Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kindle How To: Downloading ebooks onto your Kindle

So you purchased a book online and don't know how to get it from your PC to your Kindle?  Have no fear! It's easy and not nearly as scary as it sounds,

From Amazon/Website to your Kindle:

Step 1: Turn on your Kindle, go to the home page
Step 2: Click the 'menu' button
Step 3: Turn on your wireless/3G (wait for it to fully turn on, there should be a four signal bars next to the battery symbol; when they are darkened, your wireless has turned on)
Step 4: Click 'menu' again to close the box
Step 5: Let the items download (a little loading bar will appear at the top of the screen, item will appear on the home page); if they do not start downloading within the first two minutes of turning on your wireless please visit Amazon to troubleshoot the problem (go to Kindle, manage Kindle, either Kindle Help Home on left side of screen or Kindle Support up on the right side under the cart and wish list buttons)

From email to your Kindle: (Go slow with this one)

If you received a Kindle Gift, click here to see the steps in accepting it.

* Make sure the ebook is supported by your Kindle.  If the ebook file has .mobi or .azw - the file will download very easily.  If the ebook is an ePub or .pdf or .drm file, your Kindle will not support the ebook as is - conversion software can be found through Google. *

Step 1: Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cord (it should automatically turn on)
Step 2: Log in to your email
Step 3: Open the email with the Kindle ebook attached.
Step 4: Download the ebook to your computer by clicking on the attachment or clicking "download"
Step 5: Once the ebook downloads, save it to a file that is easy to find - write down which file you save it under or remember where you saved it.
Step 6: Locate the place you saved the ebook to.  Right click the ebook title, and COPY the file.  Do not paste until later!
Step 7: Now go to: Start - My Computer - Kindle (should show up as a removable storage device)
Step 8: Double click on the Kindle device to open them.  You will see at least 4 folders. OPEN the folder labeled documents NOT active content!
Step 9: PASTE the ebook file into the documents folder.
Step 10: (While your Kindle is plugged into your computer) Go to the lower left corner (by the clock) of your computer's screen.  You will need to "eject" the device from your computer.  There should be an icon that looks like a little green arrow pointing out/down. CLICK it and select "safely remove USB mass storage device"
Step 11: Your ebook should appear on your Kindle's home screen.  If it is not there - carefully go through the steps again to see if you followed them each exactly OR contact me and I'll help you fix it.

See!  That wasn't so bad!  Now wireless and 3G will drain the battery on your Kindle faster.  Keep it turned off to save battery life and only turn it on when needed.  Hope this helps!

Happy Downloading!

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