Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How To: Kindle Gifting (ebook gifting)

AHA! I found the information I was looking for! Happy dance time!

Kindle Gifting is when you buy an ebook for someone else and *gift* it to them through an email.

Amazon is still tweaking this little system, but for now it's still pretty amazing!  Instead of getting a gift card, you can purchase the exact book they want and send it to them!

There are a few rules of course.  Which includes some exclusions.  *cough lame cough*  

FAQ information about Kindle Gifting:
  • You can *track* the order - Amazon will send you a purchase receipt, a "your friend got the email" receipt, and a "your friend opened the email receipt and accepted the gift" (last one is optional)
  • You can resend your digital gift if for some reason the email gets lost (or put into a spam folder.. or deleted)
  • Gifted books can still be loaned
  • There are no additional charges (just pay for the ebook) for gifting.  Plus! Think of how it will save you on wrapping, postage or even on the card (send an e-card instead!)
  • The gift can be redeemed for a gift card (so if everyone bought your friend the same book.. no worries! They can turn it into a gift card instead.. I know it defeats the purpose.. but still handy!)
  • You cannot (yet) send ebooks to friends who live out of the country (lame!) because of copyright laws (understandable... ish).. but if you do go through with the purchase before knowing that... they can change it into a gift card instead! yay!
  • Free ebooks (obviously), periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers) and pre-order books cannot be gifted (yet)
All you have to do is go the page of the ebook you wish to gift.  Click "give as a gift" instead of "add to your cart" or "one-click purchase".  Then it will send you through the process.  All you need is the recipient's email and an Amazon account.  Super easy and quick!  No more waiting to deliver a gift to someone.
Remember when I said Amazon is still tweaking this system?  Keep that in mind.  I can definitely see some room for improvement and changes.    I have over 379 ebooks.. I'd love to give ones I've read away.  That'd be the cherry on top if I could! (So far... I can't...)  I want to know if they will ever make it so already purchased ebooks could be gifted?  Like a one-time only gift to someone else versus a one-time lend? Hmm....

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