to make you a custom sleeve for very cheap (under $15).  Amazon will carry a large number of sleeves too.  Also check stores like BestBuy, Target, Staples and Barnes&Noble.
  5. Style - these soft cases come in a large variety of colors and shapes.  Be picky!
  6. Durability - you really want these sleeves to be really well made.  If the stitching isn't tight or comes off in one part, the whole case will eventually come apart.  Cheap prices don't always mean cheap product.  I've seen some very pricey cases fall apart within days.
So, try to keep these lists in mind when picking out the perfect case.  Also, make a list of your own qualifications and rank them from most important to least important.  This will help you decide what qualifications are more important to you, and help you eliminate/narrow down the options.

My case for Kindle 3: JavoEdge Flip case (with stand and sound vents) in "Fleur Flip Case in Blue"  JavoEdge and Amazon typically run sales on their cases.  Keep an eye out for them before purchasing.  I purchased this case for $25.00 with free shipping.

Inside (see how it fits tightly, but still allows me to use all of the functions? I can also charge my Kindle while in the case)  Many of my Kindle friends have purchased this case (in different colors) as well.  We all love this case.  Please consider it if you are searching for a hard-case.

Have a case that you love? Leave a comment with the brand and color!  Happy Hunting everyone!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Freebie Alert!!

POI sent out a list of 28 free Vook ebooks!  No longer vaild! They are all fiction this time (normally just non-fiction and how to)!  Below are a few of the titles I picked up.  They are all fiction, classic novels that also have videos and social media/chat with them.  I haven't ever tried these, so it should be interesting.  The covers of the books look the same because they have very generic pictures for them (since they are reprints). Have you ever used Vook? If so, what'd you think?  I'm excited to try them out!

Note from POI:  Some of the books in this collection have material that will only be available on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, but it appears as though many of these are just fine for the Kindle.
  1. Anna Karenina
  2. Around the World in 80 Days
  3. A Princess of Mars
  4. Peter Pan (Peter and Wendy)

Other authors or titles available: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Walt Witman, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Gulliver's Travels, H.D. Thoreau, Jane Eyre, Frankenstein... There are so many great classics on the list! Go check it out! These freebies only last about 24 hours, based on the past Vook freebies. Pass the word around!! Happy Vook Freebies Day!

Quick Tip!

Today's Quick Tip is password protection! I highly recommend adding a password to your Kindle.  I'm not sure if Nooks or Sony eReaders can do this.  If you know, please tell me so I can add it!  I recently did this because I take my Kindle with me everywhere I go.  It's pretty rare that I leave my apartment without it (except to the grocery store..haha).  Just in case I ever *lose* my Kindle (trust me, the one time I thought someone took it I freaked out really bad.. just ask TinyDreamer.. she was there!) I'd rather people not be able to use it.  I keep a business card with my Kindle for the same reason.  To password protect your Kindle, follow these simple steps: home page -> menu -> settings -> flip to page 2 of settings -> click on add password/turn on -> type in password; save -> home

Now everytime you turn on or take off hold you will be asked to enter the password.  If you are constantly turning your Kindle on hold, you might not like this feature.  I recommend choosing a password that is simple to remember but doesn't take forever to type it.  Something with numbers and capital letters will be more secure, however will also become tedious to type in.  I chose all letters and a simple word that has was randomly chosen from a dictionary.

TinyDreamer told me that iPads have password protection for the whole device (not the Kindle App) too!

Happy Password Protecting!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I received my *replacement* (I hate using that word...) Kindle today.  I named it DragonToo! yay! So excited! Now I have to sift through 273 archived books to decide what I want to put back onto my Kindle. *sigh* It's going to be a longggg night!

On the plus side, it's sooo shiny!! You can tell I *loved* Dragon! very very very much.  The buttons are starting to fade (directional pad, home, menu, back and page turns) from using it so much.  I wonder if I used it *too* much thus making it slow and die? hmm.....

I'm overly ecstatic that I got the replacement so fast, but sad that I had to replace my original.  RIP Dragon! I still love you! (Is it sad that my heart broke again when I had to de-register it?)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Ridiculous Death of Dragon! my first Kindle

My poor Kindle (Dragon!) died.  It was getting super slow for no apparent reason, and then it was almost completely dead, so I hooked it up to the charger.  6 1/2 hours later, it still wasn't charged.  I knew something was wrong when it wouldn't charge anymore.  So I tried restarting it (home - menu - settings - menu - restart).  And then it froze!!! I couldn't get the screen to turn back on, couldn't get it to respond at all, can't get it to charge..nothing worked! (this is where I started freaking out so much that I was shaking...)

So I contacted Amazon (Thank the Lord for 24/7 service!!) and they are shipping me a new Kindle. They said my Kindle is not repairable from my apartment and that a technician will need to fix it... if that's even possible... I literally broke down in tears and felt like something punched me in the heart! It will be here in two days! Two whole days without my Kindle is going to be horrible!! deep breath in, deep breath out... ah!!!!  I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight.  I know I'm being a little too dramatic about it... but honestly this device has changed my life.  I don't know what I'm going to do without it.

On the bright side.. I can now read a paperback novel while I wait to keep my mind off it (which will be next to impossible either way...)!  And the Amazon rep I chatted with (online) was very nice and helped me without treating me like I was stupid.  I really appreciate it when large corporations have good customer service! Thank you Mom for teaching us how to be good customers and what good service is!

Side note: My Mom was a customer service rep for a loooonggg time.  She is now a sales rep. She has clients who come to visit her (even though they no longer directly deal with her) from all over the US and still send her Christmas cards and candies, just because they loved her customer service.  Love you Mom!

The next question is.. do I name the second one Dragon! or something else?!? And if I don't name it Dragon! what do I call it!?!? (stress migraine is starting.....)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick Tip!

Today's Kindle Quick Tip of the Day is clippings.  To clip a passage, use the little square cursor/arrow pad to go down to the first word in the passage.  Next, click the center of the pad and then scroll to the right. When you get to the last word in the passage, click the center again. Voila! Clipped passage! To view all of your clippings, just click on home, then "My Clippings".  Your clippings will appear there with the date added and what it says. These are helpful if you want to remember a certain passage of a novel.  Happy Clipping!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kinde How To: Help! Something's wrong with my Kindle!

