Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hidden World Blog Tour!!

Welcome to the Lichgates Hidden World Blog Tour!!!!! Click here to read more about the blog tour and the other stops it will take.

I'm thrilled to be part of this blog tour!  I had the pleasure of interviewing S.M. Boyce in January for Authors Not-So-Anonymous week 1.  NOW I've brought her back with another interview, a giveaway and some behind-the-keyboard information about her books.  Now.....on to the good stuff! 

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S.M. to the readers: "There is nothing quite like writing or discovering new details about a character, but seeing people who enjoy the novel as much as I did is an amazing thing.  To be able to say that someone bought, read, and loved my book is surreal, beautiful, and amazing.  I cannot thank you all enough for being as awesome as you are." 

The trilogy originated from a lump of modeling clay and the vivid imagination of 16 year old S.M. Boyce.  "The first flicker of an idea for the Grimoire Trilogy actually came almost a decade ago, when I was creating spell casters out of modeling clay.  I was at my aunt’s house, and my brothers and I were just playing around. I created a series of spell casters, each of which could only be used by a certain type of magical being.  It was fun, and just play, but I started thinking about it more when I was 16.  What did those people look like? Were they nice?  Thus, the kingdoms of Yakona were born. Then, Ourea. Then, the Grimoire.  It was a snowball from there, and culminated in 7 years of thorough world building and character/plot development. "

Photo from Grimoire Encyclopedia
While writing the trilogy, Boyce has also been super busy writing short stories and an encyclopedia that enhance the novels even more.  "The encyclopedia is free online, of course, but I know print copies are just too cool not to have.  Once the series finishes, I will print the finalized encyclopedia of the world.  It will have color pictures of the characters, places, and creatures, previously unrevealed secrets, and there might even be a deleted chapter or two as a special thank you!"  Every Grimoire trilogy fan will want the encyclopedia just for the shear amazing fun of it!

To make it even better, S.M. plans to have releasing more for the fans in between the novel releases and after the trilogy is finished.  "On top of that, I’ll be releasing both a short stories collection and a series of novellas from several side characters’ perspectives so that you can get a different perspective of the story.  For those of you who have read Lichgates, or are about to, tell me what character you want to know more about!  I love connecting and hearing what you have to say."  Read that? Leave a comment with your favorite character!!

Book 2 Treason, is scheduled to come out in the Fall of 2012.  "I’m making some great progress on it and it might be ready as early as this summer."  To hear the latest news about her book releases and more, subscribe to the newsletter here (it's free!), follow S.M. on Networked Blogs, or on Linky.

Getting a piece of Litchgates is super easy.  You can play Twitter Hangman to win some book swag, enter several giveaways being held during the tour, or head over to Boyce's website and simply pick up a couple.

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Jason said...

Fall of 2012! I can't wait! You just made my year! Thanks for this information and for an interesting interview!

Rob Zimmermann said...

I'm hoping book II will be out more toward the summer then in the fall, but whenever it happens it happens. Great writing like S.M. Boyce's shouldn't be rushed.

What I KNOW I will buy, aside from every novel, collection, and novella, is the encyclopedia. Please tell me the print version is going to look like the Grimoire, I'll pay extra for a nice leather hardcover that flips its own pages too.

S.M. Boyce said...

Hahahaha! Robert, I will see what I can do. ;)

Rebecca Hamilton said...

Oh, that would be SO cool! <3 And also Robert without ... I mean the encyclopedia alone would just be great!

Wren B. said...

Cool post and really intereting to see that the author is trying to get the book out earlier.

HilyBee said...

That would be awesome Rob! :D Might be expensive but...totally worth while!

HilyBee said...

Thank you for stopping by everyone! :D

The Haunted Rose said...

Omg the Encyclopedia is a great idea! I would buy it right along with the Grimoire!

Doodle said...

Awesome post. I think the encyclopedia would be awesome, especially the way Rob would love to have it.

Cassandra said...

I am really looking forward to reading this.. glad I'm following along the blog tour!

H.S. Stone said...

I checked out the encyclopedia. I'm more impressed with S.M. Boyce's talents everyday! :-)

bn100 said...

Very nice post. I enjoyed reading about the inspiration for the books.

Kali said...

Ha, awesome idead rob! Would love one of those old school looking encyclopedias.

Anubha said...

loved the idea of encyclopedia... :)

Kayleigh Grian said...

Love that there will be a print edition of the encyclopedia once the trilogy is completed. It sounds like it's going to be awesome!