Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey There Delilah: Kindle Touch Screen Sensitivity

Hey There Delilah is a *new* mini-series where I help solve Kindle problems.  I get asked all the time "So...something isn't working right on my Kindle and I have no idea why.  I don't have a warranty anymore...PLEASE help!"

Before you decide you hate your Kindle, want to return it and get a new one...ask me!  I've had many freak outs when I thought something with my precious little device was wrong...but really it was something simple.  Here is a common problem that I have come across for many people who use a Kindle and Kindle app.

Problem/Question: My Kindle Touch screen is not reacting very quickly when I touch it.  The battery is half charged - should I send it in?

My answer: Not yet! Try this first. Do not push harder or down on the screen to get it to work.  That will just break it and not all warranties cover that!

How to fix it: 1. Restart your Kindle: menu - settings restart OR menu - restart  2. Check for updates.  Yes this matters!  Simply turn on the WiFi or 3G; menu - settings - check for updates OR menu - check for updates  3.  If your screen still isn't responding well after the updates and restart, charge your Kindle completely.  Touch screens require more power, so the battery might be lower than it is showing it is.  Turn off your Kindle while charging.*  4.  If the screen still is not working properly after all of these steps, contact Kindle Customer Service about options.  If you still have a warranty then this issue is covered 100%, if not then CS can give you the options.

* Side note:  If steps 1-3 fix your problem, make sure you write down the date the issue occurred somewhere.  If this occurs more than once within a month or during the next full battery charge, you should contact Amazon.

How to prevent it:  Power down your Kindle at least once a week.  Do not leave the WiFi or 3G engaged 24/7 unless you are using it - it will drain the battery faster.  Make sure you update and/or check for updates on your Kindle at least once a month.  Only charge your Kindle Touch battery when the battery is low or if the device is getting noticeably slower.

Have a Kindle problem?  Ask me!  I love helping people figure out their Kindle issues.  *Please note, I can't solve all Kindle problems.  Some of them can't be fixed at home.*  Send me an email, tweet, message me on Facebook, or leave a comment and I will get back to you!  Happy Fixing!

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