Monday, January 2, 2012

Coming Soon to Novel d'Tales....

Featuring one new author every week.  These authors will be those whom I have met, chatted with or found on Twitter.  I'll include links to their websites, books, ebooks, Goodreads profiles, Twitter accounts and more.  Maybe even some freebies and discounts!

I need a name for this series! This is where you come in. (smirk)  Here are the series names either recommended to me (Thank you!!) or that I came up with. Which one do you like?
  1. Authors Among Us
  2. Literary Legends
  3. The Gifted One
  4. Authors Not-So-Anonymous
  5. Author's Corner
  6. Novel d'Tales Author's Weekly
  7. Word Tamers
  8. Authors of the World
  9. Talkin' bout Writers Wednesday
  10. Not-So-Wordless Wednesday
  11. Fastest Fingers on the Web 
  12. Author of the Week/Author of the Week Club
Have a suggestion that's not listed? Tell me!!
Since this will be a weekly series... what day do you want it to be on?

Cast your vote by leaving a comment with the series name and day of the week OR tweeting the name to me: @HilyBee (series name) & (day of the week) #NoveldTales. Winning title will be announced next week with the first series post.  Please cast your vote by Monday, January 8th 2012.  That's one whole week to help me decide.

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M.A. Leslie said...

Authors Not-So-Anonymous
I like this one. I don't remember seeing anything like it on any of the others.

HilyBee said...

Thank you for your vote! That one is different, and I liked it as well. :)