Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How To: Kindle Gifting (ebook gifting)

AHA! I found the information I was looking for! Happy dance time!

Kindle Gifting is when you buy an ebook for someone else and *gift* it to them through an email.

Amazon is still tweaking this little system, but for now it's still pretty amazing!  Instead of getting a gift card, you can purchase the exact book they want and send it to them!

There are a few rules of course.  Which includes some exclusions.  *cough lame cough*  

FAQ information about Kindle Gifting:
  • You can *track* the order - Amazon will send you a purchase receipt, a "your friend got the email" receipt, and a "your friend opened the email receipt and accepted the gift" (last one is optional)
  • You can resend your digital gift if for some reason the email gets lost (or put into a spam folder.. or deleted)
  • Gifted books can still be loaned
  • There are no additional charges (just pay for the ebook) for gifting.  Plus! Think of how it will save you on wrapping, postage or even on the card (send an e-card instead!)
  • The gift can be redeemed for a gift card (so if everyone bought your friend the same book.. no worries! They can turn it into a gift card instead.. I know it defeats the purpose.. but still handy!)
  • You cannot (yet) send ebooks to friends who live out of the country (lame!) because of copyright laws (understandable... ish).. but if you do go through with the purchase before knowing that... they can change it into a gift card instead! yay!
  • Free ebooks (obviously), periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers) and pre-order books cannot be gifted (yet)
All you have to do is go the page of the ebook you wish to gift.  Click "give as a gift" instead of "add to your cart" or "one-click purchase".  Then it will send you through the process.  All you need is the recipient's email and an Amazon account.  Super easy and quick!  No more waiting to deliver a gift to someone.
Remember when I said Amazon is still tweaking this system?  Keep that in mind.  I can definitely see some room for improvement and changes.    I have over 379 ebooks.. I'd love to give ones I've read away.  That'd be the cherry on top if I could! (So far... I can't...)  I want to know if they will ever make it so already purchased ebooks could be gifted?  Like a one-time only gift to someone else versus a one-time lend? Hmm....

Follow me on Twitter!! I can't believe how much fun it is!! I re-tweet book releases, other blogs, information about ebooks and eReaders!!  Happy Gifting!

Monday, November 28, 2011

How To: Preview First Chapter before Purchasing!

One of the best best best feature Amazon offers their customers is the preview first chapter and search inside a book! I LOVE these features! Honestly they have saved me tons of money and time.  The first chapter can make or break a novel.. If it doesn't catch your attention and hold it.. then why keep reading it right?

Now this ties in with the Web browser that is still in *experimental* on any Kindle before the Touch.  All you have to do is go to the page of the ebook you're considering.  See if it says *preview first chapter* near the *purchase* button.  If so.. I highly recommend clicking it!

To see what I mean go here.  This is the page for 1Q84.  A book I can't wait to get and have even considered purchasing! Shocking I know!  Anyways.. Go to the right hand side of the page.  There is a second box (it's green in the US) under the first blue purchase box.  Within the green box, there is a *read first chapter free* button.  Voila! The first chapter is free!  The only downside is you have to read it on the web.  That's where it ties in to the experimental web browser.  You can do this on your Kindle, it just takes longer and won't look as nice (yet).  I can't wait for the browser to be done!

Happy Preview-ing!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday Deals: Amazon and B&N

For the Kindle
Cyber Monday deals have started on Amazon! They will be holding the deals all week long and adding new ones as they become available. yay! Go here for thousands of ebooks under $3.99.  Pixel-Of-Ink will be highlighting the best deals of the week as well, so go subscribe to their daily email newsletter if you haven't already.  POI will only feature the ebooks with average ratings of 3.5 stars and up; however, they showcase the best ebooks from any genre.  Makes shopping way easier! I haven't found any deals that are different for cases, lights, skins/decals, etc.  Let me know if you found any!

For the Nook Nook deals have expired!
B&N Cyber Monday deals haven't started yet.  BUT go here for a 30% off coupon for online shopping.  They have continued their Black Friday deals as well.  Go here for those deals as well as the Cyber Monday deals when they become live.  The Nook accessory "must haves" are on sale, up to 44% off.  Go here for those sales.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review Day: Donor

Today's review day!! yay!!

