Wednesday, November 23, 2011

eReaders vs Paper Books

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who don't use an eReader is they don't want to convert because of (insert giant list of reasons here).  Some people even get a little defensive when I prove them wrong or just *stop* listening... Those are the same people who now worship their eReaders and can't live without them.  HA!

Here are a few arguments about physical books versus eReaders.

Physical Books are better because... Libraries have the books for free.  I can shop at Half Price Books or local used book stores and get books cheaper than on an eReader.  Ereaders are too expensive.  I like to hold a physical book.  I like the smell of new books.  I like hearing the sound of opening a new book.  I don't like looking at a computer screen all day.  It's too small.  You can't borrow them.  The books are more expensive than paper-copy books.

eReaders/ebooks are better because.... (see how my argument is longer? heh.)

Public library books can only be checked out for a short period of time, often have wait-lists for popular books, smell funny (like perfume or cigarette smoke or coffee or dust or just plain weird!?), have late fees if you don't return them on time, are not guaranteed to come back in the same condition as before, are germ breeding grounds, only have 1-2 copies of a book per library (so you have to wait forever to get it) and typically get ruined within a short amount of time especially those that get read a ton.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE libraries.  But I love my Kindle more.

Ebooks are actually cheaper by at least 25% compared to paper editions, for the new ebooks, and up to 98% cheaper for older editions.  Ebooks will never change condition, can be *written* in even if you borrow it from someone, can be kept for a longer period of time when loaned out, can be purchased and delivered within minutes of it being released.

One eReader costs less than 12 new hardcover books (price around 12.95).

Holding a physical book is great! BUT... you have to hold it open, bookmark your spot with something that might fall out, write any notes or passages you want to remember on a sheet of paper that will most likely get lost and they can be so thick or large that you have to hold with two hands just to keep reading.  Kindle = hands free or one hand and weighs less than a paperback book.

The e-ink pearl screens are so amazing! They look like an actual book, not a computer screen.  You can read for longer periods of time without your arms getting tired or your eyes hurting.  You can change the font size to suit your needs, not get the large print (if they even have it) or squint to read tiny print.

Guess what?!? You CAN loan out or borrow ebooks.  Even from your local library and friends!

I've converted so many people with these arguments.  Kinda like the Kindle comercial where the girl has to fold down the corner of a page and then switches to an eReader.  ha.  Happy Conversion to eReaders Day!

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All You Can Books said...

I agree with you about this subject. Yes, printed books are free at the library, but we can find eBooks as well. There are many sites with this kind of books and we can download them without any issue. Howsoever, not many people choose to buy and read on these devices... I don't know why. In my opinion, it's a great experience and until now I read so many books on my way to work.