Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And the winner is....!!!

The winner of the ebook giveaway is....

Daniel L.!!!!!!


I have contacted the winner and he has three days to respond.  If I do not hear back from the him by then, I will choose a new winner.  The winner was chosen by Rafflecopter.  Thank you to everyone who has participated! Stay tuned for more giveaways very soon!

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Experience: Book Buying Ban

I decided to put myself on a book buying ban for the month of January to help kick off the TBR challenge.  Let me tell you, this was NOT easy.  I didn't just cut myself off from actual money purchases, but borrowing, loaning and even getting free ebooks.  I know... I know... I'm insane for taking on so much at once. But you know what.. I. LOVED. it.

The challenge really showed me that I don't need to buy ebooks every single day just because they are free.  That it is okay to just read what I already have... AND it showed me that I have a HUGE collection.  When I say huge... I mean gigantic!!  I have over 400 Kindle ebooks!!! Time to joins "eBooks Anonymous" right? heh. I already have...

Second best part about this challenge? I got SO much done this month! I spent WAY more time search other sites and writing and creating and studying and reading and playing fetch with Cazic my dachshund and enjoying my time...instead of sifting through the daily freebies.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE searching for great ebook deals and freebies.  I just think I'm going to dial it back a bit now.

My advice to anyone who decides to try this challenge:
  1. Stick with your ban. Don't give up just because you saw a good deal.  The deal will come back around at some point in time.
  2. Create wish lists and abuse them.  I created TWO three new wish lists. One for ebooks I knew I wanted, and one for ebooks I *might want but just sounded good because I know I can't buy it*.  heh. annddd one for ebook recommendations.
  3. Go for a ban of everything - including free books/ebooks, purchasing for other people, everything.  Don't just say "I won't spend money on more books." Simply don't buy any books.
  4. Become friends with your local library or Kindle users! Don't have a large selection at home or on your Kindle? Make friends with someone else who has a Kindle in your country OR start visiting your local library more often.
Buying bans are a great way to show you how much you really are spending on something in one month.  Give it a shot! Let me know if you do! I'd love to hear how it goes. Happy Second to Last Day of January 2012!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Book 2 Released Today!!

If you are looking for a great MG ebook for your children or for yourself... look no further!! Here are two ebooks written by authors M.A. Leslie!  Today is the release of book two in the Tristen Series!

$2.99 Kindle edition

(Book Description from Amazon)
Eleven-year-old Tristen Parker's whole life is changing faster then he can keep up with. Within a matter of months his father was deployed overseas with the military and his mother moved him out of his beloved city and to the small town she grew up in. If those changes weren't enough, he had one other major one that came with them, he just found out he is a magical druid.

After discovering his abilities in a hidden magic shop, behind an alley, his life goes on a whirlwind of spell casting and potion brewing. Unfortunately, all of the magic in the world can't help if you’re being picked on, unless you use it.

With the help of the shop owner, Tristen casts a spell to stop the bullies that were picking on him, but he soon realizes it may have been a mistake. Will he be able to stop the curse that he started or will it spread through his school like a virus before he can get it under control?

$2.99 Kindle edition

  Book 2 was just released on January 28, 2012!!
(Book description from Amazon)
After becoming a druid, Tristen thought he could handle anything. He had his magic and his best friend Brody. What else could a boy need?

When the St Patrick’s Day festival comes around, he finds that life isn’t as certain as he thought. New Shannon is in party mode and just about every imaginable fun event is taking place.

However, as the festival progresses a strange sound echoes through the wind. At first he thinks nothing of it, but as the days go by and noise gets louder, he begins to worry.

Again, Tristen realizes it is up to him to find out the source and stop the evil that is encasing his town.

  M.A. Leslie have also written  The Missing and LIBERTY, YA novels.  Stop by M.A. Leslie's blog for more information about them and their books! Happy Book Release Day!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kindle How To: Let it sleep!

Kindles need rest just like any other devices, but the *type* of rest varies based on how much use it gets.  What are the types of rest you ask?  Hold/Sleep mode and turning it off.  Everyone has differing opinions on this subject, but this is what I have found and what Amazon CS has told me.