Donor by Ken McClure
rating: 5 stars  Adding this one to my favorites!!

Go here for the Amazon description.  I wrote this review on my NotePad app for DragonToo (my Kindle) about 5 minutes after I finished the book.

An exceptional novel that is very well written! The characters create such a deep connection with each other it's hard not to feel like you're really there.  From the very beginning, the plot twists and turns so smoothly and effortlessly that creates a background chocked full of details  Not many novels can provide the amount of detail and background Donor contains without boring and losing the reader; however, Ken McClure walks that fine line with ease and perfection.

My favorite part was being able to see the entire story from almost every character's view point (parents, hospitals, government/Sci-Med, Dr. Dunbar, the nurses and doctors...).  This is by far the most captivating, intriguing, and twisted medical mystery novel I have ever read.  I cannot wait to continue reading more from the series! I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys the television shows House and Bones.  This is truly a novel for every reader from ages 15-16 and up. It's not overly complicated in a way that can confuse, but has enough detail to keep even the most avid of readers pleased.  This novel can be classified as medical mystery, thriller, suspense, mystery, investigative mystery, heart-warming, twisted and fiction.

If you would like to borrow my Kindle ebook edition of Donor, please send me an email with email address attached to your account and when you would like me to send it.  I highly recommend just picking it up on Amazon especially since it is super cheap ($1.36).  Currently you cannot buy the ebook edition from B&N for the Nook.  But you can get the paperback and hardback editions from either Amazon or B&N.  Check around local book stores and libraries if you want the paper edition.

Go here for the Facebook page for author Ken McClure!  Happy Review Day!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Twitter Find!!!!

I started a Twitter account just to follow authors and to help promote my blog.  I've met some fantastic authors, editors, co-authors, and people who tweet for them (assistants, family, friends...).  It's ridiculously fun to chat with them about their books, especially after I read them!!  Through Twitter, I have found tons of new books and series to try out.  I have a follower (who I also follow...) that tweets for the author Ken McClure. Also, check out the Ken McClure Facebook page for more information!  I was looking into McClure's novels and couldn't believe I hadn't read them yet! They are exactly the type of books I love: suspense, thrillers, mystery, very slight romance, puzzling, intense... and 100% worth every penny.

I picked up a book by Ken McClure, titled Donor.  Donor is the first book in a series of five all about Dr. Dunbar.  Go here for an Amazon description and place to buy it.  It's SUPER cheap for the Kindle too, I paid $1.38 (it's now only $1.36...a $.02 difference is apparently the Black Friday special...heh).

Once I sat down and actually just read the book for more than 20 minutes at a time... it only took me about 2 days.  I couldn't get enough of it!  I even went and purchased the rest of the series within 15 minutes of ending the book.  I haven't EVER done that.  I usually wait until they go on sale for super cheap... but I actually paid full price for the Kindle versions.  I haven't paid full price for a book or ebook for over 10 years.  I purchased over 300 ebooks in the last year alone.  Let that sink in for a minute..

If that doesn't tell you how excited I am about these books then I don't know what else will.  A review will be up later this week for Donor.  I loved it sooooooooo much I literally typed the review on my Kindle.... plus I didn't have a PC nearby.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

eReaders vs Paper Books

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who don't use an eReader is they don't want to convert because of (insert giant list of reasons here).  Some people even get a little defensive when I prove them wrong or just *stop* listening... Those are the same people who now worship their eReaders and can't live without them.  HA!

Here are a few arguments about physical books versus eReaders.

Physical Books are better because... Libraries have the books for free.  I can shop at Half Price Books or local used book stores and get books cheaper than on an eReader.  Ereaders are too expensive.  I like to hold a physical book.  I like the smell of new books.  I like hearing the sound of opening a new book.  I don't like looking at a computer screen all day.  It's too small.  You can't borrow them.  The books are more expensive than paper-copy books.

eReaders/ebooks are better because.... (see how my argument is longer? heh.)

