Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Authors Not-So-Anonymous Week #2

Welcome everyone to the second Authors Not-So-Anonymous weekly meeting!! This weekly series is about authors from Twitter and Facebook!  This week, I would like to introduce Ricky into Authors Not-So-Anonymous!

Ricky is an Indie author who writes adult novels, but wants to also write children's books.  He is currently working on his first novel, Faith and Triumph, which sounds outstanding.  He updates his blog almost daily with excerpts of his novel and a few other short stories.  He has a talent for writing that leaps off the page and makes the reader beg for more.

Faith and Triumph is due out on very shortly - January 27, 2012!!

"I guarantee that you and you and you will be able to relate to my books."- Ricky

 If you pre-order Faith and Triumph, the price is reduced to $10!  The price changes to $15 once the book is released, so snag it fast!  Go here to pre-order the ebook (the form is on the right hand side of his blog)!

"I've always had a strong interest in writing.  In school, I took the most advanced English classes in order to prepare for the SAT's and that increased my "50 cent word" vocabulary.  I started writing seriously about 7 years ago but I never finished a project.  My inspiration for writing is any fan that I might acquire along the way.  I grew up in the long forgotten time of simplicity and fun.  I just want to help bring some of these feel good memories back to the surface." - Ricky

Follow Ricky on Twitter and his blog for unedited previews of his novel and more amazing stories!  Have an author to nominate?  Send me a message via Twitter, email or leave a comment with the author(s) name and Twitter name.  I'd love to add new members!  Happy Authors-Not-So-Anonymous Week 2!

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