Friday, April 13, 2012

Review Day: Frugality: Let's Get Thrifty!

Today's review marks the end of the challenge I started on March 5.  The challenge: use JM's workbook Frugality: Let's Get Thrifty! for one whole month.

Title - Frugalarity: Let's Get Thrifty! (click the title to purchase from Amazon)
Author - JM Greenleaf
Type of book - workbook; ebook format
Rating: 3 stars

(description from Amazon)
Frugalarity: Let’s Get Thrifty – It’s Not Just About Extreme Couponing is a workbook created for the extreme novice. These printables (if readers are using an e-reader or their computer) and reproducables (for those using a paperback edition of this workbook) are those that are most often used in my household. Because this workbook is based on my personal experiences, as well as information gathered on, I expect this book to continue growing and updating.
I was an extreme novice when it came to using coupons, keeping track of what I had in the kitchen cabinets, and planning meals ahead.  I have tried and tried and tried to utilize these simple but very useful, money and time saving techniques but after about a week of "YES! I can do this!" spirit, I sink back into old habits and stop clipping or keeping track. Until now... 

This workbook is a miracle!  It really helped me keep track (when I actually remembered to use it) AND helped me save time/money.  I was able to keep a detailed inventory of what food I had in my kitchen and it made getting ready for the grocery store trips much much easier.  *shudders* I really don't like going to the grocery store (or as I've come to call libraries. *smirk*).  I knew what I had in my cabinets and about how much, so I knew if I needed to get more or if I was good for the week.  I loved being able to just grab my "to-buy" list and run off to the store.

A few downsides to this workbook - I can guarantee it will be much more helpful to larger, busier families and to those people who have the space to buy groceries in *large* quantities.  With just two people in our apartment, we make a trip to the grocery store when needed AND there are two grocery stores litterally within 5-6 minutes from our apartment - no need to make HUGE shopping trips.  The workbook taught me how to cut down through organizing, but didn't teach me anything about coupons or using up what you already have effectively.

The inventory list was by far my favorite part about this book.  If you are looking for a workbook to help guide you in the right direction of keeping track and being more, uhm..  frugal with your grocery spending then I highly recommend this to you.  Before you decide to purchase it, save all your grocery reciepts for a  a couple weeks and see how much it is really adding up to.  Then purchase the book and see if it makes a difference - it made about a $50 difference in our spending!  Happy Review Day!


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