Oh no! Something went wrong with my Kindle! I can't figure out why!
For support go here.  For the most common FAQs go here. For some tips to fixing common problems, keep reading!

Side note: These are problems either I or my Kindle Friends have run into.

Problem: Wireless/3G will not turn on
Solution 1: See if your Kindle's battery is low.  If it is less than 1/4 charged, then it will not allow the wireless/3G to be turned on.  Plug in your Kindle and let it charge for a little bit.

Solution 2: Power down, Power up (ha.. sound familiar?).  It is very very important (I've learned the hard way... ugh..) to turn off your Kindle at least once a week.  To turn off your Kindle, slid the 'hold' bar to the right, wait for the light to flash three times (for K3s) and the screen to go blank.  Wait at least 1 minute, then power back on.

Solution 3: Have you changed your wireless password lately? If so, you'll need to change it on your Kindle as well.  To check the wireless, got to the home page.  Click the 'menu' button.  Scroll down to 'settings' and click on it.  Then you will see a bunch of different settings such as registration, device name, wi-fi/3G and device info.  Scroll down  to wi-fi/3G and click 'manage' (it might say 'view' instead).  Simply change your password settings and go back to the home page.  Then try the wireless again.

Problem: My Kindle is running slow!
Solution 1: Power down, power up! Simply turn off your Kindle, wait 1 minute, then turn it back on.  Giving your Kindle a rest is very important!

Solution 2: Check your Kindle's battery.  Is it getting low? If so, it might be time to charge the battery.  Make sure to plug your Kindle into the wall to get the best charge.  Plugging it into your computer or laptop may charge the battery, but will take longer to charge and your Kindle will not hold the charge as long.

Problem: The web/browser is not working, running slowly or is choppy.
Solution 1: Close the browser. Wait a minute or two.  Then reopen the browser.

Solution 2: Disengage (turn off) your wireless or 3G.  Wait until it is completely off (it will say off next to the battery symbol).  Then re-engage the wireless.  Refresh/re-load the browser.

Solution 3: Give it time.  The browser on a Kindle is only in beta form, meaning the *bugs* and *kinks* are not worked out yet.  Just be patient.  If it still doesn't load, try solution 1 or 2.

Problem: Something went wrong when I updated my Kindle or The update didn't work.
Solution 1: Take a deep breath.  If the update caused a problem with your Kindle, it's an easy fix.  Updates process very slowly, so please be patient.  My Kindle took approximately 25 minutes to update.

Solution 2: Go to troubleshooting your update for a complete list of the common problems.  The problems for one person will be different for another.  Be sure you have selected the correct version of Kindle, yes it does matter (Kindle 3, Kindle 2, Kindle DX, Kindle 1).

If you continue to have problems with any of these issues, make sure to go on Amazon's website and check out their help topics for Kindle.  Many problems are caused by a low battery or by not turning off your Kindle (completely) every so often.  Don't charge your Kindle too often, but you should begin charging it when it reaches the last 10-15% of the battery life.  You don't have to turn off your Kindle every day, just make sure to turn it off at least once every two weeks.

Have a different problem than what I listed? If you have a quick fix or other solutions, please leave a comment or email me with *Kindle Problem and Solution* as the subject.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wish List

What are you reading right now? If you haven't started a new book yet, do you have one or two in mind you'd like to start?

I'm reading: The Reincarnationist Series by M.J. Rose (ebook only)

I started a "Kindle Books Wish List" the same day I got a Kindle.  I get so many recommendations from family, friends, magazines, Amazon, etc. that I just add them to the list.  It's kind-of like a second "to read" list. ha.  Which means it'll never get finished!

Anyways, here are some of the books on my list:
  1. What The Night Knows: A Novel by Dean Koontz (PB, HB, AB, EB*)
  2. Chasing the Night by Eve Duncan (PB, HB, AB, EB)
  3. Fly (The Butterfly Trilogy) by O. Destiny
  4. 77 Shadow Street: A Novel by Dean Koontz - preorder only (HB, AB, EB, PB)
  5. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami - preorder only (HB, AB, EB, PB)
  6. Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis (HB, AB, EB, PB)
  7. The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch (HB, EB, AB)
  8. The Girl Who Was on Fire written by several authors (EB, PB)
  9. Don't Say A Word by Barbara Freethy (EB, AB/AC, HB, PB)
  10. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (AB, EB, HB)
  11. Wishful Thinking by Alexandra Bullen (EB, HB)
  12. The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander Series (EB, HB, AB, PB)
  13. Fallen by Lauren Kate (HB, EB, PB, AB)
  14. How to Slay a Dragon by Bill Allen (PB, EB)
  15. Lightning by Dean Koontz (HB, PB, EB, AB)
This is definitely not my full wish list, but you get the gist of it.  Many were personal recommendations from friends.  What's on your wish list?

*PB = paperback HB = hardback/hard cover AB/AC = audio book/audio casset EB = ebook

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"To Read" list

So many people talk about never finishing their 'to-do' lists.  Well.. I never finish my to-read list (or my 'to-do' list.. ha.. noticing a trend..)! I'm always adding new books to my list.  Here are 10 ebooks from that list:

  1. Akward Memories from Actual India
  2. Just Another Day in Paradise
  3. Kindred Spirits
  4. The Reincarnationist Series (currently reading)
  5. Meant to Be (The Saving Angels Book 1)
  6. Memoirs of a Snowflake (Children's/YA)
  7. My Heart Remembers
  8. The Murder at the Vicarage
  9. Throwaway
  10. Always the Baker, Never the Bride
There are a bunch of different genres listed.  Some of them are free or under $1.00.  Check 'em out or ask me if you want to borrow one. Happy Reading!

Unfinishable Craziness

There are a few books that I haven't ever been able to finish, which is really hard for me.  I hate starting a book and then never finishing it.  But.. I have *good* reasons not to finish them... I mean come on.. some of these are just a little ridiculous!