Public library books can only be checked out for a short period of time, often have wait-lists for popular books, smell funny (like perfume or cigarette smoke or coffee or dust or just plain weird!?), have late fees if you don't return them on time, are not guaranteed to come back in the same condition as before, are germ breeding grounds, only have 1-2 copies of a book per library (so you have to wait forever to get it) and typically get ruined within a short amount of time especially those that get read a ton.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE libraries.  But I love my Kindle more.

Ebooks are actually cheaper by at least 25% compared to paper editions, for the new ebooks, and up to 98% cheaper for older editions.  Ebooks will never change condition, can be *written* in even if you borrow it from someone, can be kept for a longer period of time when loaned out, can be purchased and delivered within minutes of it being released.

One eReader costs less than 12 new hardcover books (price around 12.95).

Holding a physical book is great! BUT... you have to hold it open, bookmark your spot with something that might fall out, write any notes or passages you want to remember on a sheet of paper that will most likely get lost and they can be so thick or large that you have to hold with two hands just to keep reading.  Kindle = hands free or one hand and weighs less than a paperback book.

The e-ink pearl screens are so amazing! They look like an actual book, not a computer screen.  You can read for longer periods of time without your arms getting tired or your eyes hurting.  You can change the font size to suit your needs, not get the large print (if they even have it) or squint to read tiny print.

Guess what?!? You CAN loan out or borrow ebooks.  Even from your local library and friends!

I've converted so many people with these arguments.  Kinda like the Kindle comercial where the girl has to fold down the corner of a page and then switches to an eReader.  ha.  Happy Conversion to eReaders Day!

Quick Tip!

Today's Quick Tip is reading a book description.  It's harder to focus on the actual story if you are constantly trying to figure out what in the world the book is about! I highly recommend reading the book description that comes with the book.  If the description doesn't give you enough information, try reading a few reviews on the book online, but only read enough to get the information you want.    Many people have spoilers in their book reviews though.  Beware of the spoilers!!!!!  Spoilers are going to ruin everything about reading the novel for yourself.  And be careful that their opinion doesn't sway your opinion before you even get to have one!  Ask your friends if they had read it too.  Happy Reading!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Review Day: Chosen

I recently finished an ebook titled Chosen, by Paula Bradley.  It's a faith-based, Christian, fiction, Sci-Fi novel that is only 344 pages long.  But it feels like it's way way way way longer.  And I'm not entirely sure if that's a good thing this time.  I have very conflicting feelings about this novel.. so read all the way to the end to get my full opinion.

Go here to read the description on Amazon before reading me review.  No worries.  I'll just sing the waiting song from Jeopardy!

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.  Amazon customer rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

This novel reels you in with the intriguing mix of religion, Sci-Fi, romance, adrenaline pumping thrills and detailed characters.  I would only reccommend this book if you love ridiculously long novels.

What I expected to be something extremely interesting turned into a crazy, chaotic mess that was hard to follow at times.  The chapters jump from being on Earth to being on Planet X and quickly turns into a Sci-Fi novel.  It has taken me much much longer than normal to get through this novel.  Usually a 344 page books takes me about 3-4 days to read with school and work.  This one took two and a half weeks.  I was not a fan in the beginning of the book and definitely not a fan in the end.  The story had some amazing chapters that ultimately kept me hanging on... it could get better right?  Well... needless to say I'm extremely happy I'm done with this book.

Chosen is sold in ebook and printed paperback.  If you'd like to borrow it and have a Kindle or Kindle App... just ask!  I don't recommend purchasing it unless it is free.  Happy Review Day!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Add Special Offers to your Kindle!

The Kindle with Special Offers is cheaper because it is sponsored by multiple companies.  Well, if you already had a Kindle before the special offers version was available, you might be feeling a little left out.  The offers give you various discount codes, coupons, etc. for a certain company.  Guess what!? You can add the offers to your Kindle for free now! yay! (Thank you POI for telling me!)  Go here for more information or how to subscribe to it.

I'm debating on it.  The offers will give you different screen-savers that are adds, will give you more discounts and send the offers to your Kindle.  Sometimes the deals will be Kindle/Amazon related, other times it can be cars, food, credit cards, cosmetics, clothing, toys.....PLUS you can unsubscribe at any time you want if you decide you don't like it!!  If you already have the special offers, you can now unsubscribe as well! Just go here for the information.

Happy Special Offers Day!

