Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More about the Kindle Owner's Lending Library

I can't help it! So. Much. Information!  This is a program for Amazon Prime members.  It lets you borrow/rent over 5,000 ebooks for free.  There are some down sides to the program, considering it's brand new (announced Saturday, Nov 5).

Go here for a full list of prime eligible ebooks!  I can guarantee the program will be expanding, changing, evolving into something even more spectacular (if that's even possible) during the upcoming months.

I've been doing a ton of reading on this program so I can get as familiar as possible with it.  I really can't wait to try it out!  There's a ton of discrepancy with the program on the publisher/author side of the deal, so hopefully it gets worked out.  Read more about that here.

  • Free ebook rentals
  • Unlimited reading time - borrow as many times or as long as you want!
  • Over 5,000 ebooks available from 100 top sellers to the classics
  • New program means lots of changes to come
  • Similar to a regular library
  • Ebooks only
  • One flat fee of $79 per yea
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars
  • Highlights, bookmarks, note, etc can still be made and will be saved to your Amazon account even after you return the loaned ebook
  • Open to any Kindle device owner with a Prime membership
  • Only available for Kindle - not the app or add-ons for any other eReader (including Nook or Sony)
  • New program means lots of changes to come
  • Similar to a regular library
  • Ebooks only
  • Must be a Prime member and own a Kindle
  • Cannot own the book unless you choose to buy it (which costs)
  • Cannot have multiple loans at once (hope this changes)
  • Cancel membership and still have a loan? - ebook will become locked and you will only be able to return the ebook (if you purchased the ebook, no worries; this is only for loaned ones)
  • You can only borrow one ebook per month (which is the biggest restriction for me...)
I listed some things on both the pro/con lists because to me they are mostly pros but many people view them as cons.   What do you think? Will this cause you to get a Prime membership? Happy Prime Shopping!

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