Friday, October 21, 2011

FAQs - Updated!

I asked everyone what they wanted to know about, but didn't get as many comments as I did in person.  I'm not sure why people are afraid of the comment section... it's not like it's going to eat you or anything.  Although I've heard it likes to bite occasionally.  The comments monster is coming to eat you! AH!!

Anyways... here are the top questions I get asked.

Q 1:  Which eReader is the best or Which eReader should I purchase?
  • I'm a little biased.....okay okay! I'm more than a little biased.  I'm *extremely* biased.  I love the Kindle 3 (Keyboard).  I don't care how many perks the others have, I just love my Kindle 3!  I can't really pick out an eReader or even recommend one for someone without knowing a few things about their habits and needs first.  If you want or need help picking out an eReader.  Please email me.  I'd be glad to help!  I'm currently *working* on the eReader war posts.  They might be on here soon.  Maybe... Possibly... Before Christmas I think... ?
Q 2:  I want an ereader but don't know which one.  Now what!?
  • Do your homework. You need to make sure you are getting the best device for your money and needs.  I bet you didn't even know you had reading needs until now did you? HA! See!!  I taught you something. *happy dance*  Make a list of important features then compare your list to each of the eReaders on the market (Kindle, Nook, Sony, iPad) and find the one that matches.
Q 3:  How long have you had your Kindle?
  • It will be exactly one year in November.
Q 4: Do you like other eReaders or only the Kindle?
  • I don't dislike other eReaders.  I definitely don't hate them.  But I also don't like them.  It's hard to explain okay!
Q 5:  What case would you recommend for Kindle?
  • The JavoEdge flip case is my favorite by far.  But that's just what I prefer.  Really do some research.  The JavoEdge cases are high quality cases for a low price (around $20-30 dollars on Amazon).  I know that $20-30 sounds like a higher price for a case, but honestly it's really cheap for the quality of the product.  I'm very surprised JavoEdge cases are not $40+ on sale.  I'm not really sure about Nook or Sony eReader cases.. just do some research and read reviews!
Q 6:  Do audio books work on eReaders? I only like audio books, which eReader is the best?
  • On most but definitely not all.  The new Kindle or Kindle Basic (the touch screen super super tiny Kindle) does not recognize audio books or any sound files.  Just check in the description of the product to make sure it has an audio plug-in or speaker slits.  Kindle 3 and Kindle Touch are by far the best audio book eReaders out there.  BUT if you only use audio books and don't think you will ever actually read a book, get an iPod or MP3 player.  They are much cheaper and easier for audio books.
Q 7:   You only post links to free ebooks... why not links to ebooks that are not free or are on the top 10 list?
  • Simple answer: I don't want to spend a ton of money on ebooks.  Long-ish answer:  Ebook prices are constantly going down after they are no longer the *super new* releases.  And I know I'm not going to read it right that second, so what's the point in getting an ebook when it's full price if I just wait a couple months and get it half price or even free?  Plus I like that they are free.  Many of the ebooks I read are not free for longer than 24 hours.  So I'm really just bargain hunting! Who doesn't love bargain hunting?
Q 8:  Why did you start blogging?
  • Because I wanted to.
Q 9:  Do you ever share your ebooks?
  • Never ever.  Why would I do such a thing?  Share my ebooks with total strangers? HA!..........Of course I lend them out! Best part is, I am guaranteed to get it returned... so why not right?  Yet another perk of owning a Kindle!  Whats the total at now? 500 something? Hm.. Maybe I should actually write them down sometime......
Q 10:  Do you do anything else with your time?
  • I take pride in knowing a ridiculous (add as much emphasis to the word ridiculous as possible) amount of information about Kindle.... Because I can.  BUT yes, I do have other hobbies.  And no.  I won't tell you.
Q 11:  How do you do (insert topic here) on Blogger? How did you get so comfortable with Blogger?
  • I'm not 100% comfortable with it.  I still have to look things up.  Just Google it!  I'm definitely not a blogging expert.  I consider myself a newbie.  I tried to keep everything looking neat and clean.  I also read a ton of information about *How to Build a Better Blog* which were super boring to read, but extremely helpful.  Just try to learn as much from each post and each change that you make.  Trial and error is the best way to blog.  Yeah, it's annoying having to wait......but you should just evolve your style and get better over time..
Q 12:  How do you (insert Kindle topic here)?  Could you show me or walk me through it?
  • NEVER!  ha.. I'd be happy to help.  Just ask!
Q 13: I want to get an eReader because I read a ton of books.. but I don't want to pay more for ebooks than print books.. help?
  • Ebooks are cheaper than print books.  The average ebook is $8.95 for new releases.  The best part about ebooks is the price is always dropping.  There are over 500,000 free ebooks out there.  You will save hundreds of dollars by getting an ereader and purchasing ebooks on it.
Q 14:  I bought an eReader that was super cheap... and hated it.  Who's to say these brand-name eReaders won't do the same thing?
  • Kindles and Nooks come with a 1 year warranty which can be extended for less than $30.00.  The warranty guarantees that if anything is wrong, they will fix it for free.  Those super cheap eReaders may be cheap... but they won't be fixable or worth the time.  If you want an eReader... save up the little extra needed and get a good eReader like a Kindle or Nook.
Have another question that I didn't answer? Leave it in the comments! Happy Reading!

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