Treat your Kindle like a desktop computer.  You don't want to turn it off and on all the time if you are constantly using it.  By turning it off and on you will cause your Kindle to get slower and it could even die!! However, if you don't turn your Kindle off at least once or twice a week, it can also slow it down and cause it to die.  Such a fine line to walk that you have to be careful.  Below are the two different types of use, and how to decide when to turn it off or when to use hold/sleep mode.

Sleep vs. Off
Sleep will have a picture or advertisement; Off will have a blank screen.

People who use their Kindle for everything or more than casual use (40+ hours a week):
  • Make sure you turn your Kindle on hold during the day, but turn it off at night.
  • Restart your Kindle if you notice it acting up or getting slower.
  • If your Kindle is still acting up at all after you restart it, and you are still under warranty, contact Amazon to get a replacement.
People who use their Kindle casually (under 40 hours a week):
  •  You can leave your Kindle on hold/sleep mode all night, but be sure to turn it off completely at least once a week.
  • Restart your Kindle if you notice it acting up when it has full battery.
  • Hold/Sleep mode is great for majority of your use.
I've had issues with my Kindle in the past and found all of the things above to be true.  It really does depend on how much you use your device.  If you have anything to add to this list, or have found something different, feel free to leave me a comment.  Have a question or did I confuse you? Just ask in the comments! I'd love to hear what everyone else has experienced! Happy Reading!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Authors Not-So-Anonymous Week #3

Welcome everyone to the third Authors Not-So-Anonymous weekly meeting!! This weekly series is about authors from Twitter and Facebook!  This week, I would like to introduce CM Keller  into Authors Not-So-Anonymous!

CM Keller lives in Tennessee.  She began writing at the age of twelve - "I dragged a typewriter up into the attic to write. The moment I saw my words printed on a page, I was hooked. Although, part of the emotional charge I got that day may have come from the lightning bolt that struck a tree next to the window where I was typing."  She has self-published a YA novel, Screwing Up Time, and is writing a sequel to be released this year.

Enter to win a copy of Screwing Up Time here! One lucky person will be selected on February 2, 2012! Closed

Mark Montgomery is a slacker content with his life. He’s a senior at New Haven Prep, has a great friend, and after graduation he’ll get a brand new sports car from his parents, assuming he stays out of trouble. Then, she comes into his life—Miranda with her I-just-escaped-from-a-Renaissance-Fair clothing. Only, she hasn’t. She has come from Bodiam Castle in the Middle Ages and demands a secret ingredient and a book of recipes for traveling through the treacherous colors of time. Although Mark has never even heard of either before, he must find them, or Miranda will die. To save her, Mark must break into a psych hospital to visit his grandfather who once tried to kill him, pass through the colors of time, take on a medieval alchemist, prevent Miranda’s marriage to a two-timing baron, and keep it all hidden from his parents. The sports car is definitely in trouble.

A Screwing Up Time short story will be available this spring!

"I don’t wait until I’m inspired or I’d get nothing written—I’d much rather eat chocolate and read. But my computer background is a Jack London quote, which says, 'You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.' "  Why wait for inspiration to come when you can make your own?  Very, well...inspiring. heh.  

One of the things (shown left) that inspired CM Keller's plot in Screwing Up Time was her poison ring! How awesome it that! Go read about it here.

Some of CM Keller's favorite authors are - Jane Austen, Jasper Fforde, and Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl is her favorite character!).  "I think it would be easier to pick a favorite star in the sky" - Choosing a favorite author or novel is so difficult!

Stop by and say hello to CM Keller on her blog or TwitterHave an author to nominate?  Send me a message via Twitter or leave a comment with the author(s) name and Twitter name.  I'd love to add new members!  Happy Authors Not-So-Anonymous Week 3!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

How would you like to.... ?

...win an ebook copy of Screwing Up Time by CM Keller!?

 Welcome to my FIRST blog giveaway!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me reach 50 followers!!! Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter entry form below.  New followers are welcome to enter!

