Monday, January 9, 2012

Review Day: Top Ten

It's review day!!!!
Today's book is....(drum roll) Top Ten by Ryne Douglas Pearson

This novel has an interesting and unique past.  It has been published three times.  Each time the same group of authors worked on it but a different angle was taken.  The story changed slightly each time, some parts were taken out or added in.  R.D. Pearson was the third author to publish this novel and he put back in the chapters that were left out from the second publication.  Weird right?  All of this information was given to you before you even begin reading the ebook.  Which made me think... this is going to be AWESOME.  How couldn't it be!?  It's been published THREE TIMES!  That means it HAS to be good!!

Because of the introduction, I had high expectations for this novel. Plus, the synopsis sounded phenomenal. It drew me in like the trailer for a movie...

His plan...kill his way to the top. Her orders...stop him. At all costs.

Read that in the "movie" voice.. then tell me you don't agree!  It sent chills down my spine... It sounded like the perfect novel.  PLUS it is only 314 pages (including the first two chapters of another book), a quick read!

But then it all went wrong... I (sigh), this is hard, FELL ASLEEP during the first 50 pages.  I haven't fallen asleep because of a book since I read Lord of the Flies when I was 14.  Red flag #1.

Then.. it took me four hours to read the first 90 pages.  I had to pull myself through it with bribes!  Every ten pages I read, I ate a piece of chocolate... heh. Red flag #2.

And THEN I struck GOLD!  The plot picked up, I LOVED IT!  When new characters were introduced, ones I actually liked, I was more inclined to read.  YES!  I was so excited!  I flew through the nest 150 pages in no time.  No red flags! *happy dance time*

I was really enjoying myself, then...dun dun dun!!!  The plot fell.  Again.  It's really obvious what chapters were cut out previously because they weren't "liked" before.  Those chapters made it difficult to stick with it. Red flag #3.

My final thoughts: 2.75 stars.  I just couldn't decide!  Every time I thought I liked this novel something I didn't like would happen and just SMASH the good parts to pieces.  Poof!!  Bye bye good parts!  The red flags I mentioned were little indicators that I wouldn't like the ending, and I didn't. it was boring, anti-climactic and just (snores) boring.  This novel's plot has serious potential, but just didn't go anywhere. (sigh)

If you have read this novel before and liked it, or do not agree with my review, please do not be offended.  I typically can find more good than bad in just about any novel, but there are always a few that just...well... aren't good.  Happy Review Day!!

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