Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Something Odd is about to happen.

Thank you LoLo for pointing this out to me!  You're the best boss and friend I could ever ask for!

Guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Library Journal and Dean Koontz press team recently released information about the newest installments in the Odd Thomas series! FINALLY! *happy dance*

Preorder here - Odd Apocalypse: An Odd Thomas Novel Book 5

Photo from Amazon

Due out on July 31, 2012 - but may be released early in June.

(Description from Amazon)
Odd finds refuge at a rundown mansion, but soon discovers a frightening presence.Odd Thomas has seen danger and he has seen death. He lives between two worlds, communicating with the lingering dead.He stands between us and our darkest fears, never failing the tests that confront him, whatever the cost.Now he has found refuge in a crumbling mansion in Santa Barbara, along with his closest friends both living and dead. But the house is a place of terrible secrets, haunted by lingering spirits. And there is a stranger, more frightening presence still… (end)

Deeply Odd - Book 6 due out in fall of 2013. No full descriptions have been leaked.  If you find one, let me know!  The brief description currently available - Odd returns to Pico Mundo and face his ultimate fate.

Odd Interlude - an eNovella that will be a weekly sneak peak of what is to come in books 5 and 6.  From the information I can find (correct me if I'm wrong) the eNovella will start coming out on June 4, 2012 and have at least four parts.  If you are fortunate enough to live in the UK, or normally purchase your ebooks through the Amazon.co.uk website, you are able to preorder Odd Interlude.  HOWEVER, the rest of us have to wait.  *sigh* I am not patient!

Now, before those of you who don't have an eReader freak out, don't forget you can buy and use ebooks without having an eReader!  You can get the Kindle App for FREE - thus allowing you to be able to use the ebooks without purchasing an eReader! See! Loop hole! And it didn't even cost you extra!

(Description from Amazon)
The first part of an exclusive e-only novella. Small-town guy meets big-time evil…
Odd Thomas, the fry-cook who can communicate with the dead, finds himself drawn to Harmony Corner, a very small town on a lonely stretch of the coast that boasts a roadside diner, a ten-cottage motor court straight out of the 1920s, and a small, quaint garage. Behind all that is the house in which the Harmony family lives – the owners of the enterprise. Odd soon finds out that Harmony Corner is an exceedingly strange place, that the Harmony family doesn’t live up to its name, and that between life and death there is something more frightening than either. (end)

Book 7 - the final book in the Odd Thomas series, has been promised by DK but a title and date of publication have not been released to the press as of yet.

So my friends - any other Oddie fans excited!? I'm ecstatic!!  If you haven't read all of the first four books, don't worry.  It's not 100% necessary to. The best part about this series is that each book works perfect independently, but together they create the most outstanding series known to paranormal fiction.  Click here for my full review off books 1-4.  Happy Announcement Day!

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Jenn Greenleaf said...

I can't wait to talk to my mother about this - Dean Koontz is her favorite author!