Before anyone gets mad at me for posting this: This is just what I think.  I am not trying to be mean or downgrade these novels/authors.  If you have read them and finished them, let me know what you think. :-)  Also, go read the book descriptions somewhere if you haven't heard of or read these.  That might make this easier to understand.

Side note: I didn't provide author names for a *reason*.  If you truly wish to read one of these novels and want the author's name (except for #2) then please leave a comment or email me asking.

1. Athalus
Let me just say this is an AMAZING book.  It's super long, super detailed and absolutely astounding.  I love this book, but can't finish it!  It was recommended to me by Zach (my boyfriend) and his step-mom Terri.  Funny thing is.. neither of them have finished it either! Towards the end the characters start traveling through doors that spit them out in a different area.. kind of like teleporting through a door.  But it gets super complex! It makes me think of the original Scooby Doo episodes where the gang is running away by going through door after door, only to eventually get confused themselves.  How annoying would that be in real life!? I guess it's like a city filled with one way streets (ahem.. downtown city streets... I. Hate.You!) you can't ever get somewhere simply by taking one street.  So.. door complications aside, this is an amazing novel.(If you do read this/have read this.. and actually finish(ed) it..tell me how it ends!)

2. King Arthur - Merlin's Tale (I forget the full title.. it's been 5 years!)
Another amazing book.  The one I attempted to read was from Merlin's point-of-view.  HUGE HUGE HUGE book.  I think it was 1000 pages long.. if not more! I had to carry it around for three months during high school for an English/writing class... talk about arm and back problems! (sigh) I had bruises from this book on my arms from trying to carry it around! But it was soooooo good.  The bruises were worth it! I couldn't finish it because it was too long and too detailed. And I had reached my max limit for renewal at the library (which since I worked there was 2 months...woops!).

3. A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to be a Woman
So. heavy. Emotionally, I mean.  This book gave me nightmares it was so emotionally upsetting.  I just couldn't handle it.  The pain, tears and suffering those poor women and children go through.. for nothing! Plus.. (no offense to anyone who likes it or to the author) it was a little hard to read.  I just couldn't 'get into' this novel and kept sighing when I'd try to read more of it.  Keeping in mind this is a memoir and non-fiction.. Non-fiction and me don't get along (hello non-fiction book! what's that? you hate my guts before I even tried to read you? ah.. well then.. this should be interesting..)

4. Lord of the Flies
Terrible book.  I think this tops my list for the most unreadable.  It's ridiculously detailed in a way that literally put me to sleep every time I tried to read *any* of it.  And guess what? It was a *required* book in high school.. so I have *finished* it, but barely.  I skipped over sooooo many pages that I didn't *really* finish it.  The characters were alright, but nothing made me want to read it.  Nothing drew me into this novel.  I know.. I know.. it's a 'literary classic.'  But I must have missed something that makes people like this book so much.. maybe.. (Before anyone says I missed the true point of the novel, I really didn't... we went over it in detail in my high school English class.. so no worries.)

5. A Moonlit Night
I finished the chapters 1-3.  That's all I could drag myself through.  I don't normally like vampire novels, but this one was a recommendation based on the Soul Screamers series (which I love).  So why not right? It was free too! Anyways, just became very bored very quickly.  I'm not sure why.  I just couldn't dive in. I might try again later..maybe... possibly... highly doubt it...  It very well could have been my unconscious mind making me hate it because I *knew* it was about vampires.  Hmm.. I don't know.  If you're interested (it went down in stars from 4.1 to 2.6 within 24 hours on Amazon) then I can lend it to you (for Kindles only sorry...).
There may be more to add to this list later on. But for now, this is all I can remember.

Plan on trying any of these? Have a book to recommend? Have you read any of these already? If so, please leave a comment with the title and author.  Happy reading!

Friday, September 16, 2011


People are always asking "what do you like to read" or "who's your favorite author" or "what do you recommend". Well, I'd like to tell you I don't really have a *favorite* anything.  I like certain authors, books, colors, movies, etc. a little bit more than others but, not enough to say it's my favorite.  I do have a list of actual *favorite* books on the right sidebar.

When it comes to books I can't pick just one, ever.  I love so many titles and authors.  Yes, there are a couple that are *go to* authors or titles when I am *craving* a specific genre but that's really it.

So, what's my definition of favorite then? If I can re-use, re-read, etc. without it feeling boring or monotonous then it becomes a favorite.  For example, I have read Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz 12 times and never get bored with it.  Many people just say their favorite is something they like more than others for one reason or another.  For example, they can relate to the main character in a book, or movie, therefore making it more realistic.

Anyways, here is a list of authors, books and ebooks that I have read more than once. Which makes them my *favorites*... kind of... for now.. maybe.. (sigh)

Authors: Dean Koontz, Sarah Dessen, Rachel Vincent

Titles: Odd Thomas, Forever Odd, Soul Screamers Series/My Soul to... (all of them), Reaper, The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, Catching Fire, Dreamland, Someone Like You, The Truth About Forever, Outlander, The Traveler's Gift, Noisy Nora, Knuffle Bunny, Knuffle Bunny Too, Knuffle Bunny Free, Max an Ruby, Don't Let the Pigeon...(all of them), Babar, Golden Books, Curious George

There are so many more, but I can't ever remember them all.  I know I know, that means they aren't my *favorite*.  I dare you to sit down a make a list of all of the places you've traveled to/through. Including the tiny little villages and cities that don't ever show up on maps! aha! see! It's hard isn't it!  I've read so many books that it's hard for me to remember them all! Totally the same thing (eye roll).

Anyways (clears throat) what are your favorites?  See how many you can list (and see how difficult it really is!).

I met a man who kept a typed list of all the novels he has read in his life.  I looked at his stack once, for just one year it was 5 reams of paper. 500 pieces per ream x 5 reams =  2500 pieces of paper with single spaced 10pt font front and back lists of books he's read. (oh. my. gosh.) Let that sink in for a minute.