The winner will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and here on January 31 and February 1, 2012!

The ebook will be coming from CM Keller and Amazon.com - Stay Tuned for more on CM Keller on Wednesday!!

New Design!!!

Welcome to the new design for Novel d'Tales!  I got bored with the old lay-out.  I've had it for quite a while and just thought it was time for a change!!  I've changed/moved around quite a few things, including the comments section.  Hopefully it is easier to read and navigate.  Look around -- go through the archives, follow if not already, follow me on Twitter, etc. and tell me if there is something more you want to see!  Leave me a comment using the *new* comments section.  I'd love to hear what you think!  Also, PLEASE help me reach 50 followers by Wednesday at 12am EST!  If I reach the goal, I'll be giving away an ebook!!  Happy Redesign Day!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review Day: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

It's review day again!!  Today's book is.....

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson!

My rating: 2.5/3 out of 5 stars
Go here to read a description or get the first chapter free on Amazon.

This ebook has been on my "to be read" list since the day I got my Kindle in 2010.  I just couldn't bring myself to read it because I was afraid of it not living up to all the hype.

Please note - I'm not trying to offend anyone with my review.  I only post my honest opinions.

The book started out fantastically slow.  I simply couldn't get into it. The chapters were jam packed with so much information that I simply couldn't follow everything. I had to re-read (which I rarely do) the first two chapters at least twice.  The characters were outstanding and one of the main reasons I enjoyed the novel.

What lost me...the title suggest the novel is going to be about the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (Lisbeth) when in all reality, she is more of a "back up" main character.  I felt like Mikael was the only character the story really cared about.  I craved and begged to know more about the other characters.  I heard enough of Mikael dang it!

The writing style wasn't my cup of tea either.  The novel was 469 pages long, but I felt like it had at least 100 if not more pages worth of information I didn't need.  Plus, it caused a few loose ends.  Unless I missed something? Very possible...

But you know what I loved? The story.  The message.  The plot without the extra background noise.  The characters. The picture it painted in my mind.  The use of history and cultural differences.  I simply loved it.  Outstanding! The chapters rose and fell dramatically, some painfully slow while others were so full of drama and impact it was hard to take it all in at once.

By the end, I just wanted it to be over, done with, "c'est fini!"  I was excited to finally read and finish this novel and even more proud of myself for it being the first one off my TBR list for 2012!!  Happy Review Day!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Authors Not-So-Anonymous Week #2

Welcome everyone to the second Authors Not-So-Anonymous weekly meeting!! This weekly series is about authors from Twitter and Facebook!  This week, I would like to introduce Ricky into Authors Not-So-Anonymous!

Ricky is an Indie author who writes adult novels, but wants to also write children's books.  He is currently working on his first novel, Faith and Triumph, which sounds outstanding.  He updates his blog almost daily with excerpts of his novel and a few other short stories.  He has a talent for writing that leaps off the page and makes the reader beg for more.

Faith and Triumph is due out on very shortly - January 27, 2012!!

"I guarantee that you and you and you will be able to relate to my books."- Ricky

 If you pre-order Faith and Triumph, the price is reduced to $10!  The price changes to $15 once the book is released, so snag it fast!  Go here to pre-order the ebook (the form is on the right hand side of his blog)!

"I've always had a strong interest in writing.  In school, I took the most advanced English classes in order to prepare for the SAT's and that increased my "50 cent word" vocabulary.  I started writing seriously about 7 years ago but I never finished a project.  My inspiration for writing is any fan that I might acquire along the way.  I grew up in the long forgotten time of simplicity and fun.  I just want to help bring some of these feel good memories back to the surface." - Ricky

Follow Ricky on Twitter and his blog for unedited previews of his novel and more amazing stories!  Have an author to nominate?  Send me a message via Twitter, email or leave a comment with the author(s) name and Twitter name.  I'd love to add new members!  Happy Authors-Not-So-Anonymous Week 2!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Buying Ban Check-In

I've made it 16 days into January without buying or accepting a book, ebook, free ebooks, etc.  And let me tell you.... It's been...relatively easy!  Shocking?  Maybe.  Weird?  YES.  Anyone else think that's weird?  I thought this was going to be one of the toughest projects I'd ever taken on.  But I was wrong.

