Thursday, November 24, 2011

Twitter Find!!!!

I started a Twitter account just to follow authors and to help promote my blog.  I've met some fantastic authors, editors, co-authors, and people who tweet for them (assistants, family, friends...).  It's ridiculously fun to chat with them about their books, especially after I read them!!  Through Twitter, I have found tons of new books and series to try out.  I have a follower (who I also follow...) that tweets for the author Ken McClure. Also, check out the Ken McClure Facebook page for more information!  I was looking into McClure's novels and couldn't believe I hadn't read them yet! They are exactly the type of books I love: suspense, thrillers, mystery, very slight romance, puzzling, intense... and 100% worth every penny.

I picked up a book by Ken McClure, titled Donor.  Donor is the first book in a series of five all about Dr. Dunbar.  Go here for an Amazon description and place to buy it.  It's SUPER cheap for the Kindle too, I paid $1.38 (it's now only $1.36...a $.02 difference is apparently the Black Friday special...heh).

Once I sat down and actually just read the book for more than 20 minutes at a time... it only took me about 2 days.  I couldn't get enough of it!  I even went and purchased the rest of the series within 15 minutes of ending the book.  I haven't EVER done that.  I usually wait until they go on sale for super cheap... but I actually paid full price for the Kindle versions.  I haven't paid full price for a book or ebook for over 10 years.  I purchased over 300 ebooks in the last year alone.  Let that sink in for a minute..

If that doesn't tell you how excited I am about these books then I don't know what else will.  A review will be up later this week for Donor.  I loved it sooooooooo much I literally typed the review on my Kindle.... plus I didn't have a PC nearby.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!!

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