Friday, January 6, 2012

How To: Kindle Textbook Rentals!

I found a little information about renting text books! I knew you could rent actual paper text books.. and when I was researching Kindles a year ago.. the renting textbooks was still in beta phase.  GUESS WHAT! It's up and running and doing really well now! You can rent a text book up to 360 days! Although I don't see many people needing a textbook that long in college.. but I guess it'd be worth it for high school? Maybe? Hm...
Here are the highlights of the program:  Keep in mind renting is different from lending!
  • Up to 360 day rental period
  • 30 day minimum rental period (you have to get it for at least one month)
  • Thousands of textbooks are available for rental
  • You can extend your rental period whenever (as long as you do so before the initial rental period ends)
  • You can easily keep track of your rental on Amazon via the Manage My Kindle list (ebook library)
  • Worry free returns - once the rental expires, it returns itself
  • Can return a textbook before the rental expires
  • Price guarantee - If the rental price goes higher than the actual price of the book, a message will appear before you attempt to purchase it notifying you.  yay!
  • Refunds for early return are only given within the first 7 days of the rental period (which is much longer than most places)
  • No partial refunds (yet.. they're still working on that)
  • No limit to the number of times you can re-rent or rent the textbook
  • Buyout is cheaper than actual book price - if you start a rental period and decide you want to buy the book instead... buy it before your rental expires.  The price will be cheaper because the rental price will be deducted from the books full price! Which is even more amazing!!
  • Search for the textbook you need through the Kindle store... if rent-able, it will say so above or below the *purchase* button
  • Some non-fiction and fiction books are available for rental, however the price will most likely be higher than the purchase price
I think I'll try this out this quarter! So excited! What do you think? Going to give it a try? Happy Renting!


A Beauty With Edge said...

Hey that's really good to know! Thanks for sharing this information! :)

HilyBee said...

You're welcome! I've used it twice and love it!

Lucas said...

Honestly, I prefer traditional textbooks, and would give e-book a try only if the price it right-total cost including rent-able texts for the whole semester). If you want more info on textbook rentals, read on

HilyBee said...

Thank you! I already know about them. :) I have rented textbooks in the past, but Kindle textbooks are cheaper, faster to receive and you easier to return.

mkhan said...

nice post about Textbook Rentals..thank you for sharing