Author Interviews/ANSA

Author Interview/ANSA Information
(revised on 9/23/2012)

If you or someone you know are an author/writer and would like to be considered for an interview on Novel d'Tales, here is what you have to do to qualify...
  1. Be an author, writer or poet.
  2. Use social media to market yourself or your novels.
  3. Be willing to communicate with me through email for an interview.
  1. Do you have to be published?
    • No. As long as your book/ebook/poem/script is coming out within the next year.
  2. Do you have to use Twitter and Facebook?
    • No. Any type of social media.
  3. What if I change my mind and don't want to have the interview after I already sent in the response? Can I take it back?
    • As long as I have not published the post yet, yes.  If the post has gone 'live' on my blog, it has been seen so taking it down will not help much.  But I am open to discussing this if needed.
  4.  What if my book/ebook isn't out yet, can I still be interviewed?
    • Yes!  These interviews are great fun because it helps the readers get to know you before the book/ebook is even out.  Then they will be anticipating its arrival!
  5.  I was nominated for an interview... now what?
    • If I have not contacted you within three days... chances are I haven't seen the nominations.  Please contact me through email: eehsiuqs(at)gmail  and correct my intelligent failure!
  6.  How do I contact you to talk more about an interview?
    • All of my contact information is under the "contact me" tab.  Click here to be taken there.
  7. How far in advance do I need to contact you for an interview?
    • At least two weeks.
  8. Do I have to be an Indie or Self-Published author?
    • No.
  9. Can I see a sample of the interviews?
    • Check out the ANSA posts.  If you still don't have a clear picture of what it is I'm writing, please just ask. 
  10. I've already committed to a date, but now I'm not sure if I have the time to fill out the questions.  What can we do?
    • Option 1: Cut back on the questions and do a super short interview. 
    • Option 2: We can reschedule the interview for a later date.  
    • Option 3: We can remain in contact and when you feel like your schedule isn't as busy, you can contact me and we can reschedule.  
    • Option 4: Choose a different type of post where I talk more about your books (such as a spotlight/blog tour type of post).
    • The interview should only take about 10-15 minutes to fill out.  Please don't stress out over answering my interview questions.  I know you're very busy!
  11. Why did you discontinue the ANSA (Authors-Not-So-Anonymous) name/weekly post?
    • Simply because the number of interested authors and readers declined drastically.
How It Works
  • Either an author is nominated, I find them, or they come to me.
  • I'll send you an email with an invite to do an interview and the interview questions.
  • The author(s) will have 2 weeks to give me a "yes I'll participate" or a "no thank-you"
  • If yes, you will have 3-4 weeks to return the questions with your responses to me.
  • I will send you a proposed date for the post to be published on (always a Wednesday) and a preview of the post.  Authors are free edit the post.
  • The post goes live and I'll tweet or Facebook a link to the participating author(s).
Contacting through Email

Typically, I send one email with all the interview info (questions) and the author and I converse in a separate email, to avoid confusion.  If I do not hear any type of confirmation back from the author, within one week of emailing the questions, I will send out a second email to see if they received the first email and have made a decision concerning their participation in the interview.  If I still do not hear back from the author, I will contact the author again, through Twitter or Facebook.  If I still do not hear back from the author, they will be removed from that interview date and given an opportunity to sign up for a later interview date.

Have a question I didn't answer here?  Shoot me an email, leave a comment on my Facebook wall or Tweet me and I will answer you as soon as possible.  My contact information is located on the top of the page under "contact me."  I look forward to chatting with you!


Stephanie Lennox said...

I'd love to be interviewed by you, Hil, and I hope you choose me to fill one of those dates! :)

HilyBee said...

Definitely Steph! :D