These are not short novels either, they are the tradition 500ish page long.
He's very good friends with a used book-store owner. He's also the #1 customer there. And people think read too much!

Anyways.. Now that I've posted WAY too much...Happy List Making! And of course, good luck!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kindle How To: Help! I archived/deleted a book and can't get it back!

AH! I deleted a book and can't find it on my Kindle!! What do I do now!?!? *panic sets in* (sound familiar?)  Don't get too scared! We can get it back!!

** Wireless or 3G is required **

Bringing a Kindle book back from the Archives (not the Archives!! ahh!!.. ha.. ahaha.. ha... anyways..)
Step 1: Turn on your Kindle and go to the home page
Step 2: Scroll down using the arrow pad to the 'archived items'
Step 3: Open the Archives by clicking on it.
Step 4:  Find the book you *deleted*
Step 5: Click on it - if your wireless or 3G is off, you will see a message box asking if you want to turn it on.  Make sure you click 'ok' or this will not work.
Step 6: The item will begin downloading back onto your Kindle. Your book is saved!! Now, if you don't click on the home button after it is downloaded, the book will automatically open.  If it was in a collection when you *deleted* it, then it will re-appear back in that collection.

(sigh of relief)  See!! Everything is going to be ok!

Have a book to recommend? Have you read any of these already? If so, please email me or leave a comment with the subject line of *recommendation* or *review* along with the title and author.  Happy reading!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review Day: Novellas/Short Stories

Today's I chose to review some novellas and short stories I have read. I have read all of these as e-books and may not be available in paper form.  Check Amazon to see. (sorry!) They are in no particular order, but I did give each a rating.  I tried to represent many different genres in this list.

1. Darkness Under The Sun (Novella) by Dean Koontz
Horror, Suspense, Murder Mystery, Dealing with Bullies, Fiction
One of the most twisted, scary, and ridiculous novellas/prequel by Koontz ever.  I get chills from how freaked out this novella makes me.  I love Dean Koontz as a writer and he definitely doesn't disappoint in this novella.  Koontz doesn't waste any time with describing his characters or the scenes.  He floods your senses and mind with powerful descriptions, which is one of Koontz's specialties.  One of the main characters is Alton Turner Blackwood.  A drifter who is severely disfigured, because of birth defects, with an extremely pessimistic view of the world.  He befriends a young boy, Howie, who was severely burned by his own Father at the age of 5.  The two create an odd pair, but very intriguing characters.  This is not a novel for the faint-of-heart or for those who dislike horror movies and books.  I give this novella 5 stars for writing but 4 stars for how much I like(d) it.  It keeps you guessing the entire time, but also has chills running up your spin.

2. The Hot Girl's Friend (Flirt! series) by Lisa Scott
Chick-Lit, Comedy, semi-Romance
We all know someone who's the *hot* girl with a best friend who's always got her back.  In this chick-lit short story there are two women in their mid-twenties who are cancer survivors just trying to live life to the fullest potential.  The *hot* girl's best friend is constantly trying to fend off the good-for-nothing men that go after her BFF; however, she in-inadvertently traded her happiness for her friends happiness.  When a cute bartender takes notice of this, will she be able to let herself be happy and live for herself? I'm giving this a  4.5 star rating.  Wonderful short story, can't wait to read the rest of them.

3. Down The Memory Hole by Bonnie Turner
Friendship, Dealing with Alzheimer's, Family, Fiction but Non-Fiction, YA
Sharing a bedroom with anyone is always difficult, but when it is your Grandpa with Alzheimer's it's even harder.  A young boy (Buzz) and his Grandfather share a bedroom for an entire summer.  Buzz thought it was going to ruin his summer, but then the unexpected happens.  Buzz becomes best friends with his Grandfather and doesn't ever want him to leave.   Buzz and his friend try to cure his Grandfather's Alzheimer's by re-creating the tragic accident that killed his Grandfather's brother.  Will it work?  Overall I give this short story 4 stars.

4. Reaper by Rachel Vincent (one of my favorites!!)
Fantasy, semi-Romance,  YA
A great *teaser* to Rachel Vincent's series (Soul Screamers; highly recommend them!).  I wish this one was longer.  Loved this so much! It's a short story about a boy who dies in a car accident, and his brother who *takes his brother's place* in death.  The 2nd brother is the older of the two, and becomes a Reaper (hence the title), and yes this is the traditional Reaper without the clothing.  This short story keeps you begging for more and gives you a new and *fresh* perspective on the "job" of a Reaper. I feel like you almost *have* to read this little short to get the whole back-story to the series; however the series is not about the brothers, but they do play very key roles in the novels. 5 stars for sure.  If I could award it more, I would! Instantly became one of my favorites!

Side Note: Please do not get offended by any of the fantasy themed books, novels, novellas, shorts, etc. that I review and rave about.

5. Countdown: A Joe Ledger Short Prequel Short Story to Patient Zero by Jonathon Maberry
Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
A collection of short intro stories to the actual books.  They are chocked full of mystery, heart pounding suspense and curiosity. The prequel gives you two different stories in one and is worth reading 10 times over.  All I could think during and after I read this prequel was I must read the full stories. If they are anything like the intro shorts, I won't be able to put them down.  This prequel is a *must* read if you are even remotely interested in the series. 5 stars for this collection!

6. Don't Ever Change by John H. Carroll
YA, Murder Mystery, Suspense, YA
When yearbooks come out, what was everyone writing in them? That simple little phrase 'don't ever change' or 'stay the same', or even the abbreviation STS.  But what would happen if you never changed from that day? The short story is about a high school boy who never changed because he was *cursed* by that simple little phrase.  It quickly turns from something innocent into a murder filled novel.  Will the curse ever be lifted allowing him to change?  I'm giving this a 3.5 star review.  The twist to the story was a little too daunting and harsh.

7. The Practice Date: A Novelette by Victorine E. Lieske
Comedy, Romance, YA, Chick-Lit, "Feel-Good"
A story that makes you say "awwwww..." and remember your first high school romance.  Such a sweet little novelette that brings many teen movies to mind.  All about a nerdy boy (Lance) who's out to impress and ask to prom a cheerleader girl (Tiffany) with the help of his childhood neighbor and best friend (Janie).  I'm giving this novelette 4 stars. Very quick read, but very cute.  Made me smile for sure.  So sweet and innocent. Makes you want to go to prom all over again (not).