Kindle Owner's Lending Library Review

I have talked about the Lending Library in at least four posts since it was announced... but now that I have actually tried it out, I have a slightly different opinion.  I started a trial Prime membership on Nov. 7th.  I was super excited because I would get to use the Kindle Owner's Lending Library... then the restrictions hit...

You can only get one free/borrowed Kindle book per month.

 I guess I didn't read the fine print well enough at first.  I understand why they added this restriction, but it's not really worth it for me.  Don't get me wrong, it is still a phenomenal program! But....I already get about 4 free ebooks in one day! AND I get to keep them!  I've read over 250 Kindle ebooks in the past year since I've had Dragon/Dragon Too.  At least 90% of those ebooks have been free.  One free ebook per month, no matter how new it is, does not appeal to me.  Read my post titled "How To: Book on a Budget" to learn about how I get so many ebooks for free!

If you don't read as much as I do (if you are a normal person...) then the lending library is still worth it!  I still highly recommend the program as long as you 1) already have a Prime membership or 2) will use the Prime membership for more than just the lending library.

Now if they ever choose to change the program and make it 3-4 free ebooks a month that are newish... I will consider getting the Prime membership again.  So... have you tried out the lending library? If so, what did you think? I'd love to hear about other experiences!  Happy Lending Library Review Day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Gifts

It's that time of year again when people start shopping like crazy for the Holidays.  Here are a few gift ideas for someone who wants or owns an eReader!

For those who already own an eReader:
  • New case - find out what generation of eReader they have and pick up a new, inexpensive, neoprene case or cover.  These are great when you're trying to pack light!
  • Light - see if they have a light for their eReader.  If not.. these are great inexpensive gifts!
  • Batteries - if they have a light.. they'll need some AAA batteries! Pick up a four pack or even some rechargables with a charger!
  • Gift Card - get them a gift card for either Amazon or B&N.  They'll be extremely thankful!
  • Ebooks (Amazon only) - gift an ebook to them! Go here for instructions.
For those who want/are getting an eReader this Holiday season:
Try to team up with whomever is getting them the eReader (parents, husband/wife, fiance, sibling, etc.) so you know exactly which one they are getting and what else they may be getting with it.
  • Case - every eReader needs a case.  There are plenty of inexpensive, easy to care for cases that can be purchased online or in stores.  If you're bargain hunting, online is definitely the best place. Just order early!
  • Light - just like reading a book you need to have good lighting! Pick up a light that will go with the generation of eReader they have.
  • Gift Cards - a great way to help the person start their ebook/audio book collection!
  • Batteries - Get them a light? Don't forget some batteries!
  • Cleaning materials - touch screens get dirty and nobody likes to use a dirty screen! Pick up some eye-glasses cleaning wipes or dry cloths (NOT the sprays though!)
  • Give them the batteries and cleaning materials first.  Throw them off completely! Then they'll be dieing to know what goes with them! The anticipation is so much fun!
 Just make sure you get gift receipts for anything that can be returned... just in case! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quick Tip!

Today's Quick Tip is keeping your eReader warm!  Since the weather is getting colder, it is crucial to not leave your eReader unprotected.  Extreme heat or extreme cold can cause your eReader to malfunction and die.  Which is extremely sad!  Plus, since it's getting down to the *wire* for Holiday shopping, shipping will take longer to get the replacement!!  Since most warranties do not cover mistreatment like this, make sure you keep your eReader safe and cozy.  Wrap up your device to prevent it from the extreme weather, but never leave your eReader in your car or direct sunlight for more than one hour.  Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Early Shipping!!

If you purchased a Kindle Touch or Kindle Fire... GUESS WHAT!!! Amazon has begun shipping them out!! If you have pre-ordered one, get ready! They began shipping them on November 14! yay!!  If you get one, let me know how the work! I'd love to know more about them!

Happy Early Christmas!!

Pre-Black Friday Deals!

Amazon is holding a countdown to Black Friday with even more sales! There are deals in just about every department, but not all of them are really different so shop smart.  Go here for the countdown to Black Friday deals for all departments.  Keep in mind Amazon is an online based retailer so their major deals will come on Cyber Monday!

