Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick Tip! [From the Archives]

Today's Quick Tip [From the Archives] is....

deciding on when to read another book!  Scenario: You just finished a book.  It was amazing (or terrible...)!!  Give yourself time to bask in the glory (or dread) of the this book.  Wait at least until the next day before starting another book.  Waiting will let the story sink in and really end.  If you jump into another book too soon, you'll find yourself thinking more about the last book and less about the new book, missing important details or mixing up the two books.  Nobody wants that!  BUT if you just can't wait, and I know I do it too...then read something completely different from it (if possible).  For example, when you finish a particularly creepy book go read a romance or comedy novel to help push out the creepiness...or whatever feelings that are lingering.

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Happy Reading!

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