Have a book to recommend? Have you read any of these already? If so, please email me or leave a comment with the subject line of *recommendation* or *review* along with the title and author.  Before you purchase these, consider Kindle Lending or visiting your local library first.  Don't have a Kindle friend yet? Look no further! I'm one! Happy reading!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kindle How To: Collections/File Folders

One of the best features on a Kindle3 (and some of the K2s) is the ability to sort books into collections.  Collections are like file folders on your PC.  They let you navigate through your Kindle Library quickly and easily. Not sure if you're Kindle can do this? Keep reading or check for updates.

Side note: How to check for updates: Turn on Kindle, go to home, click menu, go to settings wait for it to load, then click menu again, if 'update your Kindle' is in black, click it and update your Kindle.  If it is in gray or can't be selected, your Kindle has the latest updates.

Setting up categories for K2s and 3s is pretty easy, and super helpful! I have eight different categories (Children/YA; Memoirs/Insightful; Mystery/Suspense/Thriller; History/NonFiction; Feel Good/Chick-lit/Romance; Cookbooks; Fantasy/Magic/Supernatural; Apps/Dictionaries).  These are my personal ones, but they may help you come up with names for the different ones you want to create.  Other ideas: favorites, favorite authors, author's name, series titles, school, novellas/short stories... the list can go on and on and on and on and on and on and on... you get the point. : )

Adding a collection/adding books to collections:
Step 1: Pick up Kindle and turn it on.
Step 2: go to 'home' page by clicking the home button (if not already there when turned on)
Step 3: click the 'menu' button (a drop down box should appear on the right side of the screen)
Step 4: using the arrow pad (directional pad it's square on the K3s) scroll down to 'create new collection'
Step 5: click on 'create new collection'
Step 6: give your collection a name (see above for suggestions)
Step 7: SAVE the collection by using the arrow pad to highlight the 'save' button (turns black on the K3s) You will be automatically brought back to the 'home' page, where the new collection should be shown (but not open)
Step 8: To add a book to a collection, use the arrow pad to select the collection
Step 9: If this is a new collection (if not skip to step 13), simply click on the collection name using the arrow pad
Step 10: The collection will say 'no items click to add items to this collection' ... well go ahead and click it
Step 11: A list of the books ON your Kindle will appear.. search through them to find the books you want to add to the collection and click on it.  A little check mark will appear on the RIGHT side if it has been added to the collection
Step 12: Close the collection by hitting the 'done' button at the bottom (using the arrow pad to scroll down until it is highlighted) OR hit the 'home' button again
Step 13: To add a book to an existing collection use the arrow pad to underline/select the collection but do not open the collection!
Step 14: RIGHT click the collection open using the arrow pad.. the full list of books will not appear, just a short list of commands
Step 15: use the arrow pad to select 'add/remove items'
Step 16: repeat steps 11 and 12

All done!  Enjoy using your new collections!  Removing and renaming a collection is super easy too! Continue reading for those steps!

Removing a collection:
Step 1: Turn on Kindle, go to home page (click 'home' button if needed)
Step 2: Use the arrow pad to open the command list of the collection (see steps 13 and 14 above for more help)
Step 3: Use the arrow pad to scroll down to 'delete collection'  This will only delete the collection not the books!  Your collection has now been removed.

Renaming a collection:
Follow the steps above to remove a collection except click on 'rename collection'  Change the name and be sure to save the collection! You can go back to the home page once that is finished by clicking 'home'

I hope this helps!  I will post more 'how to' tutorials in the future! Have a book to recommend? Have you read any of these already? If so, please email me or leave a comment with the subject line of *recommendation* or *review* along with the title and author.  Happy reading!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Review Day: 10 book in 10 minutes

Here's another list of books I have read and my reviews/ratings of them! All of these books can be found in paperback, hardback, audiobook and e-book form.

1. The Hunger Games (Trilogy) by Suzanne Collins
 Overall rating: 5 stars to all three novels
An adventure packed, novel about the power struggle between the 'Capitol' (essentially the government) and the 'Districts' (see a map here).  The main character is a young woman named Katniss and her struggle with the Games.  The Games are a yearly *reminder* from the Capitol that the Districts are not to in-charge.  Every year one female and one male tribute (a 12-18yr old child) from each district are chosen to compete against each other in a fight to the death.  It gets even crazier when the Games is in an unknown area where the terrain and supplies are not only limited up rigged for *entertainment* factors.  The Games is broadcast to each of the District via Television (which is a huge luxury) so they can watch their and root for the tributes.  The tributes get a little help from previous winners as well as sponsors who can give them items throughout the Games to help them win.  Such a thrilling novel.  I started and finished this book within a 24 hour time period because I simply couldn't stop reading it.  Incredible writing, a gripping sense of fear and longing to know the end results pulls to finish this novel.  All three novels are based off the Games and Katniss's life. It may sound a bit daunting and sad, but the blood and gore of the Games is not the main focus, defeating the Capitol is.

2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Overall rating: 4.5 stars
A riveting novel about romance, history and time travel.  This is the first of many novels with miss Claire and her beau Jamie and their crazy adventures.  Claire is through back in time by a grouping of stones that resemble a mini Stonehenge.  When she can't figure out how to get back or even where she is, she befriends a rag-tag group of Irish men.  This novel keeps you intrigued from the very first sentence on.  Why 4.5 stars? Diana Gabaldon's novels are extremely long, but very captivating and worthwhile.

3. A Scattered Life by Karen McQuestion
Overall rating: 4.5 stars
A novel about a young mother(Skyla), her husband and child and their *crazy* neighbors.  The neighbors are a father and mother (Roxy) of children who are always getting into mischief.  When Roxy and Skyla become friends, Skyla's husband and mother-in-law do not approve. When Roxy's life takes a turn for the worst, can Skyla still be there to help her?  Why 4.5 stars? This novel is full of twists and turns that are not even close to what you'd expect.  An intriguing novel that makes you want to read it more and more as the story continues.

