Monday, March 12, 2012

Live Chat on Writers Unite!!

Photo from Writers Unite
Ever wanted to just... I don't know... talk to me?  Ask me questions, for help, or just in general pick through my brain (since it's packed full of crap)?  Well... It's your lucky week!!  I will be the hosting this weeks "Live Chat" on Writers Unite!

When: Sunday, March 18 and Sunday, March 25
Time: 6-7pm US EST
Where: Writers Unite (click here!)

How to participate - log in to the chat with either Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or MySpace.  The chat bar is located on the WU home page, at the bottom of the page.  No need to scroll down, just LOOK down (see the picture below?  That's what you're looking for)  If the bar is "hidden" there will be an arrow button on the far right side of the bottom of your screen.  Click the button and the chat bar will appear.  Then you just log-in and voila! You're in!

This is what the chat bar looks like.

This is what the hidden chat bar looks like.
What's a live chat?  Basically all you have to do is stop by Writer's Unite and chat with me and the other participants.  It's actually really fun.  Kinda like the old school chat rooms, but much much better... AND talking about the same thing.  It's all message based, so no need for cameras or anything special.

What's the topic you ask?  Read everything about this event by clicking here. Click! Click! You can learn a little about me even.  I'll be chatting about "what reviewers want from your novel."  Writers and authors, this is especially for you! See what I am looking for in a novel, short story, blog, etc. when I am reading and reviewing it, as well as my tips for getting more reviewers!

Can't make it on Sunday at 6 pm?  Not a problem!  leave a question, comment, or just a "Hello!" on THIS blog post!  I will answer all questions as soon as I can. :)

As Jenn explains here, we don't have a way to show you the chat log yet.  So if you can't make it or plan to come and miss it, we are going to try to do an 'unofficial' chat log from now on.

Please keep it friendly and PG - no spammers or trolling allowed. We'll be watching!
 (note serious face)
(heh. I've always wanted to use that picture!!)
Come join us!  I'll try to keep it fun and interesting.  You don't have to stick around for the full hour. *sniff* I know you still like me... Can't wait to see you there!!  Happy Don't Have Nightmares about a Creepy but Awesome Picture Day!


Jenn Greenleaf said...

RSVP'd!! :o)

HilyBee said...

Thanks Jenn! :D

Jason said...

Me too, I'm looking forward to it :)