Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Gifts

It's that time of year again when people start shopping like crazy for the Holidays.  Here are a few gift ideas for someone who wants or owns an eReader!

For those who already own an eReader:
  • New case - find out what generation of eReader they have and pick up a new, inexpensive, neoprene case or cover.  These are great when you're trying to pack light!
  • Light - see if they have a light for their eReader.  If not.. these are great inexpensive gifts!
  • Batteries - if they have a light.. they'll need some AAA batteries! Pick up a four pack or even some rechargables with a charger!
  • Gift Card - get them a gift card for either Amazon or B&N.  They'll be extremely thankful!
  • Ebooks (Amazon only) - gift an ebook to them! Go here for instructions.
For those who want/are getting an eReader this Holiday season:
Try to team up with whomever is getting them the eReader (parents, husband/wife, fiance, sibling, etc.) so you know exactly which one they are getting and what else they may be getting with it.
  • Case - every eReader needs a case.  There are plenty of inexpensive, easy to care for cases that can be purchased online or in stores.  If you're bargain hunting, online is definitely the best place. Just order early!
  • Light - just like reading a book you need to have good lighting! Pick up a light that will go with the generation of eReader they have.
  • Gift Cards - a great way to help the person start their ebook/audio book collection!
  • Batteries - Get them a light? Don't forget some batteries!
  • Cleaning materials - touch screens get dirty and nobody likes to use a dirty screen! Pick up some eye-glasses cleaning wipes or dry cloths (NOT the sprays though!)
  • Give them the batteries and cleaning materials first.  Throw them off completely! Then they'll be dieing to know what goes with them! The anticipation is so much fun!
 Just make sure you get gift receipts for anything that can be returned... just in case! Happy Holidays!

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