Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review Day: Donor

Today's review day!! yay!!

Donor by Ken McClure
rating: 5 stars  Adding this one to my favorites!!

Go here for the Amazon description.  I wrote this review on my NotePad app for DragonToo (my Kindle) about 5 minutes after I finished the book.

An exceptional novel that is very well written! The characters create such a deep connection with each other it's hard not to feel like you're really there.  From the very beginning, the plot twists and turns so smoothly and effortlessly that creates a background chocked full of details  Not many novels can provide the amount of detail and background Donor contains without boring and losing the reader; however, Ken McClure walks that fine line with ease and perfection.

My favorite part was being able to see the entire story from almost every character's view point (parents, hospitals, government/Sci-Med, Dr. Dunbar, the nurses and doctors...).  This is by far the most captivating, intriguing, and twisted medical mystery novel I have ever read.  I cannot wait to continue reading more from the series! I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys the television shows House and Bones.  This is truly a novel for every reader from ages 15-16 and up. It's not overly complicated in a way that can confuse, but has enough detail to keep even the most avid of readers pleased.  This novel can be classified as medical mystery, thriller, suspense, mystery, investigative mystery, heart-warming, twisted and fiction.

If you would like to borrow my Kindle ebook edition of Donor, please send me an email with email address attached to your account and when you would like me to send it.  I highly recommend just picking it up on Amazon especially since it is super cheap ($1.36).  Currently you cannot buy the ebook edition from B&N for the Nook.  But you can get the paperback and hardback editions from either Amazon or B&N.  Check around local book stores and libraries if you want the paper edition.

Go here for the Facebook page for author Ken McClure!  Happy Review Day!!

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