Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soooo pretty!

Welcome to the all new design for Novel d'Tales!  Thank you SO much to Steph from Writers-Unite who helped me make the header, button and decide on backgrounds!

The biggest changes are the obvious ones - colors, background, and layout.  There are a few other changes that are noteworthy though.
  • The pages/tabs above have shorter titles and have been rearranged BUT have the same content.
  • My favorite sites/blogs list has been moved to the very bottom of the site.  Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling... (singing like Dory)
  • Buttons for events such as the TBR challenge and 10K giveaway are also at the bottom of the site.  (continues to Dory..kind of) just keep scrolling..
  • I have a NEW button! AND it's amazing!  Grab the new button, because the old ones no longer exist/work.
  •  You can now follow using Networked Blogs.  This allows to you follow all your favorite blogs using Facebook.
  • AND for those people who like to read Novel d'Tales on their phones... I have enabled the mobile viewing so it will now allow you to easily see the page!  It does look different, and not all the features are available, but you can read the posts and comment!
 SO now that the new and improved layout is finished and up...what do ya think!?  Hate it?  Love it?  Miss the old one?  Neutral? Telll mmeee! Pretty please. *doe eyes*

Also, if something isn't working, or it's too hard to use, or somethings just...bad...tell me so I can fix it!  Happy 8new* Novel d'Tales day!


Jenn Greenleaf said...

I love how this turned out - great job to both of you!

HilyBee said...

yay!! Thank you Jenn! :D

Becca J. Campbell said...

I really like it! Very chic and pretty. :)

HilyBee said...

Thank you Becca! :D