Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review Day: All Paper, All Odd

It's review day!!

This time, I chose to go *all paper, all Odd*, meaning every single one of these books I have only read in paper form.  You can get these in Kindle/ebook editions too, but I only own the paper-editions.  I bet you're wondering "what about the all Odd part?!?"  Read the titles.. notice anything....Odd?

This is a series by Dean Koontz.  The most popular series out of all of his books.  I put them in order based on the series, rated the series as a whole then each book.  I love these novels, and can't read them enough.

I have gone through 6 paperback copies of Odd Thomas.  One was courtesy of my dog eating it.  Sounds lame, but that really did happen.  I even still have it because he only ate the cover and intro pages.  I guess he likes them too!  He only seems to eat my *favorite* books.
4 1/2 stars for the series
Thriller, Mystery, Paranormal, Suspense, Fiction, Fantasy
*Be warned, some spoilers are contained below.  I used parts of the novels to describe them.*

Odd Thomas (Odd Thomas Novels) by Dean Koontz
5 stars (I wish I could give it more!  My absolute favorite book in the series.)

The first and by far my favorite in the series.  A man, named Odd Thomas (his first name is Odd, last Thomas) can see spirits of people who have died.  They appear to be completely real to him, but nobody else (as far as he knows) can see them.  These spirits come to him and seek his help.  The fist spirit introduced is a little girl named Penny who was murdered.  Odd can also tell when a brutal murder is about to take place.  The forms he calls 'bodachs' appear wherever there will be large amounts of blood shed. He is a young man, around 20, who just wants to grow up and marry the woman he loves, Stormy.  When the mall Stormy works at becomes filled with bodachs on a regular basis, Odd gets nervous and tries to prevent the attacks from happening.  Will he be successful?

5 stars
When Odd is awakened at night by the spirit of Dr. Jessup, the father of his friend Danny, Odd fears the worst.  Danny has brittle bones disease.  When Odd reaches the Jessup mansion, he can only find the body of Dr. Jessup.  Odd goes in search of his friend Danny.  Will he find him alive? Will he be severely injured? Using "psychic magnetism" Odd leads himself to Danny by thinking of him.  When he finds Danny inside an old, burned up Indian Casino, the tables turn and now Odd is the one being used.  Datura and her two evil minions want to learn how Odd's talent works, and then kill him.  This novel is chocked full of Odd's witty humor and powerful character.

4 1/2 stars
Odd takes up residence at the St. Bartholomew's Abbey to seek peace and quiet.  When a Brother goes missing, Odd is forced to use his gifts once again to save the lives of the everyone at St. Barts.

Side note: Brother Odd is a bit *more* unusual than the previous other two. Just keep an open mind.  It was also one of my favorites in the series!

4 stars
The final novel; A compelling novel that takes us on a journey to the ocean.  To best understand this novel, you must read the first three.  This one is by far the most complex of the series.  It's truly hard to explain how crazy this novel gets.  The overall plot is about Odd using his gifts to prevent his dream from becoming real.  With some more unlikely companions and a new 'ghost' dog at his side, Odd's journey is even more difficult than ever.  This was my least favorite in the series so far and it was still outstanding.  It seemed a little rushed and thrown together, but overall had exactly what I wanted - more of my beloved Oddie.

"This world is a place of wonder, and life is a mysterious enterprise; but nothing in all my years has been more mysterious than Odd Thomas's origins and my compulsion to write about him." -- Dean Koontz  

Books 5, 6 and 7 are due out in 2012-2014 (projected dates).  I am aware that there are some graphic novels out there, but I have no plans of reading them.  I do, however, plan to get my hands on the e-novella the second it becomes available to US readers.  Happy Review Day!

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