Friday, March 16, 2012

eBook Site How To: Smashwords Part 2

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Part 1 will explain how to download the ebook onto your eReader (using Kindle as an example) and how to know which format to choose.  Part 2 will walk you through all of the features Smashwords offers such as gifting and viewing a sample.

Click here to go to Part 1 - Dowloading an eBook onto your eReader

Smashwords offers similar features to Amazon.  You can send ebook gifts, preview chapters, search for novels based on length/content and price.  Makes searching faster and easier.

Gifting an ebook 
1. Log in to Smashwords
2. Search for the book you wish to give as a gift.
3. Click the "Give as a Gift" on the right hand side under "Add to Cart"
4. Fill in the recipients email address and their name.
5. Purchase the ebook like you normally would.
6. The ebook will now be sent to the recipient's email address. They can easily redeem it by clicking on the link provided and logging in. Super simple and quick.

Preview an ebook
1. Log in to Smashwords
2. Once you find a book you are interested in, scroll down to the download list.
3. Click on "view sample".
4. The sample will be shown on your screen.

Searches are pretty simple too. Use the buttons on the home screen to do a more specific search.  Go here for Smashwords FAQs.  Visit the right hand side of my blog to find more eBook Sites and a quick link to Smashwords! Happy Shopping!

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