Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneak Peek and Cover Reveal!!

I have a very special treat today!
A cover reveal AND sneak peek!!!!!!!!!

Becca J. Campbell's upcoming book Foreign Identity is a sci-fi novel that will be released on May 15, 2012!  The cover art was done by Anna Howard at DailyIkon Photography. 


What do you think of the cover?  It's seems like a mystery novel's cover.  Very simple, but has this creepiness about it with the shadow hand and white-tree background.  The title looks like it has been written in blood.  It looks like a Goosebumps or MG mystery novel cover.  It doesn't quite fit the "science fiction" genre to me.  I wish the sign wasn't so...clean and nice looking, more shabby and forgotten or old looking.

Here is a sneak peek into the novel with a full description:
Cold. Confusion. Fear. This is how it all begins.

Waking up without your memory in a cell and bound by chains is terrifying.

Two nameless strangers, a man and a woman, find themselves imprisoned together. With no memories of their own identities, let alone their captor and tormentor, escape is the only option. The pair faces a bizarre labyrinth of rooms and clues that confuse more than they explain. Every discovery only brings more questions.

Who captured them? Why were they taken? What does their captor want from them? What can the riddles mean?

Who are they?

Lacking allies and options, the duo must learn to trust one another. Mazes, puzzles, and even strange, lurking creatures force them to rely on their wits--and each other--for survival. But survival isn’t enough. They need answers.

Will the answers be enough? Will the truth bring them closer together, or drive them forever apart? Will discovering their identities finally bring them home? (end)

*shudders* It sounds so creepy, but so good. I absolutely love the mixture of mystery and science-fiction elements this little blurb has promised. I can't wait to see what the novel brings! While reading the blurb..my mind immediately went to Lost (the television show.). If Becca's novel is anything close to the how amazing that show was, it will be an instant best-seller.

Now...what do you think of the cover?

After reading the excerpt, I fully agree with what I said. The cover doesn't really do this blurb justice. I wish it was creepier and more shabby - less clean lines. I like that the cover is simple, easy to read and you know exactly what the title is and who the author is. One thing I dislike about covers is when the title and author name run together and I can't tell which is which.
The ebook and paperback will be available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble beginning on May 15, 2012. Follow Becca Campbell on Goodreads, Facebook, and her blog to stay up to date with all news surrounding the upcoming release. Happy Cover Reveal Day!

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