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Blogiversary - Thank you!!

Instead of writing a blanket thank you note, I thought it would be fun to have a few from the authors to their readers.  These notes express their heartfelt gratitude to each of their readers instead of mine.  I bet you'll even find a few new authors to try out! Click the title of their book to find out more about them.

I`d like to thank each and every one of you that have read 'Of Gods & Goats', left glowing reviews on Goodreads, and/or commented on my FaceBook pages. I hope this free autographed copy brings a few laughs to the lucky winner!

May the gods smile upon you-
V.L. Locey (author of Of Gods & Goats)


I am very grateful for all the positive feedback I have been receiving for Silver Linings. Entertaining people with my writing is a dream come true! I am thrilled when readers tell me they enjoyed Silver Linings and ask when my next novel is coming out. The good news is the editing process for Everything to Gain is now complete.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has read Silver Linings. Please keep posting your reviews! I would also like to extend a special thank you to Hilary for her review of Silver Linings, helpful input with respect to the start of Everything to Gain, and ongoing support of my work.

Happy reading!
(author of Silver Linings.)

Silver Linings is a semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Review's Best Indie Books of 2012 AND a finalist for the ACRA Heart of Excellence Readers' Choice Award! Congrats!

To my fellow readers, 

I actually hate writing thank you notes but I love to tell people thank you. I know it’s a conundrum. If it wasn’t for your kind remarks and the continuing support I don’t know if I would still have all my hair. Writing can be a stressful job and reading reviews and people asking me about my characters as if they’re real people all makes it worth it. There isn’t much else to say except of course thank you again and for those who haven’t read Such is Life I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll get a free copy!  Hope all is copacetic and keep the reviews coming :D

Angel A. Walker (author of Such is Life.)

To my readers,

I say 'Thank You' a lot. And it's quite an overused term that it often gets to the point when it's just another phrase. But every time I say it, I mean it. I really mean it.
So I want to say it again. Thank you to you, the reader.

Thank you for loving my covers and raving about Bryn's bad-ass expression - every time I see a reader proclaim their love for my cover it makes my heart soar. All that time spent studying it, tweaking and fixing and changing it, it kinda makes it all worth it.

Thank you for loving my writing. No matter how many times a reader comments on how much they appreciate or love my writing style, my words, my prose or how they laughed and cried as they read Bryn's tale, every single time makes me feel blessed and makes me want to write more. So that I can create more stories for my readers to enjoy.

To the readers who adore my characters. I love that you see something in each and every character in my stories. I love that everyone has different favourites.  I love how you make my characters as real as they are to me.
To the readers who demand the next book like NOW. I simply adore you. You make me want write and write until the next book is written, you make me want to beg and plead with my publisher to get my book out there instantly because my readers just want it!

To the readers who email me to profess their love (or hate) for Aidan (poor dude catches major flack), and the ones who email to say that Bryn inspired them to be different and helped them to recognise their own inner strength, and the ones who say I have stirred a new passion within them for Norse Mythology and they are now buying books on Odin and Loki because the internet is just not enough, and the ones who email asking when is the next book coming out and what happens to [insert fave character here]- I love you all. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me, for taking the time to tell me how you feel and to share your thoughts and feelings with me - I am honored beyond words.
In short - Thank you!

And I promise, every time I say thank you I say it with a smile, and a little warm and fuzzy feeling.

Because without you, my readers, I am just someone who writes stories.
With you, I am someone who writes stories that people love.

And that makes it all so very worth it.

All my love,
(T.G. Ayer - author of Dead Radiance.)

On October 15, 2011, I held my breath, clicked refresh, and saw my debut novel, Lichgates, go live in Amazon and Barnes & Noble. When those pages loaded, seven years of plot design, character development, draft writing, and learning the writing craft finally culminated in a dream come true.
I can’t even tell you how amazing that feels.

But what’s even more amazing is the reaction Lichgates has received since then. Copies were selling minutes after I published. Minutes. People left reviews, buzzed about it, tweeted, joked, and in general said they loved the story. They’ve been tweeting me for months, pulling on my shirt and asking me to finish the sequel already. Someone even asked me if I was really going to make them wait for October, because that would be mean. Haha!

Now that made me sit back. Of course I loved the story—I’m biased! But to hear it was capturing the imaginations of utter strangers has made me a believer. I’ve finally found my calling. 

So thank you. To everyone  who picked up my novel, whether you liked it or not, thank you. You have made my dream a reality. You helped me find my true calling in life. And you’ve made this whole crazy roller coaster of a year totally and absolutely worth it.

Thanks for being you. Stay awesome.

(S.M. Boyce author of The Grimoire Trilogy)

Grab Your Copy of Lichgates (Grimoire Trilogy #1)

Connect with Boyce


To all of my fans,

I love to write. I've been writing for years and with each passing
year I hope it improves. Still, if it weren't for some of you out there, doing this would hold less joy for me. I write because I love telling stories and that won't change. I write more often and with greater passion when I know I'm bringing laughter or thrills to those of you out there who enjoy my stories.


May your future be bright!

Scott Roche

(author of Ginnie Dare)

Readers of the Ambasadora-verse:

This incredible glow comes over me from every one of your Tweets, your emails, your messages, and your reviews.

You know my world because you've spent time living there, being with David, Sean, Sara, Rainer, and the rest. You know their voices, can see their faces, have an intimate knowledge of their passion and pain.

You were there when Sara was finally brave enough to ask Sean for help, and when Sean's lonely heart found a reason to love. You were there when Rainer realized his true feelings and that it was already too late. You were there when David had to become a soldier again just to save them all.

You were there.

That's why my gratitude is eternal.

This isn't me being dramatic. I am humbled. You've made these past seven years of obsessive world-building, constant daydreaming, and lonely moments at my computer so worthwhile, simply because you read and became a part of my universe. I can't wait for us to share many more worlds and stories in the future. Believe me, the best is yet to come.

With warmest regards,

(author of Ambasadora and Greenshift)

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