4. Deceit by Brandilyn Collins
Overall rating: 5 stars
The story begins with a twist within the first chapter.  A very wealthy man has killed his wife and covered it up so well he even had the city believing he was the real victim.  When the man remarries a second time, he is haunted by dreams of a man named Bartholomew.  Skip over to a different side: A young woman, skip tracer and former best friend of the miss Joanne Weeks (the wealthy man's deceased wife) is not falling for the coverup story.  She begins tracking him when the man's second wife turns up dead after a very short amount of time, but can she find the information she needs to prove his guilt? Why 5 stars? A thrilling mystery novel that is a serious page turner.  Well written characters and an intricate plot keep this novel moving, and quickly.

5. From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz
Overall rating: 5 stars (if I could give it more.. I would!)
Another mystery novel from the master himself, Dean Koontz.  He creates a picture of a creepy, devilish character who kills his own wife just for the money (Junior Cain) and then blames/sues the state of Oregon for her death.  The only man who can stop him is someone named Bartholomew.  But which one? Junior Cain goes on a killing streak and kills anyone named Bartholomew to prevent the truth from coming out.  But little does Junior know, Bartholomew is only a baby.  Why 5+ stars? Another outstanding novel by a best selling author.  This story has so many different characters, sides and pieces that it keeps you wondering and confused about the outcome until the very last chapter.  The characters are so captivating it's hard to say no to this novel.

6. Room by Emma Donoghue
Overall rating: 3.5 stars
Written from the viewpoint of a five year old child, this is a story about a young girl who was abducted and forced to live in one room by herself, where her captor forces her to get pregnant.  When she gives birth to a  son, she forms a life for the two inside 'room' with the minimal amount of resources their captor provides.  Will she be able to keep this up forever or should she escape?  Why 3.5 stars? I loved this novel, but at times it was hard to read because it was coming from the viewpoint of such a young child.  The author did an impeccable job of making you believe a five year old wrote this book.  The plot is rivoting and exciting up until the last two chapters, where it slows down dramatically and can get a little dull.  The ending lacks the intensity the rest of the novel carries, but leaves you wondering what will happen.

7. Just as I am (Just as I am Series #1) by Virginia Smith
Overall rating: 4 stars
A christian novel about a 22 year old young woman, Myla, trying to find her way to happiness when she seeks out God.  She was a rebel girl who dressed provocatively and swore all the time.  She turns her life around completely when she accepts God into her heart, but will that be enough for her to leave her former life?  She struggles to accept her new life at first, but soon finds it even easier and begins patching relationships with her family.  Can she keep God in her heart, still be her *new* self without actually losing herself? Myla has a long journey ahead of her.  With the help of her family, a new friend and her co-worker Myla learns how to have a real relationship with God. Why 4 stars? The characters are so vivid they jump off the pages.  The story keeps you guessing until the very end and always has you wanting more.

8. Hide in Plain Sight by Marta Perry
Overall rating: 4 stars
A story of romance, decisions, faith, trust, mystery and family.  This is the story about a city loving girl, Andrea, who worked hard to get to where she is now.  When she receives a phone call saying her sister Rachel was in a bad car accident, she must leave behind all she has worked for to help her sister and Grandmother open and run their inn.  When she arrives to at her former home, a mansion in a quiet Amish town, she meets a young man who just wanted to escape his old life.  Can Andrea learn to trust this man? Will she go back to the city or stay?  With the locals split about opening another 'tourist' attraction in town, strange events start occurring.  Can the inn ever open?  Why 4 stars? With a new twist in every chapter, this story takes you on a journey of 'what if' situations.  It paints a picture so vivid you can practically smell the flowers and hear the people talking to you.  The only down side is the trouble never seems to end for this little family.  I wanted so much to just jump into the novel and fix it myself, but of course I can't.

9. Awakening: Dead Forever Book 1 by William Campbell
Overall rating: 4 stars
A new take on what happens to your spirit when you die, and why humans are the way we are.  I don't want to give away much more than that, because any information is just a giant spoiler for this novel.  The new ideas are so interesting that it makes you wonder if this could ever be real. Why 4 stars? It doesn't score a perfect 5 stars because the writing was a little difficult at times.  There were paragraphs that didn't seem to make sense because they were so wordy.

10. Sweet Dream Silver Screen by Moxie Mezcal
Overall rating: 3 stars
When your twin is in trouble, you just know, even if you haven't talked for years.  But when you can't find her to help her, what do you do? Would you search a country you've never been to for her or just leave her alone?  This is the story of one twin's journey to find the other.  Why 3 stars? The plot is amazing, I just didn't like the ending.  Plain and simple, it was pretty boring at the end.  The lead up was so involved and crazy that I couldn't wait to know what happened... but was left a little disappointed and bored.

Please consider Kindle Lending or visiting your local library before you purchase these books.  Don't have a Kindle friend yet? Consider me one. :)  Have a book to recommend? Have you read any of these already? If so, please email me or leave a comment with the subject line of *recommendation* or *review* along with the title and author.  Happy reading!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kindle How To: Lending

Kindle Lending is an amazing thing! You can share books with your other Kindle friends (apps included) and they can share with you! If you don't have any Kindle friends yet.. then look no further! I am one! :)  The lending process is pretty easy, but does require, wireless/3G turned on (enabled) and your email/friend's email.

For more in-depth information and important FAQ answers read this at Amazon.  It's very important to know the details of the loaning process(such as how long a book can be *checked out* to your friends/to you), so you and your friend can read happily. :)

Please note this is the instructions for the Kindle 3 and 2 only (Keyboard).
Lending a book to someone:
Step 1: Go to Amazon
Step 2: Go to 'Kindle' on the left side and select 'manage your Kindle'
Step 3: Locate the book you wish to loan
Step 4: On the right side of the screen there should be an 'action' bar with a down arrow; click the down arrow and select 'loan this title' (if 'loan this title' is not on the command list, this book is not able to be loaned out.. sorry)
Step 5: Fill in the information and click send; your book is now loaned.

