Saturday, March 31, 2012

Round 2 - The Priest and The Peaches

Since I didn't have any entries...I'm going to re-start the giveaway!  The giveaway will now end on 4/3 at midnight EST.  This giveaway has ended!
What's the prize? An ebook copy (in the winner's choice of format - Nook, Kindle, iPad/iBook, etc.) of The Priest and The Peaches by Larry Peterson.  For more information about this book AND the author click here.

How to enter: leave one comment on this blog post...could be anything as long as it's clean and friendly.  Don't make me pull out the *Evil Librarian* again! (She's always watching the comments...and she's really scary awesome, and not scary at all).

The winner will be chosen using - to keep it...random!  I will announce the winner on April 4th here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

So my friends, readers, fellow ebook enthusiats, novel addicts...enter the giveaway! Who wouldn't want a free ebook!?  Good Luck and Happy Giveaway Day!!


Maryellen Brady said...

Sounds like an amazing book! I'm in :) I love reading new books!



HilyBee said...

Good luck! :D

Rob Zimmermann said...

I guess I should have paid attention a little more to the last few days, I could have entered and won ;)

This looks like a good book. I also love the cover. It's brave to use that color for a book and it really caught my attention.

And an awesome evil librarian...well that just sounds awesome, but let's not try to test it. I'll be good :)