Sunday, March 18, 2012

The season of change!

If you haven't noticed... there have been a few changes.  Before you get too scared, everything will be okay! The changes will be helpful!

Here's what changed:

1.  You can now follow Novel d'Tales using Networked Blogs.  Networked Blogs allows you to follow all your favorite blogs without creating another log-in.  You access it with your existing log-ins! Most commonly it will ask you to log-in using Facebook.
2.  Buttons have been added and taken away.  I added two buttons to the top of the side bar..go ahead and click them if you are interested in learning more about those topics.  I took away the buttons for Novel d'Tales.  If you wish to get a button for my blog, please contact me and I will send you one.
3.  I've added a list of my "favorite" blogs and sites that I follow.  These sites and blogs are amazing! Go check them out!  The list is towards the middle of the side bar.

PLEASE let me know if anything on the site is not working properly so I can fix it quickly.  Happy Changes Day!

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