Thursday, November 3, 2011

Amazon Announcement!!!!!

Attention Amazon Prime Members! This is for you (and anyone considering Amazon Prime)!!

Yet another reason to get Amazon Prime memberships... hm... AND ANOTHER way to save money on ebooks!!!  See that tie in? heh.

Amazon announced a new (I'm jealous) extremely (seriously jealous) amazing (not fair!) opportunity for Amazon Prime members (sigh...).  It's called Kindle Owner's Library Lending!  Currently only offered to Prime members.  This is a free service where you can *rent/borrow* thousands of ebooks for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let that sink in for a minute...

THOUSANDS OF FREE EBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just any ebooks... NY Times CURRENT best sellers... Current top 100 best selling ebooks... If you have a prime membership... Use. This. Feature!!

Go here for directions on how to use this totally-amazing-OMG-I-am-extremely-jealous-incredibly-awesome opportunity.  And then let me know how it goes!! I really really want to know more about it.

If you're like me and haven't gotten a prime membership yet... you can try it out for a whole month for free!! Go here to start your trial and see all of the other perks!

For you: Lolo, Sharon and Nathan :-D Happy Prime Memberships Are Awesome Day!!

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