Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review Day: If I Die

I just finished If I Die by Rachel Vincent (about... 20 minutes ago...ha).  This is currently the *final* book in the Soul Screamers Series, although I predict either another series or more add-ons to come! I reviewed all of the others a while back, so go check out that review as well!

If I Die - 5 out of 5 stars
This is by far the best one in the series.  Gripping, thrilling, suspenseful, chilling, incredible, passionate, mind-blowing good... I loved it!  It took me about six days to read because I had to take breaks for school and work. heh.  If you've read any of the Soul Screamers series... you MUST read this one too! I can lend it out!

Go here for a book description.  Do not try to read this novel if you haven't read ALL of the others first, including the novellas.  It will 100% spoil the entire series and you will be super confused.  Many of the other novels and novellas in the series don't depend on the previous books, but this one does and heavily.  But that's what makes it so good! Finally all of the past actions and plots made a difference!

If you haven't read anything from this series and want an amazing (my favorite!!) series to read... I can lend out the entire series to you if you have a Kindle or Kindle App, of course one book at a time.  A perfect sci-fi, fantasy, YA, semi-romance, friendship/relationship... it's an all around amazing set of books.  Happy Saturday!

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