Receiving a book loan:
Step 1: Log into the email you gave to your Kindle friend
Step 2: Inside your 'inbox' should be a loan request from your friend
Step 3: Open the email, and accept the loan
Step 4: Turn on your Kindle; Go to the home page and turn on your wireless or 3G (use the 'menu' do to so)
Step 5: The loan should automatically download onto your Kindle once the wireless/3G is on.
Step 6: Read your loaned book (don't forget to turn off your wireless or 3G to save battery life!)

Returning a loaned book:
Step 1: Remove the book from your Kindle (right click the item using the arrow pad, click remove/delete item)
Step 2: Go to Amazon ; Kindle - Manage Kindle
Step 3: Locate the book you have been loaned
Step 4: Using the drop down arrow on the right side of the screen, click 'return loan'
Step 5: A receipt of return will be sent to the email attached to the loan, as well as to your Kindle next time you turn on the wireless/3G

Voila! It's returned! No need to even leave your home to borrow books (although I highly encourage you to visit your public library still)!

Hope this helps! Have more questions about loaning? Go here or here. Happy Loaning! Have a book to recommend or want to *check-out* a book from me? Post a comment or contact me with *recommendation* or *Kindle Lending* as the subject.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pixel-Of-Ink Update!

There's a new website for Pixel-Of-Ink Young Edition. POI-YE features books for children and teens. Check my sidebar for the link.  Don't forget to subscribe to their daily emails to see the best deals and freebies on e-books!

Book Apparel, Accessories and More!

So this post is a little different than my *typical* ones.  I thought it would be a good change of pace. I love trying to find cute t-shirts, earrings, necklaces, etc. that are book/library related.  You'd be surprised how many items out there are fun and cheap!  Let me know if you like this post, and I'll try to do more or similar ones. :)

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, baby clothing: Threadless is a great place to look (trying typing 'book' into the search box on their site). The prices range from $10-$20 for a t-shirt. They periodically have $10 shirts plus free shipping days too, so be sure to subscribe to their emails! Here are a few of my favorites!  These are all done by artists that Threadless sponsors.  I do not own any of these pictures.

1. Storytellers - Many sizes are available for women and men! yay!
 2. The Best Channel since 1465 - Available in women and men sizes!
 3. A Voyage of Discovery - Available in women and men sizes!

Over on Etsy (a handmade, craft online shop) you can find a huge variety of *book* related apparel and jewelry! Love it!  Here are a few to get you started! I promise they are only a *little* cheesy...*eye roll* (Sorry.. no pictures posted here; click the links instead!)

1. Vintage Dewy Decimal Earrings
2. Book Stack Necklace
3. Careful, or you'll wind up in my Novel... Necklace
4. Reader's Locket
5. Dictionary Definition Necklace/Charm
6. Book Lover shirt
7. Vintage Books only shirt
8. Jane Eyre Book Purse
9. Skakespeare Book Purse

The list could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on... you get my point.

Need to decorate your office, personal library, bedroom, reading corner, bathroom...pretty much any room...? Search for vintage book pages to see some really awesome *book page* art (paintings, garland.. not just the kind for your Christmas tree, wall accessories, bouquets/flowers, ribbons... so many options)!!

Don't forget to outfit your Kindle, Nook, iPad or other e-readers with a totally awesome and functional cover!  Here is a list of my absolute favorites on Etsy! My list is catered towards women, sorry boys.. you'll have to do some searching on the site. You can never have too many e-reader covers (just like shoes.. and purses.. and books.. )!  For more styles, patterns, sizes, shapes, etc. search for (insert name of your e-reader) covers on Etsy.

Also try BorsaBella designs! They have soo many different cases, purses, holders...etc. for e-readers, laptops, iPads.  Such a great site!

Can you tell I *love* Etsy yet? Ask TinyDreamer how much I love it.. She'll tell you I'm slightly *obsessed* with it.. but I think she is too!

Side note: Don't forget to check around the shops on Etsy that sell these items.  They sell other *book* related items too! Especially the book purses, there are sooo many different covers and styles! I had a book purse made for me out of a Baking and Pastry book (I'm a pastry chef too... O.o)!

Happy hunting! Have something to recommend? Please leave a comment or email me with *recommendation* as the subject!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

POI plus Children's Freebies Galore!

Today I found a very large amount (over 18,000!!) of children's book freebies here that are not only new books, but the old classics that everyone cherishes (hello Beatrix Potter!).  I also *purchased* a few books from POI  today!

Side note: I recommend using the PC, MAC or iPad free Kindle apps for the Children's books with a large amount of pictures.  One of the down falls of a Kindle (as well as many e-readers) is the lack of color.

The Hot Girl's Friend

POI-Young Edition:  free or discounted again today!
Stick Dog Wants a Hamburger
The Magician's Elephant (I really want this book, but haven't purchased it yet.  I plan to on friday!)
Haunting at Heidelburg Mansion

Children's Freebies (not listed on POI.YE)
The Secret Garden
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Wind in the Willows
A Collection of Beatrix Potter Stories
Memoirs of a Snowflake
The Snow Owl
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
The Tale of Flopsy Bunnies

Have a book to recommend? Have you read any of these already? If so, please email me or leave a comment with the subject line of *recommendation* or *review* along with the title and author.  Happy reading!

Kindle How To: Downloading ebooks onto your Kindle

So you purchased a book online and don't know how to get it from your PC to your Kindle?  Have no fear! It's easy and not nearly as scary as it sounds,

From Amazon/Website to your Kindle:

Step 1: Turn on your Kindle, go to the home page
Step 2: Click the 'menu' button
Step 3: Turn on your wireless/3G (wait for it to fully turn on, there should be a four signal bars next to the battery symbol; when they are darkened, your wireless has turned on)
Step 4: Click 'menu' again to close the box
Step 5: Let the items download (a little loading bar will appear at the top of the screen, item will appear on the home page); if they do not start downloading within the first two minutes of turning on your wireless please visit Amazon to troubleshoot the problem (go to Kindle, manage Kindle, either Kindle Help Home on left side of screen or Kindle Support up on the right side under the cart and wish list buttons)

From email to your Kindle: (Go slow with this one)

If you received a Kindle Gift, click here to see the steps in accepting it.

