Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Ridiculous Death of Dragon! my first Kindle

My poor Kindle (Dragon!) died.  It was getting super slow for no apparent reason, and then it was almost completely dead, so I hooked it up to the charger.  6 1/2 hours later, it still wasn't charged.  I knew something was wrong when it wouldn't charge anymore.  So I tried restarting it (home - menu - settings - menu - restart).  And then it froze!!! I couldn't get the screen to turn back on, couldn't get it to respond at all, can't get it to charge..nothing worked! (this is where I started freaking out so much that I was shaking...)

So I contacted Amazon (Thank the Lord for 24/7 service!!) and they are shipping me a new Kindle. They said my Kindle is not repairable from my apartment and that a technician will need to fix it... if that's even possible... I literally broke down in tears and felt like something punched me in the heart! It will be here in two days! Two whole days without my Kindle is going to be horrible!! deep breath in, deep breath out... ah!!!!  I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight.  I know I'm being a little too dramatic about it... but honestly this device has changed my life.  I don't know what I'm going to do without it.

On the bright side.. I can now read a paperback novel while I wait to keep my mind off it (which will be next to impossible either way...)!  And the Amazon rep I chatted with (online) was very nice and helped me without treating me like I was stupid.  I really appreciate it when large corporations have good customer service! Thank you Mom for teaching us how to be good customers and what good service is!

Side note: My Mom was a customer service rep for a loooonggg time.  She is now a sales rep. She has clients who come to visit her (even though they no longer directly deal with her) from all over the US and still send her Christmas cards and candies, just because they loved her customer service.  Love you Mom!

The next question is.. do I name the second one Dragon! or something else?!? And if I don't name it Dragon! what do I call it!?!? (stress migraine is starting.....)


TinyDreamer said...

R.I.P Dragon! Will you be naming the new kindle the same thing or will it be lucky enough to have it's own original name?

HilyBee said...

haha.. I don't know yet.. I haven't decided. What do you think?