I will keep updating this as new stuff is added. They are up to 80% off this week! yay!  Go here for the pre-Black Friday book deals.  Some of the deals will expire though so make sure you watch out! If you've been waiting to get a book, this would be a great week to pick it up!

A little confused about Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday (November 25) is the day after the US Thanksgiving (November 24) where almost every single retailer in the US heavily discounts their merchandise.  It's the best shopping day of the year for those people who want to get the best deals for items.  The deals only last 24 hours, however some store do give out vouchers/rain-checks if they run out of something.  The deals will start as early as 1am and go almost all day long.. and yes people actually get out of bed to go shopping! haha.

Don't forget Cyber Monday (November 28 this year)!! Cyber Monday is when online retailers will have major discounts.  These deals will only last 24 hours and from what I know they do not give out rain-checks or vouchers... first come first serve online!  The best part is!? You don't have to leave your home to get the best deals for the Holidays! Sleep is your friend!  Some online retailers will participate in both sale events but will have different sale prices for each day.

Don't forget to share the links with your friends and family! The share buttons are below each post.  Happy Pre-Black Friday Shopping!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wish List and Purchasing Tip

Everyday I get emails about the *hot new bestsellers* for Kindle.  So of course I search through them falling for the toy commercial ploy all over again.  Thinking  "I gotta have these books!"  Since I don't really have the time to read all the ebooks that have ever existed...(dang it!).... I have to sift through the books and carefully choose which ones to actually purchase.  My book taste changes all the time.  To prevent myself from regretting a purchase I.......

step 1: open list (mine are usually emails)
step 2: peruse the list
step 3: add which ones you *think* you like to wish list A (or in my case... Books I Might Like) on Amazon
step 4: save and close wish list A
step 5: wait at least a couple days.. then go through wish list A again... do you still like the books you picked out? (repeat this step as much as you feel it is needed...sometimes I repeat it 3-4 times for one book)
step 6: if yes to step 5, move the books you still like from wish list A to wish list B (mine is titled Kindle Books)
step 6: if no to step 5, delete the books from your list and move on
step 7: purchase books at your leisure from wish list B

side note: I keep all of my wish lists on Amazon to keep it simple.

Ebooks are constantly changing price and going on sale.  So wait a little while before you purchase something to get the best prices.  Even if a book jumps out at you, don't purchase it right away (unless it's free or on sale of course).  Check with your Kindle or Nook friends to make sure they don't have the book already, or for their opinion on the book.  Library Lending has begun in some states for Kindle, so be sure to check your local library!  If you're a Prime member, click on the ebook to see if it is available for free to borrow too.  Happy Wish List Making!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review Day: If I Die

I just finished If I Die by Rachel Vincent (about... 20 minutes ago...ha).  This is currently the *final* book in the Soul Screamers Series, although I predict either another series or more add-ons to come! I reviewed all of the others a while back, so go check out that review as well!

If I Die - 5 out of 5 stars
This is by far the best one in the series.  Gripping, thrilling, suspenseful, chilling, incredible, passionate, mind-blowing good... I loved it!  It took me about six days to read because I had to take breaks for school and work. heh.  If you've read any of the Soul Screamers series... you MUST read this one too! I can lend it out!

Go here for a book description.  Do not try to read this novel if you haven't read ALL of the others first, including the novellas.  It will 100% spoil the entire series and you will be super confused.  Many of the other novels and novellas in the series don't depend on the previous books, but this one does and heavily.  But that's what makes it so good! Finally all of the past actions and plots made a difference!

If you haven't read anything from this series and want an amazing (my favorite!!) series to read... I can lend out the entire series to you if you have a Kindle or Kindle App, of course one book at a time.  A perfect sci-fi, fantasy, YA, semi-romance, friendship/relationship... it's an all around amazing set of books.  Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Quick Tip (Holiday Edition)

Today's Holiday edition Quick Tip is Black Friday shopping.  Black Friday shopping is the day after Thanksgiving (in the USA).  It starts as early as midnight and 1:00 am!  Only get up early if the sale is actually worth it.  Don't get up to go shopping just because the item you want it a whole $3.00 off.  That's not worth the lines and wait! Be sure to check online too.  Many companies, such as Target and WalMart, have the same sales and sometimes even better sales online.  Shopping online for Black Friday saves you gas, a headache or two, waiting in line and having to get up before even the birds do.  Happy Black Friday Shopping!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quick Tip! (Holiday Edition)