* Make sure the ebook is supported by your Kindle.  If the ebook file has .mobi or .azw - the file will download very easily.  If the ebook is an ePub or .pdf or .drm file, your Kindle will not support the ebook as is - conversion software can be found through Google. *

Step 1: Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cord (it should automatically turn on)
Step 2: Log in to your email
Step 3: Open the email with the Kindle ebook attached.
Step 4: Download the ebook to your computer by clicking on the attachment or clicking "download"
Step 5: Once the ebook downloads, save it to a file that is easy to find - write down which file you save it under or remember where you saved it.
Step 6: Locate the place you saved the ebook to.  Right click the ebook title, and COPY the file.  Do not paste until later!
Step 7: Now go to: Start - My Computer - Kindle (should show up as a removable storage device)
Step 8: Double click on the Kindle device to open them.  You will see at least 4 folders. OPEN the folder labeled documents NOT active content!
Step 9: PASTE the ebook file into the documents folder.
Step 10: (While your Kindle is plugged into your computer) Go to the lower left corner (by the clock) of your computer's screen.  You will need to "eject" the device from your computer.  There should be an icon that looks like a little green arrow pointing out/down. CLICK it and select "safely remove USB mass storage device"
Step 11: Your ebook should appear on your Kindle's home screen.  If it is not there - carefully go through the steps again to see if you followed them each exactly OR contact me and I'll help you fix it.

See!  That wasn't so bad!  Now wireless and 3G will drain the battery on your Kindle faster.  Keep it turned off to save battery life and only turn it on when needed.  Hope this helps!

Happy Downloading!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review Day: 5 books in 5 minutes!

These are the last five books I have read and a review/rating of each.  I did not pay for any of these books, they were free ebooks from Amazon/features on POI; however, I don't believe they are all still free.  If you want to borrow one via Kindle Lending, please contact me. :)  I've been on a YA kick lately, so sorry for all the YA books.

1. How to Dump Your Boyfriend in the Men's Room

Overall rating: 4 stars
This is a collection of short stories.  Each story is a plot of two or three different female characters and their crazy experiences.  Each story leaves you wanting more, but sadly there isn't more.. yet.  The author explains a bit about writing each story before the chapter of each one begins, which is actually really interesting.  If you're looking for something to cheer you up but isn't super long, try this out.  I must say there are quite a few stories inside this collection so don't expect to be done with the whole collection too fast.  It's labeled as 'chick-lit' but who cares? It's hilarious! And who says 'chick-lit' has to be sappy and boring? I laughed so many times throughout the collection.  This collection is light hearted, hilarious, 'chick-lit', fixes PMS and gives you so many different stories.  I love all of the characters, but Amber was my favorite.  Why only 4 stars? Sometimes I wish the stories were longer, even though I knew they were supposed to be short.

2. Blade Silver: Color Me Scared

Overall rating:  4 stars
This is a story about a young girl who's battling an addiction: cutting.  This is the 7th novel in the series, which I didn't realize until *after* I read it. (sigh) But it didn't seem to matter.  The novel takes you on a journey through Ruth Wallace's life of high school, family drama and boyfriends.  It's a typical YA novel, until you learn she's a cutter and she's dealing with a mother who is in a medicine coma, a father who's abusive and a brother who just doesn't care.  This is a gripping novel that is also hard to stomach at times, because of the intensity of the situation.  Why 4 stars? I loved this novel, just had a hard time reading it when I realized all of the horrible things going on.

3. Fall Girl

Overall rating:  5 stars
Annabell has a brother with bipolar disorder.  Her brother tries to hide his bipolar disorder from everyone, but he doesn't make it easy.  He's constantly getting into trouble, which Annabell cleans up.  This novel is a intriguing inside story of the struggles of dealing with siblings with disorders, and the affects it has on everyone.  This YA novel keeps you interested from the first chapter on.  It was very difficult to put it down! It had me laughing, feeling sympathetic and intrigued.  Why 5 stars? The writing was very descriptive and amazing.  The characters are easy to connect with and love.  This is a great novel for anyone.

4. Hello Kitty Must Die

Overall rating: 3 stars
An interesting novel to say the least.  It was hard for me to follow and enjoy.  This is a novel about a Asian-American young woman named Fiona who is incredibly successful, but not married, with very old-fashioned parents.  She has a very pessimistic and dark way of viewing the world.  Then she teams up with an old high school male friend, whom she falls in love with because of his love for murdering young 'Hello Kitties' and men.  Hello Kitties are Asian-American girls who are always smiling, courteous, quiet and do whatever it takes to please people (according to the novel).  Why 3 stars? After I got over how ridiculously annoying Fiona's parents were, Fiona's male friend took over for the spot of annoying.  I couldn't stand how nobody seemed to listen to anyone, and murder was committed way too often and overlooked by everyone including Fiona (a lawyer!).

5. The Outsider: A Novel

Overall rating: 4 stars
A novel about Shakers from the early 1830s and a new look on old ways.  I've never read a novel that did such a good job of detailing religion, war and romance from the 1800s all at once until this one.  It was a great novel that gives the reader a look into what it was like to live as a Shaker in the 1830s.  Gabrielle was born 'of the world' and then took up the Shaker religion with her Mother when she was very young.  She was the most devout of the believers for her age (I'm guessing around 16-18), until she met a doctor that made her believe that love is not only real, but what is meant to be.  She has a hard time deciding whether or not she belongs with the 'Believers' or to leave her comfort zone for the man she loves.  Why 4 stars?  Such a good novel that I had a hard time putting down.  The writing is excellent, however the plot moves very slow towards the end making me want to skip over chapters that were important.

Have a book to recommend? Have you read any of these already? If so, please email me or leave a comment with the subject line of *recommendation* or *review* along with the title and author.  Happy reading!