Monday, March 19, 2012

Review Day: Crow Wing

It's Review Day!!!!!!

Title: Crow Wing
Author: Jesse VanDeWalker
Rating: 4 stars

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In this gritty, hard-bitten look at the American West a gang of robbers calls in a professional to help them rob a stagecoach. There are more players in the game than anyone realizes as the coach and the gold it carries prepare to leave Crow Wing, California.

Author Jesse VanDeWalker did a great job of bringing the American West to life with this book filled with characters that are true to the old-west style.  The story feels like it has been passed down from generation to generation. Full of wild adventures and true old-Western character - the reader feels like they are sitting around a campfire being told a story.  I sat near my screen with big doe eyes trying to guess what was going to happen.

I'm giving this book 4 stars because even though it was an well written book, I found it a little flat at times.  I wanted to know a little bit more about each character, wanted a little bit more from the story. However, this is exactly how a true American Western book should be written.  Jesse did a remarkable job at making the reader feel like they were part of the story and I could picture each scene.  I laughed out loud more than once and I felt nervous for the characters during sticky situations.  Overall, a great read.  Perfect for ages 14+ (some sexual tension and activity in a whorehouse).

Purchase Crow Wing in paperback here and ebook here. Happy Review Day!

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