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Dead Radiance Blog Tour

Photo from TG Ayer.

Welcome to another stop in TG Ayer's Dead Radiance Blog Tour!!  Get to know TG Ayer below with an author interview!

TG Ayer is a multi-genre author who is currently working on mostly YA novels.  "Over the next few years I do plan to publish a YA Fantasy and a Psychological horror that may be considered adult as its quite dark."  She began writing when she was only eight years old - "It's always been a secret dream of mine to be a published author but I've never really revealed that to anyone other than my close family."  

Her first attempt at a novel didn't go over well, but it was a mistake worth taking. "I'd entered a contemporary fiction competition, worked really hard on my three chapter submission and got my chapters slammed. The problem was my submission was a paranormal fiction with Egyptian themes. Why wouldn't it be tossed out on its little tush"

TG's biggest inspiration are the trials and tribulations that everyone faces in their life.  "Humanity suffers so much, through every step in ones life one experiences pain, anger, frustration and sorrow.  So much so that joy and success, happiness and love are sometimes shadowed by the negativity that life sometimes bestows up.  I know I found solace within the pages of a book when I was a teen, I saw reason in characters actions, learned from the mistakes they made on the pages, and gain confidence that nothing is ever what it seems until we try it for ourselves."  Everyone faces something in life that knocks us down, but TG chooses to focus on the good in life.  Just the little bit I have chatted with her, you can tell she is such a wonderful, cheerful and pleasant person.

Her favorite horror authors include Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Anne Rice.  Her favorite fantasy authors are Marion Zimmer Bradley, Tolkien and David Eddings.  "I read almost every genre out there, including science fiction and even romance. (Although I am not a fan of contemporary fiction or chicklit.)"

TG is currently working on her Valkyrie SeriesDead Radiance (a Valkyrie Novel - Book 1) was just released on February 25, 2012.  Book 2, Dead Embers, is due out in late May of 2012.  You can purchase the book in ebook and print copies.

(description from Amazon)
Bryn Halbrook had always seen the glow. But it is only when her best friend dies that she discovers the meaning of those beautiful golden auras—Death. Alone, lost in the foster system, she struggles to understand who she is and why she was cursed with the ability to see the soon-to-be-dead.

The new foster kid, Aidan, isn’t helping any. Mr. Perfect seems to fit in no matter what, making her feel even more pathetic. But when his affections turn to her, Bryn finds him hard to resist. Impossible, actually. A mystery himself, Aidan disappears, leaving behind a broken heart and a mysterious book that suggests Bryn might not be entirely human.

Bryn stands at the threshold of a journey of discovery. Will destiny help her find herself, find her purpose and her place in a world in which she’d never belonged?  (end)

Check out TG Ayer on Twitter @TGAyerAuthor and Amazon.  Happy Blog Tour Day!!

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