Today's *Holiday Edition* Quick Tip is gift cards for eReaders.  Buying a gift card for eReaders will allow them to pick out exactly which ebooks, audiobooks, or apps they want instead of you guessing.  Amazon and Barnes & Noble sell various levels of gift cards.  Even $5.00 gift cards can be used for more than one book! Both sites offer a large amount of ebooks for under $1.00 each.  If you got a gift card... try making it stretch by watching out for sales and discounts.  Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More about the Kindle Owner's Lending Library

I can't help it! So. Much. Information!  This is a program for Amazon Prime members.  It lets you borrow/rent over 5,000 ebooks for free.  There are some down sides to the program, considering it's brand new (announced Saturday, Nov 5).

Go here for a full list of prime eligible ebooks!  I can guarantee the program will be expanding, changing, evolving into something even more spectacular (if that's even possible) during the upcoming months.

I've been doing a ton of reading on this program so I can get as familiar as possible with it.  I really can't wait to try it out!  There's a ton of discrepancy with the program on the publisher/author side of the deal, so hopefully it gets worked out.  Read more about that here.

  • Free ebook rentals
  • Unlimited reading time - borrow as many times or as long as you want!
  • Over 5,000 ebooks available from 100 top sellers to the classics
  • New program means lots of changes to come
  • Similar to a regular library
  • Ebooks only
  • One flat fee of $79 per yea
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars
  • Highlights, bookmarks, note, etc can still be made and will be saved to your Amazon account even after you return the loaned ebook
  • Open to any Kindle device owner with a Prime membership
  • Only available for Kindle - not the app or add-ons for any other eReader (including Nook or Sony)
  • New program means lots of changes to come
  • Similar to a regular library
  • Ebooks only
  • Must be a Prime member and own a Kindle
  • Cannot own the book unless you choose to buy it (which costs)
  • Cannot have multiple loans at once (hope this changes)
  • Cancel membership and still have a loan? - ebook will become locked and you will only be able to return the ebook (if you purchased the ebook, no worries; this is only for loaned ones)
  • You can only borrow one ebook per month (which is the biggest restriction for me...)
I listed some things on both the pro/con lists because to me they are mostly pros but many people view them as cons.   What do you think? Will this cause you to get a Prime membership? Happy Prime Shopping!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kindle Owner's Lending Library!

So excited! I started an Amazon Prime account today! I can't wait to start using the lending library.  I already have 30 books picked out.  Has anyone tried it out yet?  I hope they continue to expand the collection!  I'm considering a post (again) about using it.

Happy Lending Library Using!

Review Day: Children's Books Anonymous

Welcome to Children's Books Anonymous everyone!

Do you know what else today is!?!? My one year of owning a Kindle!! yay!!

Ahem. Lets get started!

Step 1: Admit you have a problem. addicted to................CHILDREN'S books.  *deep breath*

haha.. Seriously... I am a child at heart. I've always loved books, but had a hard time reading when I was little, because I couldn't find books I liked.  I was very picky.  Not anymore!  haha... Do you remember what your favorite books were from when you were very young?

Oh come on! They're so cute and lovable and funny and silly and adorable and cute... They're so cute I had to say it twice okay!

