Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sale Prices on K2 and K3 Accessories!!

Since Amazon unveiled four new Kindles on Wednesday, the Kindle 3 now named the Kindle Keyboard, is cheaper! The K3 WiFi is now available for $99.00 $139.00!  The cases, lights, covers and sticker covers are getting cheaper by the day! Go here to find my favorite K3 case!

The new name means more changes! There is talk of more K3 updates! We'll see if that happens or not.  Whether you need a new case, a light, sticker sleeve or not... I highly recommend keeping an eye on Amazon's page.  The prices keep dropping more and more! Plus, you can't ever have too many cases to protect your precious little device (need one for every day of the week right?!?).

The JavoEdge cases are not the only brand going on sale, so be sure to do some digging on their site.  They are no longer 'advertising' the K3 on the Kindle Store.  So you will have to type it in the search box to find accessories.  I just found a case that is actually nice, 5 star reviews, for only $5.62!  However, there are also some cases that have not come down much in price, meaning less than $5.00 off or normal *sale* price.  There are other accessories going on sale as well such as screen protectors, lights, skins, gelly sleeves/covers... Check it out soon!

Have any friends with a K2? Tell them to get on Amazon quick! The cases and accessories are selling out like crazy!  They are discontinuing the K2 line on Amazon (for the most part) so finding any kind of accessories is going to become very difficult very fast.  Pass the word to all your Kindle friends!!  Here is a link for all the cases for K2s.  I just found a faux leather case for only $4.21, originally $35.78! No longer available. The JavoEdge cases for K2 are starting at $12.00!  There are skins, sleeves, gelly covers/sleeves, and screen protectors for super cheap (under $10.00).  There are cases with stands and lights for K2s still.

Happy Kindle 2 and 3 shopping!! Please link my blog on your FB and Twitter so others can take advantage of these deals!  See a sale I missed? Link it in the comments!

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