Monday, November 14, 2011

Wish List and Purchasing Tip

Everyday I get emails about the *hot new bestsellers* for Kindle.  So of course I search through them falling for the toy commercial ploy all over again.  Thinking  "I gotta have these books!"  Since I don't really have the time to read all the ebooks that have ever existed...(dang it!).... I have to sift through the books and carefully choose which ones to actually purchase.  My book taste changes all the time.  To prevent myself from regretting a purchase I.......

step 1: open list (mine are usually emails)
step 2: peruse the list
step 3: add which ones you *think* you like to wish list A (or in my case... Books I Might Like) on Amazon
step 4: save and close wish list A
step 5: wait at least a couple days.. then go through wish list A again... do you still like the books you picked out? (repeat this step as much as you feel it is needed...sometimes I repeat it 3-4 times for one book)
step 6: if yes to step 5, move the books you still like from wish list A to wish list B (mine is titled Kindle Books)
step 6: if no to step 5, delete the books from your list and move on
step 7: purchase books at your leisure from wish list B

side note: I keep all of my wish lists on Amazon to keep it simple.

Ebooks are constantly changing price and going on sale.  So wait a little while before you purchase something to get the best prices.  Even if a book jumps out at you, don't purchase it right away (unless it's free or on sale of course).  Check with your Kindle or Nook friends to make sure they don't have the book already, or for their opinion on the book.  Library Lending has begun in some states for Kindle, so be sure to check your local library!  If you're a Prime member, click on the ebook to see if it is available for free to borrow too.  Happy Wish List Making!!

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