Friday, September 7, 2012

eReader How To: Organizing Your Ebooks (part 2)

After the first "Organizing Your Ebooks" post, I decided that I would show you exactly how I organize mine.  I was asked by several people on Twitter, through email and on Facebook what my Kindle Collections look like, so here they are!

I basically organize my ebooks based on what I found was going to be the most helpful for me.  These might not be exactly what you need, but I hope it helps!  I first started with dividing everything by genre, then added in a few other collections (such as TBR, for review and apps) that were miscellaneous collections.
  • Ebooks for Review
    • This collection has any ebooks in it that I plan to review over the next 3 months.  When I'm done reading it, I remove it from my device.
  • Children's/YA
    • In this collection, you will find everything from Beatrix Potter up to The Soul Screamers series.  I try to keep it limited to anything that is age appropriate for anyone under 17.
  • Novellas/ShortStory
    • This is the most helpful collection to have.  I use this one when I need something quick to read during a lunch break, in between classes, or just because I'm looking for something short.
  • Apps/Dictionary
    • I don't have much in this one, but it's good to have.  I keep all of the pre-set dictionaries in this collection so I can find them easily.  I also keep any games or extra apps (a list making app, a notepad app) in here so I can find them quickly.
  • TBR
    • This is my *go-to* collection when I'm looking for my next book to read.  I update it 2-3 times a month and remove a book every time I finish it.  I love having this collection.  It really makes finding my next book way faster.
  • SciFi/Fantasy
    • Anything that is in the "scifi/fantasy" genre goes in this collection.
  • NonFict/Memoirs/Ckbks (ckbks = cookbooks)
    • This is another miscellaneous collection.  It holds a smaller number of books that would be considered non-fiction at a library.
  • Chicklit/Romance/RomCom
    • Anything girly, cutesy, or romantic goes in this section. Boys stay out of this one.
When someone asks me for a book recommendation, I use my collections to find a book for them.  By keeping the collections organized based on genre and age, it really helps with book recommendations.  These collections work perfectly for me, but might not work for you.  All of mine fit perfectly on the first page of my Kindle's home screen.  When you download a new ebook, put it into the appropriate collection right away so your Kindle's home screen stays clean and organized.

I suggest going through your collection and seeing what you have the most of and making a collection for that.  My largest and most used collections are the Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, SciFi/Fantasy, and TBR.  What collections do you have on your Kindle?  Happy Sorting!


Rob Zimmermann said...

I have a similar set up. I have Novels, Short stories/novellas/collections, Non-Fiction, Review, etc.

I have a Kindle 4 and I don't think the answer to this question will be a "yes" but I'll ask anyway. Do you know if you can great a collection INSIDE of a collection? For example under my "Novel" collection, could I put collections for genre? I think that'd be a cool feature if it's not available. I haven't figured out how to do it.

HilyBee said...

You can't create a collection within a collection yet. I would love that feature as well. You can put a book in more than one collection though. I hope they come out with that feature, maybe with the next software updates.

Rob Zimmermann said...

Yea, it'd be nice. I can live without the feature though I guess. And I figured out that I can do one book in multiple collections. Helps with review books a bit.

How do software updates work? I don't think I've had my Kindle long enough to go through one of those.

HilyBee said...

Go here -

It will explain everything about the updates and how to get them. Basically all you have to do is turn your WiFi on every so often and it will check for an update. :)