Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pre-Black Friday Deals!

Amazon is holding a countdown to Black Friday with even more sales! There are deals in just about every department, but not all of them are really different so shop smart.  Go here for the countdown to Black Friday deals for all departments.  Keep in mind Amazon is an online based retailer so their major deals will come on Cyber Monday!

I will keep updating this as new stuff is added. They are up to 80% off this week! yay!  Go here for the pre-Black Friday book deals.  Some of the deals will expire though so make sure you watch out! If you've been waiting to get a book, this would be a great week to pick it up!

A little confused about Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday (November 25) is the day after the US Thanksgiving (November 24) where almost every single retailer in the US heavily discounts their merchandise.  It's the best shopping day of the year for those people who want to get the best deals for items.  The deals only last 24 hours, however some store do give out vouchers/rain-checks if they run out of something.  The deals will start as early as 1am and go almost all day long.. and yes people actually get out of bed to go shopping! haha.

Don't forget Cyber Monday (November 28 this year)!! Cyber Monday is when online retailers will have major discounts.  These deals will only last 24 hours and from what I know they do not give out rain-checks or vouchers... first come first serve online!  The best part is!? You don't have to leave your home to get the best deals for the Holidays! Sleep is your friend!  Some online retailers will participate in both sale events but will have different sale prices for each day.

Don't forget to share the links with your friends and family! The share buttons are below each post.  Happy Pre-Black Friday Shopping!!

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