Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review Day: Silver Linings

Today's review is...

Title: Silver Linings
Authors: Kate James
Rating: 4 stars

(description from Amazon)
Katlyn’s world is shattered when her fiancĂ©e is killed in an accident.  The beneficiary of his considerable wealth, Katlyn has his numerous properties at her disposal.  Seeking solace at his St. Lucian villa, she gradually begins to build a new life and fulfil a dream of owning an art gallery.  Hesitantly, she also opens herself to accepting love once more.  Yet fate intervenes again, threatening to destroy all that she has begun to build.

** Some spoilers are contained in this review!**

Silver Linings is a novel that changes at every turn.  It starts out with the tragedy of Katlyn losing her fiancee Jack.  Coping with the death of her fiancee, Katlyn plans to turn her life around by following her life-long dream of being a artist and gallery owner.  She soon finds new friends, a new home and even a new romance that is more passionate than she could ever imagine.  When Katlyn's gallery is destroyed in devastating hurricane, she must decide if she wants to rebuild or just pack up and retreat back to the city.  After making her decision, Katlyn is not feeling much like herself anymore and goes to see a doctor.  She finds out some very troubling and disturbing news that has the potential to kill her.  Will she survive?

This novel is wonderfully written.  The natural rise and fall of the plot will keep you intrigued while the plot twists will keep you guessing.  The main characters seem to jump off the pages.  The tragedy and romance fill the reader with such emotion they can hardly wait to finish and see what happens.  Kate James did an incredible job of telling the tale of Katlyn, Jack and all the other characters.  She also manages to keep the feeling light and happy through the unbreakable bonds of Katlyn and her best friend Myra, as well as Katlyn and her new friend Jolene.  Kate wrote with such a passion and eye for detail that readers are surely to notice, and be thankful for.

Why four stars?  Although I really liked this novel, it was very true to the tragedy/romance genre(s).  There were hints of mystery in the novel that I would have liked more from; however, I am satisfied with how the situations played out.

Silver Linings can be purchased from Amazon in Kindle or print format.  Happy Review Day!

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