Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick Tip!

Today's Quick Tip is deciding on when to read another book.  Scenario: You just finished a book.  It was amazing (or terrible...)!!  Give yourself time to bask in the glory (or dread) of the this book.  Wait at least one full day before starting another book.  Waiting will let the story sink in and really end.  If you jump into another book too soon, you'll find yourself thinking more about the last book and less about the new book, missing important details or mixing up the two books.  Nobody wants that!  If the last book made you mad or ended terribly or just won't get out of your mind... read something completely different from it (if possible).  For example, when you finish a particularly creepy book go read a romance or comedy novel to help push out the creepiness.  Happy Waiting and eventually Reading!

**Time between novels will vary.  I don't always wait a full day between books (sometimes it's only an hour), but sometimes I find myself waiting as long as a week between.**


Joe Menta said...

Ha! I don't think I'm capable of waiting a full day between books. I always start one the next day. Though I agree with you in principle... I DO like to mull over a completed book for a few hours before starting another one (whether it's a book or an audiobook). That's why I never start a new book or audio the same day I finish one. But finishing a book on a Monday and now starting another until Wednesday? I don't think I have the discipline for that.

Anyway, I also like to sit through all the closing credits of movies, to give myself a few minutes to digest the film I just watched.

HilyBee said...

It depends for me. Sometimes I can start a new book less than an hour after finishing one. But most times I wait until the next day or even a full day in between. I just think about them too much! haha. But I agree.. waiting a full day is very difficult 95% of the time. :) Thank you for your thoughts!

TinyDreamer said...

I definitely find that a small waiting period between books (whether it be a few minutes, hours or even a day or two) helps a lot to prepre you for the next adventure. This especially important, to me at least, to do so if I hated the book... Take The Catcher in the Rye for example, I didn't exactly hate the book just Holdon lol I complained the entire time I read it. But, I had to finish it I had started it was a class requirement. I didn't read for a month after that book lol true story.

When I was younger I would read mulitple books during any giving time. Without the wait period I learned "the hard way" definitely ,made for some messed up dreams. I would have dreams that would combine characters from books like Harry Potter and blood and Chocolate (which I highly recommend).