I thought I would have to stop reading emails, not get on Twitter or Facebook, not talk to people.... I took on this project thinking it was going to be life altering and mind blowing-ly difficult!  But, it's not!  The book I've wanted for two years went 75% on sale (because of a glitch in the system) for 20 minutes!  I saw the glitch and resisted it!!  I have no idea how!  NO IDEA!  Where is this strength coming from?!  Normally I wouldn't have just bought one, I would have bought TWO and gave the second one away!  I even have gift card money left over to buy it with! (sigh)

My secrets?  Wish lists and the all-powerful delete button.  My "to-read" list on Goodreads and "Kindle Books" list on Amazon have both grown by at least 50 books each in the past 16 days!!  THAT is why this is so easy!  Funny part is, I probably won't buy most of those ebooks this year.  I know... "why put them on your wish list then?"  Because it makes me feel better! It's like shopping... without actually buying it right?  Not really?  Yeah.  I know... but I tricked my brain to think it was!  aha!

I delete the daily POI and POI-YE emails so I don't read them. Ignore all the tweets about free ebooks or sales (which let me tell you isn't that easy...So. Many. Sales!).  Ignore emails, PMs or DMs about ebooks I should check out right now.

So... For those of you who joined me in this book buying ban adventure - how is it going for you? Happy January!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Upcoming Giveaway!!

When I hit 50 followers on Novel d'Tales, there will be a giveaway!!!!

There will be one lucky winner who receives an ebook copy of.....
Screwing Up Time by CM Keller!

Read an excerpt and description of Screwing Up Time on CM Keller's blog by clicking here.

Once I hit 50 followers, the giveaway will appear and last one week! This is my way of saying Thank You to everyone who has helped make Novel d'Tales what it is! Happy Reading!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


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Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Tip

Today's Quick Tip (and the first one for the year 2012! yay!!!) is about magnets. If you have any kind of electronic, and love it, then try to keep magnets away from it. After my first Kindle, Dragon!, died I looked into what could have caused the problems. Then I realized... my Kindle case has a magnet in it!! Now, the magnet is inside the top flap/cover of my case... so there isn't too much I can do. It's covered by leather and very thick fabrics already...the company also "guarantees" it won't mess with my Kindle. I love my Kindle and my JavoEdge case, so just to make myself feel a little better, I added a little extra fabric in between the magnet and my Kindle. I simply slipped a little piece of fabric under the leather that holds my device in place. The fabric might not actually help, but it makes me feel better okay? Have you ever had a problem with magnets near your Kindle? Happy Quick Tip day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Authors Not-So-Anonymous Week #1

Welcome everyone to the first Authors Not-So-Anonymous weekly meeting!! This *new* series will be about authors from Twitter and Facebook!  This week, I would like to introduce S.M. Boyce into Authors Not-So-Anonymous!

S.M. Boyce is a fantasy and paranormal, indie novelist who also likes to dabble in contemporary fiction and comedy.  She has a B.A. in creative writing and began writing at the age of five.  "My first novel came at the age of five, when I wrote about a lonely pickle that was trapped in the fridge, the last in the jar.  I write fantasy and paranormal fiction because there's too much magic in the world for what we see to be all that it is."

"Tolkien and Neil Gaiman are my heores, and The Hobbit is my favorite book ever.  I like to think that my favorite book is a children's book because I'm really just an over-grown five-year old.  Gaiman's urban fantasy novels have inspired me to see more of the magical in the mundane, and to appreciate how surreal life can be.  His novel Neverwhere is possibly my favorite of his works." 

Check out her debut novel for a fresh story that combines the adventure of an epic fantasy with the surrealism of urban fantasy! Here's the teaser to wet your appetite:

The Grimoire Lichgates
Book One in the Grimoire Trilogy
Read the first chapter for free here.

The Grimoire is a book that turns its own pages and can answer any question asked of it, so Kara Magari has no idea what she's getting herself into when she stumbles across the old book while hiking a hidden trail.

