Friday, October 28, 2011

How to: Pick Out an eReader

So you finally decided you wanted an eReader huh? There are tons of options out there.. Which one is best for you can be a scary thing to figure out (que scary music).  I'm officially freaked out.  Don't listen to that music too much.. it's creepy!

Have no fear!  Super eReader is here to save the day!! (Yeah.. I know it's lame...) Here are a few tips and questions to ask and things to consider when deciding.  This is for any brand of eReader.  Whether you are looking for your first eReader or looking to get a *new* one.... this will help!

1.  What do you want your eReader to do? Go online, just read books, read books to you (audio books and spoken menus), play MP3s, be in color...
2.  Price - how much do you want to spend (please don't go buying a super cheap no-name brand ereader.. they really aren't worth the money.)
3.  How big do you want your eReader to be? Weight, screen makes a huge difference
4.  Touch screen or non-touch screen?
5.  Kindle, Nook or Sony? If you don't have a preference (yet) read reviews on the product
6.  What do you want to use your eReader for? School, work, personal use (or all three!)?
7.  Why do you want an eReader?
8.  Make a list of the qualities that are most important to you.  1 = most important 10 (or more) = least important
9.  Buy online or in stores? Factor in shipping for price if you decide to purchase online (online will have better deals and packages)
10.  Color or Grayscale? Do you want a color screen or is black and white/grayscale okay?
11.  WiFi or 3G? If you don't have your own wireless or access to wireless at least once or twice a week, get 3G.
12.  Tablet or eReader only? Refer back to question 1 - what do you want your eReader to do?
13.  Accessories? You'll want a case and light (if not back-lit)... factor into price but shop around offline as well as online for the best prices
14.  What is the purpose of getting an eReader? Pleasure, work, school, internet, computer replacement...
15.  Battery life and storage - how many books do you want to store? how long of a battery life do you want?

I highly recommend filling out these questions or just mentally asking yourself.  I really hope this helps you decide what type of eReader is best for you!  If you have any other questions to add to this list, because I know I've forgotten something, let me know!  Happy Shopping!

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