Well...Here are the most memorable children's books I have read within the last year.
  1. Knuffle Bunny - A cute little story about a baby, Trixie, and her favorite little bunny (Knuffle Bunny). Such a cute heartwarming story that everyone can appreciate.  The pictures are a cross between actual photographs and animated pictures.  This story hits home because we have all lost a toy or something very dear to us at one point in time or had to deal with someone who has.
  2. Knuffle Bunny Too - The sequel to Knuffle Bunny.  Little Trixie has grown up a bit.  She's made a new friend who has a Knuffle Bunny too (get the title now?)! I loved reading another tale of Trixie and her beloved Knuffle Bunny's adventures.
  3. Knuffle Bunny Free - The third and final (so far) tale of the adventures of Trixie and Kunffle Bunny. Trixie goes to visit her grandparents.  Gorgeous pictures again! Such a sweet and happy story!
  4. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus - Pigeon wants to drive the bus.  He doesn't care if he's not allowed.  He must drive the bus! This is such a silly tale about a pigeon who just wants to drive a giant bus.   The hand-drawn pictures are absolutely hilarious and made me tear up from laughing so hard.  Must have for book for every child!
  5. Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog - The Pigeon finds a hot dog! Oh how lucky he feels! Until a little ducky comes along, Pigeon can't wait to eat his hot dog.  But the ducky wants to eat it too!  Between the pictures and the hilarity of a pigeon and duckling fighting over a hot dog, this is another must have children's book!
  6. Noisy Nora - My all time favorite book.  An adorable little tale about a middle child mouse (I obviously related to this story...note sarcasm) who wanted attention from her parents.  Hush said her Father, Quiet said her Mum... NORA! said her Sister... Why are you so dumb!? Best. Lines. Ever.
  7. Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse - A cute little tale about a little mouse named Lilly who loves her new purple plastic purse (say that ten times fast! I dare you!).  A bit of a tongue twister but such a cute book.  Love the pictures!
What children's books do you love (or love when you were a child)? Are you a children's book-aholic too (I have openings available)? Did I make you miss being a child or reading these books?  Happy Children's Book Reading!

    Saturday, November 5, 2011

    Quick Tip (Holiday Edition)

    Today's Holiday edition Quick Tip is to shop online! Shopping online is very very easy and convenient. You don't have to waste gas going to 10 different stores for just one item.  Some stores will even gift wrap the item for you! Gift wrapping will save you time and paper cuts! What? I know I'm not the only person who gets paper cuts when cutting wrapping paper!!  Also, shopping online can give you more guarantee of actually getting the item.. Just make sure you shop at least one month in advance so your package arrives.  Online prices can even be lower if you shop around!  Check multiple stores online before buying.  You won't even have to get out of your footy pajamas to shop!! Or in my case... footy-less pajamas....  Happy Shopping Online!!

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Amazon Announcement!!!!!

    Attention Amazon Prime Members! This is for you (and anyone considering Amazon Prime)!!

    Yet another reason to get Amazon Prime memberships... hm... AND ANOTHER way to save money on ebooks!!!  See that tie in? heh.

    Amazon announced a new (I'm jealous) extremely (seriously jealous) amazing (not fair!) opportunity for Amazon Prime members (sigh...).  It's called Kindle Owner's Library Lending!  Currently only offered to Prime members.  This is a free service where you can *rent/borrow* thousands of ebooks for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let that sink in for a minute...

    THOUSANDS OF FREE EBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just any ebooks... NY Times CURRENT best sellers... Current top 100 best selling ebooks... If you have a prime membership... Use. This. Feature!!

    Go here for directions on how to use this totally-amazing-OMG-I-am-extremely-jealous-incredibly-awesome opportunity.  And then let me know how it goes!! I really really want to know more about it.

    If you're like me and haven't gotten a prime membership yet... you can try it out for a whole month for free!! Go here to start your trial and see all of the other perks!

    For you: Lolo, Sharon and Nathan :-D Happy Prime Memberships Are Awesome Day!!

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    Quick Tip!

    Today's Quick Tip is battery charging.  Wait until your eReader has 1/4 or less of the battery left to charge it.  Waiting to charge it will allow the battery to be used completely and charge completely.  Charging your eReader when the battery is full will cause the battery life to be shorter.  If you have a Nook, purchase two batteries to make charging quicker.  Keep one fully charged as a back up while using the other!  For Kindle users, charge using a wall-adapter instead of charging on the PC.  The battery life will last longer and charge faster! Happy Charging!

    Tuesday, November 1, 2011

    November Monthly Deals!!

    Super excited! Today is such an amazing day to pick up some free ebooks and discounted ebooks! Publishers release a ton of ebooks the first week of each month and today Pixel-of-Ink has soooo many freebies!! Plus, Amazon's monthly 100 deal started again today! Go here for POI and here for November deals from Amazon.  Let me know if you get anything and pass on the information!  I've only picked up 5 today.. heh.  Happy November!!