Once she opens it, she's thrown into Ourea: a beautiful world full of terrifying things that all want the Grimoire's secrets. The problem is that only she can use the book's magic, since she was the one who opened it. Most of the creatures she meets want to control her, but everyone and everything in this new world is trying to find her.
There is no escape, and she is completely alone. There’s no going back now.

The remaining two novels in the series are due out within the next two years. She even offered a discount! Snag your own ebook copy of book one Lichgates from Smashwords for 25% off by using the discount code TR99R at check out!! The code is valid until March 1, 2012. You can buy your own copy by going to any one of these sites: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Createspace.

Please stop by and say hello to her and check out her novel!  Find S.M. Boyce and her novels on: Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Author Blog, Createspace, Book Blog, Facebook, or her Website.

Have an author to nominate? Send me a message via Twitter, email or leave a comment with the author(s) name and Twitter name. I'd love to add new members! Happy Reading!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Review Day: Top Ten

It's review day!!!!
Today's book is....(drum roll) Top Ten by Ryne Douglas Pearson

This novel has an interesting and unique past.  It has been published three times.  Each time the same group of authors worked on it but a different angle was taken.  The story changed slightly each time, some parts were taken out or added in.  R.D. Pearson was the third author to publish this novel and he put back in the chapters that were left out from the second publication.  Weird right?  All of this information was given to you before you even begin reading the ebook.  Which made me think... this is going to be AWESOME.  How couldn't it be!?  It's been published THREE TIMES!  That means it HAS to be good!!

Because of the introduction, I had high expectations for this novel. Plus, the synopsis sounded phenomenal. It drew me in like the trailer for a movie...

His plan...kill his way to the top. Her orders...stop him. At all costs.

Read that in the "movie" voice.. then tell me you don't agree!  It sent chills down my spine... It sounded like the perfect novel.  PLUS it is only 314 pages (including the first two chapters of another book), a quick read!

But then it all went wrong... I (sigh), this is hard, FELL ASLEEP during the first 50 pages.  I haven't fallen asleep because of a book since I read Lord of the Flies when I was 14.  Red flag #1.

Then.. it took me four hours to read the first 90 pages.  I had to pull myself through it with bribes!  Every ten pages I read, I ate a piece of chocolate... heh. Red flag #2.

And THEN I struck GOLD!  The plot picked up, I LOVED IT!  When new characters were introduced, ones I actually liked, I was more inclined to read.  YES!  I was so excited!  I flew through the nest 150 pages in no time.  No red flags! *happy dance time*

I was really enjoying myself, then...dun dun dun!!!  The plot fell.  Again.  It's really obvious what chapters were cut out previously because they weren't "liked" before.  Those chapters made it difficult to stick with it. Red flag #3.

My final thoughts: 2.75 stars.  I just couldn't decide!  Every time I thought I liked this novel something I didn't like would happen and just SMASH the good parts to pieces.  Poof!!  Bye bye good parts!  The red flags I mentioned were little indicators that I wouldn't like the ending, and I didn't. it was boring, anti-climactic and just (snores) boring.  This novel's plot has serious potential, but just didn't go anywhere. (sigh)

If you have read this novel before and liked it, or do not agree with my review, please do not be offended.  I typically can find more good than bad in just about any novel, but there are always a few that just...well... aren't good.  Happy Review Day!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

How To: Kindle Textbook Rentals!

