Monday, January 16, 2012

Buying Ban Check-In

I've made it 16 days into January without buying or accepting a book, ebook, free ebooks, etc.  And let me tell you.... It's been...relatively easy!  Shocking?  Maybe.  Weird?  YES.  Anyone else think that's weird?  I thought this was going to be one of the toughest projects I'd ever taken on.  But I was wrong.

I thought I would have to stop reading emails, not get on Twitter or Facebook, not talk to people.... I took on this project thinking it was going to be life altering and mind blowing-ly difficult!  But, it's not!  The book I've wanted for two years went 75% on sale (because of a glitch in the system) for 20 minutes!  I saw the glitch and resisted it!!  I have no idea how!  NO IDEA!  Where is this strength coming from?!  Normally I wouldn't have just bought one, I would have bought TWO and gave the second one away!  I even have gift card money left over to buy it with! (sigh)

My secrets?  Wish lists and the all-powerful delete button.  My "to-read" list on Goodreads and "Kindle Books" list on Amazon have both grown by at least 50 books each in the past 16 days!!  THAT is why this is so easy!  Funny part is, I probably won't buy most of those ebooks this year.  I know... "why put them on your wish list then?"  Because it makes me feel better! It's like shopping... without actually buying it right?  Not really?  Yeah.  I know... but I tricked my brain to think it was!  aha!

I delete the daily POI and POI-YE emails so I don't read them. Ignore all the tweets about free ebooks or sales (which let me tell you isn't that easy...So. Many. Sales!).  Ignore emails, PMs or DMs about ebooks I should check out right now.

So... For those of you who joined me in this book buying ban adventure - how is it going for you? Happy January!

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