I found a little information about renting text books! I knew you could rent actual paper text books.. and when I was researching Kindles a year ago.. the renting textbooks was still in beta phase.  GUESS WHAT! It's up and running and doing really well now! You can rent a text book up to 360 days! Although I don't see many people needing a textbook that long in college.. but I guess it'd be worth it for high school? Maybe? Hm...
Here are the highlights of the program:  Keep in mind renting is different from lending!
  • Up to 360 day rental period
  • 30 day minimum rental period (you have to get it for at least one month)
  • Thousands of textbooks are available for rental
  • You can extend your rental period whenever (as long as you do so before the initial rental period ends)
  • You can easily keep track of your rental on Amazon via the Manage My Kindle list (ebook library)
  • Worry free returns - once the rental expires, it returns itself
  • Can return a textbook before the rental expires
  • Price guarantee - If the rental price goes higher than the actual price of the book, a message will appear before you attempt to purchase it notifying you.  yay!
  • Refunds for early return are only given within the first 7 days of the rental period (which is much longer than most places)
  • No partial refunds (yet.. they're still working on that)
  • No limit to the number of times you can re-rent or rent the textbook
  • Buyout is cheaper than actual book price - if you start a rental period and decide you want to buy the book instead... buy it before your rental expires.  The price will be cheaper because the rental price will be deducted from the books full price! Which is even more amazing!!
  • Search for the textbook you need through the Kindle store... if rent-able, it will say so above or below the *purchase* button
  • Some non-fiction and fiction books are available for rental, however the price will most likely be higher than the purchase price
I think I'll try this out this quarter! So excited! What do you think? Going to give it a try? Happy Renting!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review Day: The Missing

It's time for the first review of the new year on Novel d'Tales!!

This YA novel was written by a married writing duo who love to write. Their outstanding writing style speaks volumes in this YA novel about a haunted mansion with a twisted history.

Drum roll please!!

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Ethan is the youngest child with twin siblings and two very busy parents.  He struggles to get attention and is constantly bullied by his siblings.  When his aunt and uncle die in a tragic car accident, his parents take in his cousin Kelsey and move to an old mansion.  The mansion has a very haunted past that soon presents itself in the form of Lucas.  Lucas went missing and died at the age of ten when he couldn't help free the Children who haunt the mansion.  Lucas needs Ethan's help to free the souls of the mansion or he will be doomed to haunt the mansion.  With the help of Kelsey, Ethan sets out to free the Children.  Will he succeed or will he be killed just like Lucas?

The Missing is not just for teens and pre-teens.  A mystery novel about a haunted house and family ties, this novel is worth more than just the $.99 it is sold for.  This novel will keep your interest throughout the entire novel, which most YA mysteries aren't able to do for avid readers.

I was nervous for the characters and kept on edge and begging to know what the true story of the mansion is.  This novel is full of twists and turns that are unexpected but marvelous.  The true story of the mansion is one that is so twisted and demented that I read it twice just to make sure I had it right.

Follow this writing team on: Twitter  Blogger and Goodreads.

They periodically give away copies of their novels on their blog and Goodreads.

I will definitely be reading this novel again, and have already recommended it to numerous people. If you like mystery novels that are scary and chocked full of twists, but still lets you sleep at night, pick up this novel for only $.99 on Amazon or Goodreads.  Happy Review Day!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Coming Soon to Novel d'Tales....

Featuring one new author every week.  These authors will be those whom I have met, chatted with or found on Twitter.  I'll include links to their websites, books, ebooks, Goodreads profiles, Twitter accounts and more.  Maybe even some freebies and discounts!

I need a name for this series! This is where you come in. (smirk)  Here are the series names either recommended to me (Thank you!!) or that I came up with. Which one do you like?
  1. Authors Among Us
  2. Literary Legends
  3. The Gifted One
  4. Authors Not-So-Anonymous
  5. Author's Corner
  6. Novel d'Tales Author's Weekly
  7. Word Tamers
  8. Authors of the World
  9. Talkin' bout Writers Wednesday
  10. Not-So-Wordless Wednesday
  11. Fastest Fingers on the Web 
  12. Author of the Week/Author of the Week Club
Have a suggestion that's not listed? Tell me!!
Since this will be a weekly series... what day do you want it to be on?

Cast your vote by leaving a comment with the series name and day of the week OR tweeting the name to me: @HilyBee (series name) & (day of the week) #NoveldTales. Winning title will be announced next week with the first series post.  Please cast your vote by Monday, January 8th 2012.  That's one whole week to help me decide.

Follow me on Twitter: HilyBee

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What 2012 looks like for me....

Lets do this.
(No this is not my bookshelf. Just a random picture to show how it would look if I wasn't a library nerd.)